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Indefinable flavoured poison potion. Too watery notes attempt to calm down the perversion that protrudes into the opening: strong discomfort of dirty drunk, through a tortuous ideal of cheerful and funeral idleness.
It may not be well made, but is made: is what matters.
Development is tired, but the possibility of a drunken decline persists. There is a thick black and plastic behind the artificial sweetness that seeks to hold as an invitation to the pleasure of disorder (carnal disorder, the only posible here)
Extremely daring, really unpleasant, safe in his dissonant notes. I do not admire the perfume, I admire that it exists.
12th March, 2018
I followed mr. doody's advice from 6 years past and absolutely did try BA for I do like 'these sorts of rich heavy, woodsy, incensey types of things'. At the risk of a quibble I'd add 'resinous'. There. And toss the marketing hype... weed? hash?... big eye roll... whatever.

It lasts forever so there are likely some big fat fuggin' aroma-chems responsible for that, in all its glorious modernity. I may very well wake up some day and be tired of it all but until then I'm glad to have it sit alongside things like HoM Blackbird, LM Hard Leather, Interlude Man, and some Slumberhouse. A spray or two to the tum tum will do just right.
29th December, 2017
Wet ashtray.
Black coffee in bed.
Tree sappy.

Arty, manly, lumberjack noise. I like it a lot.
29th October, 2017
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Some years ago, the hype around Black Afgano was so heated that it was difficult to think of approaching it with a cool head. Today, one wonders what all the fuss was all about. It is a solidly made perfume, decently balanced for a such a full-throttle blend of spicy incense and resinous woods, but I smell little that distinguishes it from a legion of butch creations in a similar manner spanning the range from some Amouage offerings, to Montales and on to the many designers that have opened up the box labelled ‘rugged, spicy oud’.
There’s smoke, there’s some leather going ‘Grrr’, there’s old-boy tobacco, in a mix that’s aimed at being dark and decadent but is now shorthand for a certain kind of knuckle-dragging perfumery masculinity. I suppose it is welcome that the makers market it as a unisex scent. But beyond that, this really isn’t dope, even though it claims to smell like it. Nope, I have loved ones who are warriors for cannabis freedom in their dreams but nothing about Black Afgano reminds me of anything they’ve ever brought to my nose. Kinski does a much more convincing job on that front. What Black Afgano does have is a pinch of pungent dried herbals in the mix, resembling crushed fenugreek and curry leaves, that mixes effortlessly with the spice.
Good if you like powerhouses in this manner. I find I’ve had enough of their persistent personalities after a few hours.
21st October, 2017
Amazing intensity, quality and my favorite from Nasomatto with Duro a close second.
Landshark described it perfectly, I don't have much to add.
Probably not the most versatile fragrance out there and definitely not work safe unless you work in a coffee shop in Amsterdam or undercover at a Phish concert.

One of my guilty pleasure scents.
15th October, 2017
This is a beautiful scent!
Opens with a huge blast of cannabis and a resinous, sticky greenness that last for 3-4 hours, before being joined by lots of aromatic woody notes and a spicy incense, almost with a sweet and smokey accord.
I also get wafts of a deep intense floral note, although none is listed in the profile, and i think it may well be a blend of the coffee and tobacco?
I find this so easy to wear and not at all overpowering, although it is thunderously strong and lasts over 24 hours on my skin and projects like a beast.
I was in a coffee shop and the barrista was asked what frag she had on, to which she replied, 'It's not me, it's the guy sat upstairs', I'd gone in there 20 mins earlier!

Is it really unisex? Yes, as to my nose it's not overtly feminine or masculine but should be viewed as a truly remarkable piece of perfumery that has created a delectable scent that is powerful without being overbearing, sweet but never cloying and an absolute joy to wear!!
23rd September, 2017
This smells less like hashish and more like the spent ash you throw away several days after you've smoked hashish. High concept, underwhelming implementation, but interesting for what it is, a phenolic/animalic/plastic mishmash.
05th July, 2017 (last edited: 29th August, 2017)
I'm going to apologize in advance for posting a newbie review, but the drydown of this (BA) smells like Playdough. I couldn't get that smell off of me,it smelled kind of like cola in the beginning(great, beautiful) , but then faded to Playdough, like stale playdough.
Wanted to love this based on the reviews, but maybe I am too picky. Thanks for listening.
27th June, 2017
Not annoying to wear but not for me. I guess I just haven't had my nose adjusted for "high" perfumery. On the other hand, it is unique and I'm very happy I got to smell and wear this one.

