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While this has been discontinued for some time it is still available briefly on EBay and that makes me one happy camper. The opening was a sweet and spicy affair being slowly coaxed towards cinnamon by the solid base. An hour into dry-down and most of the sweetness has dissipated leaving a spicy montage flowing slowly toward tropical wood swaddled in soft leather. After 3 hours most of the sillage had waned leaving a gorgeous skin scent reminiscent of a tropical Gucci Pour Homme. This is one fragrance that should have been left in production for the good of international relations on the beaches of Ipanema!
07th November, 2015
One of the best discontinued fragrances...

Brasil Dream by Estée Lauder is a really wonderful, spicy dream of a fragrance! It's smooth and spicy with cinnamon, paprika, pepper and nutmeg, patchouli and smooth leather... and it smells gorgeous!

Cardamom, coriander, spices, sweet cinnamon & leather are the perfect combo between sweet, smooth & spicy. I really like this one a lot! I imagine a really well dressed, sexy seductive man wearing this one. It smells a LOT more expensive than it is (and unfortunately discontinued as well). As other people have said before, this is like a tropical version of Gucci pour Homme. I can totally see that.

Ultimately, this fragrance is what is says, a dream... and just like a dream, it's now gone. If you can find this I highly suggest it for men. You will really find something special. Fantastic exotic, tropical, spicy, manly fragrance! I love and respect the house of Estée Lauder, and this is one of the reasons why.
10th December, 2014
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United Kingdom
From the first spray this instantly invokes memories of Caron's no. 3. It definitely has the style of a 80's powerhouse fragrance while still being a more modern version. Spicy, fresh and quite long lasting, this limited edition frag is a keeper, 4/5.
14th November, 2013
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United States
Brasil Dream is a nice, modern rendition of a classic men's fragrance from the '70s or '80s (think Halston Z-14, Catalyst or Bogart) done in the more transparent airy style of today but keeping the spicy longevity of the powerhouses of the past. Worth a spin if you can find it.
07th October, 2011 (last edited: 14th June, 2014)
Brasil Dream was a very pleasant surprise. I purchased it not expecting very much. But I totally agree with the previous reviewer. It's really a beautiful, easy going, scent that is warm, fresh, and has good staying power. If you like exotic and easy duty...then this is definitely worth a try. I really like it.
18th August, 2010
I tried this recently and I like it. It instantly recalls Gucci pH, the camp fire/pencil shavings monster, as well as Juicy Couture Dirty English and Comme des Garcons 2 Man. What I like about Brasil Dream is its wearability. It isn;t rough around the edges in any instance, so instead of the smoldering camp fire it is more like the intense heat of the sun on a beach with coconut and island breeze. Excellent for those who have difficulty wearing Gucci pH. Thumbs Up!
02nd March, 2010