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A fuzzy, powdery amber. The vanilla and patchouli mesh into one note. Not too loud; not overly remarkable. A neutral-choice perfume for everyday wear. One must overspray for any descent sillage.
07th September, 2017

Marvelous is how You will feel Wearing this Cute fragrance.A Unassuming Scent in a Overbearing Bottle and I Think This Bottle is More Suitable Original PRADA as This Scents Younger and Less Heavy Than it. Romantic,Modern,Sweet, Handsome,Expensive,Lovely,Adorable and Delicate.

Real Delightful Composition with Modern appeal as This composition is perfect for a Pleasant and Inoffensive Scent.The Citrus and Floral scents work together with Touch of Romance by Vanilla and Amber to create a Romantic and Refined at the Same time.

In fact Vanilla and Amber in The Base notes are Delectable Yet Soft. LEA captures the Attention without Attack the Senses. Easy to wear. Perfect for INTIMATE/OFFICE Use in SPRING/AUTUMN and Great for a MODERN Lady.It is a Exquisite Present Too.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

11th May, 2015
l get a faint whiff of citrus in the opening, followed by a soapy, dry & powdery amber. This is a very light & soft amber that doesn't really develop, except for a touch more sweetness in the base. lt never becomes syrupy or cloying however, & although it seems to stay close to the skin, it gives off subtle wafts of a pleasant kind every so often, fading out after around six hours.
This is a little too simple & quiet for me to really love it, but l think it would make a very "office-appropriate" fragrance, & be most unlikely to offend anyone.
23rd November, 2012
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This is a very soft, cloudy blanket of a fragrance. It is warm and a little powdery around the edges. It does not smell briny or citrus-y at all on me, but I can smell a little bit of an earthy, herby undertone beneath the amber and vanilla (perhaps the patchouli?). Altogether it creates a very incense-y effect.
16th January, 2012
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United Kingdom
Yep I love Prada frags and own most of them. This is another of my ambers but softer gentler and more skin like.
04th December, 2011

L’Eau Ambrée is a beautifully made light amber “eau” fragrance. I don’t get very much citrus in the opening, rather I get a soft rosemary / patchouli accord that already shows vestiges of the base’s quiet, rather dry amber. I like the idea of minimal citrus because there are enough citrus openings and the good ones don’t last, anyway. The rosemary is quite refreshing and clean, and works highly appropriately in this fragrance. The not-too-sweet amber and vanilla grow gradually stronger, but only relatively to the overall gentleness of L’Eau Ambrée. The drydown is soft, warm, sweet, and powdery, and I sense a tiny bit of attractive resinousness in it, too. Delicate sillage… Not very good longevity, but still an excellent fragrance.
16th July, 2010
Was a bit skeptical about this, being that it was "designed" by Prada. They do a great job with handbags and shoes, but PERFUME?! I tend to favor perfumes from the early part of the 20th century Narcisse Noir, Vol de Nuit, Jicky (okay.. late 19th century). I stand corrected, it was LOVE at first whiff! Everything I love about Opium without being as heavy. This has earned it's way into my regular rotation!
12th January, 2010
I got this as a present from my BF who knows that I love and have all the other (mainstream) Prada womens perfumes. I read somewhere that the scent is like combining the Infusion d'Iris with the regular Prada and I agree with that review. I smell the freshness that Infusion d'Iris has combined with some amber and some patchouli. I really like the inital scent that I get when I have just sprayed my wrists, but it lacks longevity and after a couple of hours I can hardly smell anything. I think I will go through my bottle in record time because I have to constantly reapply. I have the same problem with Infusion d'Iris as well, maybe I am used to strong scents. This could be a great perfume for people who are sensitive for strong scents, because I can't see how this could give anyone a headache or be offensive.
25th November, 2009
Like Prada's Infusion d'Iris, L'Eau Ambree stays close to the skin and has a very soft, slow, powdery buildup. When I first sprayed it, there was only a light powder-scent and something like the pale reminder of amber, a little bit sweet but fleeting.

I didn't think much of it and sampled something else in the inner crook of my other elbow. (Kenzo's Power)

Now, an hour later, I'm surprised by the incredibly gorgeous haze of scent. L'Eau Ambree warms up a lot and as it warms, it begins to radiate a very delicious (though not exactly gourmand) amber that tones down the powdery notes. There's a slight spice, some sweet (but not saccharine) woods, but nothing dramatic. It is a gorgeous, very gentle scent with little sillage but wonderful lasting power.

I usually like a scent with a strong sillage, so at first I didn't think I'd like L'Eau Ambree. But as it wears, I feel sort of charmed. It's beautifully done, and just because it stays close to the skin doesn't make it anything less or weak. It's a very personal scent, one meant to only be revealed to someone who is close to you. This isn't a fragrance powerhouse, it's a delicate, quiet scent. There's something old-fashioned about it, like the softly-scented powders my grandmother used to keep on her vanity that would add just a fine, soft aura of scent to her skin.

I felt similarly about the Infusion d'Iris, which I thought was incredibly well done though understated. I think these are misunderstood scents, judged for their shortcomings and not for their virtues. Prada is offering a stellar alternative to the typical fruity-floriental, watery sheers that pervade the market. L'Eau Ambree is perfect for a young woman just starting her perfume journey, or for those fragrance wallflowers who don't want a lot of scent rolling off of them. But it's also worth the attention of any true perfumista willing to appreciate the small, whispery story it's telling.

Also, I can't see why this isn't a unisex scent. A man who isn't scared of a little powder should definitely be able to pull it off.
05th November, 2009
Best new fragrance in a decade. Light and rich at the
same time.
05th October, 2009