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First comes Iso E Super, the pencil shavings with a hint of eucalyptus. Then I was reminded of Worth's Courtesan minus the pineapple, whatever it is it's something that I am a little anosmic to, and pepper. My review is therefore unreliable but I guess it's mean't to amplify skin scent, as in Molecule 1. Little flower particles appear after thirty minutes on skin.
I also wondered how literal the naming is, i.e. Is this to suggest that of a wildly manipulative pubescent girl, or just a play on the perfume label, which is, in turn, suggested by the Vladimir Nabokov book. This is getting a bit scholarly, so suffice to say it's probably the scent of the market place, rows of aubergine, carrots, peppers, zucchini with flower attached and a few lisianthus, immortelle baskets as you exit towards the hotel.
08th January, 2018
I love the peppery goodness of this perfume. It's got pink peppercorn, elemi,and I'm pretty sure there is a chili pepper note as well. Probably lots of other peppers,too, maybe green? At any rate, it's a pepper lover's daily scent: for all the pepper, Si Lolita is quite light and sheer. The florals are soft and subdued, there's some mild spice like a very quiet cinnamon, and the base is fairly generic woods and musk. The opening is the best part, as it can really wake me up in the morning! Lasts several hours, decent sillage.
08th April, 2016
I gave this one away. It was all pink peppercorn and then morphed into nothing I could identify. Little sillage; on and gone. I didn't hate it, but didn't like it either. On me, a blah, nebulous scent. The bottle is darling and the polka dot ribbon very sassy.
13th June, 2015
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This is a feminine mix inspired by a the moon and a woman who bewitches you with her spirit and makes you think she is yours and then slips away leaving behined only her trace of has new intensity,both deep and magnetic in a subtle way.the fragrance dresses up in a bottle with lines,inspired by the intimate ambience of the boudoir.its wake is an infinitely sensuous caress that awakens the senses,its allure is enticing,its olfactory signature is rhytmic,elegant and unique.Attractively Sweet, Seriously Seductive and Intriguingly Voluptuous just like you!

The head note is enriched with an accord of amber,the base note with an accord of distinguished patchouli and ultra feminine vanilla touch.the result is masterfully woven into a single,magnetizing harmony of luxurious elegance that surrendering yourself to its temptation is akin to reaching erotic zenith.this is the sort of fragrance you would wear for the autumn/winter time as it has certain warmness and sweetness to it.if you are looking for a irresistible and rich oriental with subtle hint of vanilla to seduce, you just can't go wrong with this lovely fragrance.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

21st April, 2015
My initial impression was, DONNA KARAN CHAOS! And if you're familiar with that one, you know this type of spicy-but-not-exactly-oriental is kind of a rare thing. When I wear it, it actually smells a lot like Hermes Elixir de Merveilles, too, for they share a singular peppery/woody accord produced by some component that my skin amps beyond belief, and in the end, it's the most prominent facet. So that's a bonus for me - Si Lolita costs a whole lot less than the Hermes. It doesn't smell like Fendi's Theorema, but I'd use the same words to describe them both - spicy, creamy and warm drydown, non-prominent florals, woody, tension between dry and sweet. I was reminded of Theorema, because I know that one gets called masculine, too, and I just consider them not of the current feminine convention, though not particularly masculine.
05th November, 2013
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United States
I ended up trying this when my favorite "L" by Lolita Lempicka wasn't available anymore (short of flying to France and bringing it back). I have tried and do not like the other Lolita Lempicka perfumes for women, too flowery -- and I REALLY like the Lolita Lempicka for men, that my man-friend wears. I hesitated to try this one, especially since I couldn't find a sample locally, and all I could do was order a bottle -- but I read the description and decided it was worth a try. I LOVE IT!! I think I might like this better than the "L" that I was wearing. The first thing I thought I smelled was cedar, but there isn't any in there. I think it's the combination of the patchouli and the peppercorn instead. It is not a heavy floral at all, which is a plus for me, and as others have mentioned, it becomes lighter after applying, but still stays well. I do not detect the orange that others smell, nor the floral. As it wears, it seems more woodsy and spicy -- but light. It strikes me as more of a spring scent than a winter, less heavy than "L". Hopefully I will have an easier time finding this than I do "L" (but I still had to order it, as the stores in Minneapolis don't carry it).
07th March, 2013
I can dig it.

When I first sprayed this, I caught a strong peppery scent, almost masculine in composition. It's a very dominating first. After a bit of time passing, however, it does dry down to a very warm, cinnamonny, sweet fragrance with the traces of pepper still playing in the background. It's definitely a fall/winter fragrance and would be best suited under a thick cashmere sweater and riding boots...because this is very sophisticated but fun. This is a big girl's perfume, but doesn't feel stuffy or old. It somewhat reminds me of a stronger, more peppery D&G The One.
18th October, 2012
I am like the former reviewers bewildered by the official ingredients pyramid. Here's what I get: An opening with butterscotch, anise and a third ingredient I can't articulate. To me, there's no cinnamon anywhere in this.