Dry, herbal cannabis with incense in the background.

Performance is outstanding, both in projection and longevity.

18th March, 2017
Extraordinary perfume.

At least the first couple of bottles I had. Then I get a slightly different one. What had previously been a 'pitch black' liquid now had a reddish purple colour and I found the scent different, weaker somehow. I emailed and asked the company whether a change in the formula had been implemented, but this was directly denied.

I was told the perfume can vary in strength from batch to batch, but that it would get stronger the 'older' it got..? And a tip to look at the two numbers on the packaging, representing year and month for the batch it belonged to. So with this in mind, be aware that the quality differ somewhat..

I agree with previous reviewer who said it is for someone who wants something different. Just wish it could be consistent in quality.
11th February, 2017
This is an incredible leather/spice/incense fragrance with killer projection. There is norlimbinol/wood note underneath a meaty/smokey leather. Cinnamon hums in the background. Similar to Cuir by Carner Barcelona but more meaty, smokey, and much better longevity.
13th July, 2016
After being pleased but perhaps slightly let down by Nasomatto's most-hyped men's fragrance in Pardon, a woody/boozy/oud/sweet mix, I'm much happier with the other hyped offering, Black Afgano, which seems far easier to wear despite being provocative in its own right.

Black Afgano is a dark mix of cannabis, resins (benzoin?), tobacco, oud, and incense. It's certainly a dark, smoky, woody mix that leans heavily masculine, anchored by the oud most of all. I don't explicitly detect coffee but it could certainly be in the mix---it's well-blended in the darker notes to the point of having difficulty identifying individual notes. The resin provides a subtle sweetness.

It does not smell like burning marijuana, despite some claims about this, but it certainly smells ever so slightly of cannabis. In that respect, it's an interesting and deviant fragrance that might not be appropriate for many situations, even in the cold weather, for which it is certainly suited. It's formal enough to wear mainly at night or when longevity is needed, but it seems that reviewers frequently warn against over-applying.

Performance is unsurprisingly phenomenal for Black Afgano, one of the stronger perfumes I've smelled in my limited time.

Pricing is similar to Slumberhouse extraits ($185 for 30ml), so not cheap, even for an extrait, and like the Slumberhouse extrait I own, Norne, the juice is powerful, and seems dark and dense enough to stain skin, so beware if you spray close to the skin.

This is at first smell a "love" not a "like" for me and renews my interest in the Nasomatto line. I might need to acquire a sample of Duro next.

8 out of 10
03rd May, 2016
If someone dares me to wear Black Afgano in a game of Truth or Dare I’d actually have to think twice about it. This one is so dark, unique and potent that could wipe out the entire population of a one-mile radius. I’m not saying to avoid it like the plague; I think it’s rather good, but just not in a conventional kind of way. In fact, it’s a very controversial fragrance because the composition resembles the scent of hashish. Not that I’ve ever smelt hashish, but creating a fragrance that revolves around such a note is certainly Oscar-worthy in the fragrance industry.
Black Afgano penetrates the air with a very herbal, dry and smoky blast that immediately brings me back to high school where thick clouds of marijuana engulf entire hallways. This dark and herbal quality is probably the hashish or cannabis that Nasomotto bravely markets about. As I wait for the blissful moments of euphoria I’m instead hit by a blaze so hasty that it hurts my lungs just to breathe. This is one of those rare moments that would have me gasp for fresh air. So, let this be a warning for those that have not crossed path with this beast, it’s composed of extrait strength that could cause mass destruction. And don’t spray this juice on your clothes either as you’d likely become the only remaining crime-scene evidence. The heart of woods, coffee and tobacco transitions the fragrance to more of a pipe tobacco scent rather than burning hashish. But alas, there is a good dose of vanilla to sweeten the bitterness of the drug. Strangely, the composition at this point creates a “play-doh” effect, smelling a bit oily yet delicious. Imagine sipping on coffee and smoking your pipe while you’re being served those magical hash brownies! Now, that’s the kind of bliss we are looking for! But Black Afgano’s euphoria doesn’t end there. The oud and incense at the base envelop you with their spiritual qualities and would have you dream about the land of fairies (or the land of demons, whatever floats your boat) there after.
Black Afgano is bold and edgy, not for the faint-hearted. If you’re an alpha-male, adventurist, criminal, or are simply just looking to declare your presence in the world, this should be the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. But I will not be held accountable when you hear the sirens and see those blue and red lights in your rear-view mirror.
22nd April, 2016
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In terms of a quality perfume, I think this is top notch. It's incredibly powerful and long lasting. But beware. If you don't like the scent (like myself) it does not wash off easily. This just isn't for me. For whatever reason, I get a dark earthy mushroom. It has a funk to it I just can't get past. I hate to give it a negative review based on scent alone since it is so subjective. Not my style but if you like the scent, it's a powerhouse!
15th December, 2015
I do not know what I was expecting when first getting to try this notorious scent, but certainly not the balance that exists in this dark magic. This is an ideal scent for me. Hits home with an opening of smoke and incense, but never overwhelming! Turns into a lovely dark oud and tobacco concoction that remains within a few inches of the skin, and lasts all day long! Big thumbs up!
22nd November, 2015
Disappointed. I thought it will be dark and mysterious, beautiful drydown, elegant. But what do we have Oud et Santal (Dupont) on steroids and that's all. Don't worth a buy.
04th July, 2015
Another fragrances everyone love or hate it.BLACK AFGANO is great for lovers of strange especially smoky is not suitable my style but really a long lasting scent with superb finish.definitely one for the guys who want to stand out from the crowd. a magic potion full of mysterious cannabis,resins, strong tobacco and incense is just intoxicating, especially in the winter months. Potent,Heavy,Enticing,Expensive,Deep, Dark,Decadent, Woody,Addictive,and Perfectly Unique.

Exotic ingredients such as resins and coffe for spiciness and incense and oud for a touch of unexpected swagger mix with green notes and tobacco for a composition full of the intrigue of other is conspicuously alluring and mysteriously attracting.the dry down is so deep and dark. BLACK AFGANO is not for the faint of heart.i would recommend this one to anyone who wants to smell unique and overpowering.perfect for a smoker. great for an snowy night.definitely test it first.


Longevity?Remarkable on my skin.


15th May, 2015
Darth Vader's choice for a night at the club.
11th March, 2015
Intriguing fragrance and very different to everything I own or have tried to date. Unfortunately, Nasomatto does appeal to me a house because of the small size of their offerings.

This is something I would love to receive as a gift and definitely would wear it anytime I got a chance.
09th March, 2015
My stylish bohemian sister wears this stuff. It's a pleasure to be around because it's very 80s--despite all the drug/niche/edgy marketing it presents itself like Samsara with the gourmand elements removed. It's very greasy-animalic at first but dries down to a thunderous ambient powdery sandalwood oud. Spray it on fabric and you'll be smelling it for months. I have to disagree with anyone who says that this is a copy of M7--M7 is EDT strength compared to the Samsara bombast of Afgano. It has that "narcotic" effect that original Poison EDP had, along with Opium and Carnal Flower, where you feel like you're going to blissfully pass out from its intensity. Department store fragrances used to be like this but I guess it's only available to the extremely wealthy now.

Nasomatto seem to have taken people's asinine internet complaints about its strength to heart, as it's not quite as strong as it used to be. I'll never for the life of me understand why people publicly air their desire for perfumes to be diluted and then complain about reformulation when the company actually does it.

Great stuff, but I can't wear it because it belongs to her.
25th February, 2015
Black Afgano starts out very, very strong. Just a spray behind each ear and that is all you need. I also sprayed one time on my arm. This was at 7:30 am and it is now 1:00 pm and I can still smell it. The first initial spray is incense and oud in a very strong way. I do smell the cannabis after it has dried down. I wore it today in the day time BUT I really recommend it for night time wear. Even cool or cold nights. This fragrance is of very high quality and very potent which I love.
29th January, 2015
Notes: cannabis, herbal notes, resins, woods, coffee, tobacco, frankincense, oud

So today I finally got around to sampling the enigmatic and mythical Basenotes legend Black Afgano. With all the excessive hype and propaganda from the Nasomatto marketing machine, coupled with mixed reviews meant my expectations weren’t especially high (no pun intended). Then again smuggled ingredients, supposed extreme scarcity and the “evocation of temporary bliss” what’s not to be curious about.

First impressions? Mixed. I wasn’t overly impressed and it didn’t draw any “wow factor”, but my nose didn’t curl up and proclaim “bong water!” either. Worthy of the hype? No. Do I like it? Yes. Does it smell like Play-Doh? Kind of!

I’d describe the overall scent as dark, dry, resinous and austere with a very feint hint of sweetness attributed to a dry amber/vanilla/incense lurking underneath the beast notes. Straight out of the bong you’re greeted with a dense aroma chemical sucker punch made up of synthetic Givaudan oud, coupled with an underpinned cedar effect in the form of Kephalis (which is an Iso-E-Super substitute, only with a more woodier/smokier feel).

Finally I can make out some quite prominent vetiver/tobacco notes, adding to the “greenness” which the general nose picks up. I may be off, but I definitely feel like I’m picking up one of the main players here and that’s Norlimbanol™, which is described as an “extremely powerful woody/animal amber note. That has a dry woody note in the patchouli direction”.

As described by Chandler Burr, “Norlimbanol is one of the most amazing scents around, a genius molecule that should be worth its weight in gold; Norlimbanol gives you, quite simply, the smell of extreme dryness, absolute desiccation, and if when you smell it, you’ll understand that instantly—the molecule is, by itself, a multi-sensory Disney ride.”

It’s this same compound which I believe gives the scent its subtle leathery undertones along with the amber. Don’t be too impressed with my ability to pick out aroma chemicals though! I recently purchased a slew of them in a vain attempt to try my hand blending, so I’ve gotten to know them quiet well individually, but anyways, I digress.

Coming back to the scent and the million dollar question, does it warrant the name? In short no. If you inhale deeply and concentrate you can pick up some very feint superficial passing resemblances to hashish, but overall I personally don’t believe the name is warranted.

As for the final scent, it’s just as you’d expect it to be, it’s dense and the oud note is by far the dominant player making it very linear and overshadowing of everything else, but if you’re a fan of Dior Leather Oud, Bond No.9 Harrods Oud or Montale Aoud Cuir D’Arabie, then this one could be right up your street. (although BA is nowhere near the level of quality, originality and complexity of the latter listed scents, in my humble opinion of course.)*

Overall I’ll agree that it’s a well rounded aromatic fragrance, but I’ll also agree that it’s potentially “missing something” too. The longevity it boasts is extremely impressive and to be expected from an extrait de parfum, but the sillage is minimal unfortunately. With all that said, will I be buying a bottle? Probably!

Rating: 5/10
Longevity: 10/10
Projection: 6/10
Occasion: Casual-Semi formal
22nd December, 2014
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United Kingdom
Firstly, this gets thumbs up from me because I love dark woody Oud heavy scents, some don't.

This does indeed have a very heavy deep fragrance to it, straight out the nozzle it's like a WWF wrestler with a 2x4 smacking you in the face!

This doesn't seem to stop and I've heard most Nasomatto frags are like this.

If you're shy, DONT bother with any of these, they're louder than a megadeath concert.

Twenty minutes and the harsh smack in the face diminishes.....I said diminishes, not goes away! It's always there lurking in the background like a demented wasp with a shotgun, ready to give you the good news! That normally happens when you turn your head and get a whiff if you applied behind your ears!

For the next ten to twelve hours. You'll keep getting the odd slap in the face from it, and some May get an oily deep bottom note.

Here's the thing, I love this frag and I wear it VERY FRUGALLY. The tiniest squirt is all you need, none of this wrists, elbows and ears lark!
I did that once, and I tell you, this frag can actually make you nauseous after a while if you get a bit happy with the atomiser!
You have been warned!
30th August, 2014
Genre: Leather

Black Afgano goes on beguilingly smoky and bitter, with raspy green notes, biker’s leather, and earthy vetiver, but the composition slips out of balance after a few minutes, as a harsh herbal-medicinal accord (presumably the “hashish” reconstruction) overwhelms all of the rest. Why anyone would want to smell of disinfectant and reefer is beyond me. I gather Black Afgano aims to provide a titillating, transgressive olfactory experience, but to me it smells a lot like a cancer ward where medical marijuana is in use. That's not provocative - just depressing.

Leaving aside those associations, I still find Black Afgano too crude, abrasive, and overbearing to succeed as a personal fragrance. Granted, it’s not meant to be comfortable, but it lacks the underlying warmth that renders such other deliberately uncomfortable scents as Onda, Yatagan, and Or Black so seductive. This is just loud, vulgar, and sloppy. The preciously "clever" concept and crudely composed fragrance illustrate everything that can go wrong in niche perfumery.

09th June, 2014
The opening is pungent, bitter and sour with a nice black-green blend of balsamic notes with an edible, crunchy and poisonous heart, on a sticky, dense and black base of aoud, stuffed with dry echoes and burnt-tires vibes. A nice note floats around, something halfway fruity and balsamic, which gives dynamism to the structure and counter-balances the overall bitterness and dryness. A bit better than other aouds, surely worse than many others, I don't get the hype. It's basically a less interesting, less elegant, less powerful, less-everything M7 which smells like a hundred of other low-key aouds. Pretentiously dull.

14th May, 2014
Nasomatto – Black Afgano
Nice name- bad perfume. Can anyone bring a stop to these kind of 'scents', please? This gives me a headache while just sniffing at the bottle. It is loaded with very loud chemicals, mixed with nonchalance- in a bad way. There is no poetic effort in Black Afgano and no storyline, not even a few kind words that put some light on its matter... And the matter is that it tries to scream too loud, with too little to say- no whisper of beauty or refinement, it just needs attention and to be looked at. It screams: look at me!, in a slobby dress standing on one high-heel, having lost the other one. Black Afgano is a dirty black whore, a false, mean big-mama that hates white men. The hash-note that Mr. Gualtieri puts in is a great idea but it stands alone in a dry-out that smells as sharp as Vicks steam-capsules for a blocked nose- which is also the best way to smell Black Afgano: when your sense of smell is temporary gone... This one is a total waste on a breath of fresh air through the nose- avoid.
02nd May, 2014
I recently purchased this upon hearing the longivity and silage that it had. Now although I do like the fragrance the silage was very low and the longevity was about 3 hours max on me, However maybe it was just not for my skin. The smell is good although not quite as complex as I would have Liked. The smell for me was quite linear a lot of amber notes and very sweet. This is a nice dark fragrance however It smells almost identical to another fragrance I own, no one as mention it smelling like this but to me if you wanted a cheaper version of this I would Buy DIRTY ENGLISH BY JUICY COTURE. Apart from the dry down is a little nasty on dirty English a little...well...dirty smelling I guess. The main notes are very similar so if you can't afford this fragrance as I find it quite expensive for what it is go for the dirty English. Now it kinda sounds in this review like I dislike the fragrance however this is not the case I do really like this just a little expensive for what it is and the silage and longevity was a let down, however as stated this could just be on my skin.
05th March, 2014
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United States
Horrible! I was shocked when I finally got to sample this after being intrigued by the profile on Basenotes. BLACK AFGANO smells like motor oil, rotting organic compost, and illicit smokable greenery. Odd pop-ups of citrus and sage notes occassionally, but hard to discern or classify through the muddy, oily almost fetid scents mentioned before. I ALMOST think I could have gotten a bad bottle, but I suspect this smells as intended. Definitely a test before you buy. It is prohibitively expensive too. Lasts over 10 hours on skin/clothes.
13th February, 2014
First I'll start off by saying I do not use this one a lot because I like how it smells so much, I like surprising my nose, like it was the first time! True story: My doorman, who normally wears Alfred sung's Paradise (which I don't even know where he finds it!) I walked by him today he said and I quote " god damn man what is that you are wearing!" I said "Nasomatto's Black Afgano" he said "I will never be able to remember that" I said I know! Lol.

I keep hearing weed, forests, voodoo... Etc. No, This is what Batman wears when he is suited up as Batman. This is what Batman would smell like, mysterious and consistant! This thing last! And this is coming from someone that uses Angel men, Amouage interlude man, and kouros! I still feel this one is worth it's price tag. Scarcity + great packaging+ great scent= $206.00. Thank you Barneys for carrying this 2009 gem.

As bane would say.. The scent will rise!
07th November, 2013
blueyezz Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Well, its OK

Wondering around Liberty, when I should be working and not trying fragrances, I was drawn to the perfume hall.

There was the shelf of Nasomatto frags. As a brand, I've always been a bit reticent to give them a go. I don't like the bottles. In the same way that I find CdG rather art school and Tom Ford too vulgar-luxe, I've decided, in my mad little brain, to associate Nasomatto with annoyingly designed bottles, leading to prejudices about style over content. Why these things are important to me is open to conjecture - possibly because I'm old and grumpy.

So anyway, intrigued by the name and colour of this juice, I sprayed some on.

I quite like it but there is something in the drydown, some berry, ribena-like note that I find disappointing. I would prefer it to be darker, more gothic, dirtier, more oud. The edge of the oud is too rounded off by the fruity tang and it brings the whole construction down a notch.

Now I'm quite pleased, really, as its super spendy and I still don't like the bottle.

Pros: Dark and strong
Cons: Could smell nice - particularly at that price"

19th August, 2013