It hardly changes towards its drydown. I'd put an overall characterisation on Lolita Si down as a flowery/candylike oriental. I kind of like it but I do think it leans over into unisex/pour homme territory.
07th July, 2012
patchouli and cinnamon are the only things i get from this perfume. very spicy, not for everyone, definately not for me. does not smell ellegant at all, very loud and heavy,nauseating even.
the bottle is a masterpiece though!
29th February, 2012
I'm not sure what people were smelling with all of these reviews! I don't find the pepper to be overly pungent at all. Anybody who takes a likeing to peppery masculine fragrances will think its nothing! And within minutes it becomes sweeter and more tart. It goes from a masculine winter scent to a light spring scent. Eventually it becomes a light floral with an underlying warmth.

Although I would agree that there is nothing literal in this which would relate him to his powerful sisters, there is still a gaudy causticity to Si which is very Lolita Lempicka. Parts of Si are very familiar but he is still unique. Initially the bottle makes no sense, but soon you will see how the bottle represents him perfectly.
14th January, 2012
I tried out this scent because of it's inclusion of Sweet Pea, my favorite flower. But I could find absolutely no trace of that sweet, lovely floral in this cloying nose burner that has no distinctive qualities at all and never changed from it's nauseating opening notes the entire time I was saddled with it on my wrist. Just another overbearingly sweet, heavy scent you can't wash off fast enough.
25th December, 2011
I recently spotted this on a shelf at a local Marshall's with a huge markdown from its original retail price. Thought I was purchasing Lolita Lempicka "L" but obviously not. Snatched "Si Lolita" up and decided to give it a whirl.

Well, I guess I am one of those types who really likes spicy, woody, floral Oriental fragrances. However, I am NOT NOT NOT a fruity, citrus-y, certainly not "mandarin-or-bergamot" type of gal at, no, no. So, without knowing a thing about "Si Lolita," (like me), one cannot miss the INTENSE opening notes of pepper, spice and ORANGE (mandarin, bergamot)...LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of orange. After 10 minutes or so upon spritzing the fragrance, I could literally taste "orange" in my mouth. It wasn't unpleasant...just kinda weird. And truthfully, I felt a wee-bit choked off by the pink pepper; at one point, both pepper and mandarin almost became cloying, IMHO.

Had I been near a sink, I probably would have scrubbed. But without available water, I had no choice but to sit and wait. About 20 minutes into the fragrance, I definitely detected the sweet pea & heliotrope notes...very floral and well, sweet. A nice mixture with the pink pepper, orange & spice and a welcome departure from the opening.

About 45 minutes later, a few deep, soothing and grounding notes of amber and tonka set patchouli, no elemi, which I think I would have actually liked, so as to balance the earlier notes even more so. But there they were...finally...a few base notes to ground and blend everything else together...thankfully.

As one other reviewer mentioned this is a nice "transparent" Oriental that for me would be suitable to wear in the Springtime or Summer...maybe. I like this fragrance but there is something about the "cheerfulness" in it AND the lack of depth...I think the sweet pea & heliotrope...that I really do not like. Oh, and all that bergamot & mandarin. I like my Orientals to be darker, drearier & definitely more decadent-lolol...more mysterious & brooding...way more comforting.

There ABSOLUTELY is something in the long awaited base notes (stress LONG-AWAITED) that makes this fragrance hard to abandon; however I wholeheartedly agree with "odysseusm," ie:"...basically, this seems like a floral/green sort of scent, and buttery, harmless but not particularly interesting."

Definitely not much longevity or depth on my skin. All in all, a wearable fragrance but not quite the "affordable departure" from my beloved "go-to" fragrances (Musc Ravageur & Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie) that I have been looking for. Sigh...
25th October, 2011 (last edited: 01st November, 2011)
Very rich and smooth.
Don't get ANY pepper. Don't get any sweet pea.
Heliotrope -- very difficult to replicate that complex vanilla - powder - cinammon/spice chord. I get a vague presentation along those lines, but quite synthetic.
Basically, this seems like a floral/ green aquatic sort of scent, and a bit buttery.
Harmless but not particularly interesting, in my opinion.
04th January, 2011
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I am utterly in love with this perfume. From the opening of lively pink peppercorn and bergamot all the way through the sweet pea centre to the final amber and tonka finish. I find on me that it has amazing staying power, I sprayed it at 7.30am this morning and I can still smell it now at 9.30pm! It has good sillage but not so much as to be over powering. I find it a sophisticated, charming scent suitable for everyday wear that is a delightful alternative to other daytime more floral fragrances, the very slight masculine edge to Si Lolita is what makes this possible!
27th July, 2010
A spicy-sweet oriental which bears little or no resemblance to its predecessors, Si Lolita comes on menacingly sharp but near-instantly reins itself in and becomes a softly projecting aura scent. The requisite citric top fades off quickly, leaving a very pleasant pink pepper/sweet pea/elemi combo which imparts a floral spice character that made me think, "This is like Carven Homme for women (which is excellent)." Because Si dries down so quickly and remains light, bright, and uplifting throughout, it is ideal for the warmer months. This has quickly become one of my favorites in the Lolita lineup.
13th June, 2010
Don't try to find another powerful fragrance, like L or lolita lempicka, because 'Si' is very different.

When I tried it, I knew it was not my style, to light, 'Si' lacks the complexity of their predecessors.

But! after a while, there is something misterious about 'Si', everytime i smell this fragrance, I can perceive in the deep of 'Si' soul, like a soft pleasurable anise or a soothing herbal thing seducing my curiosity. Maybe this feeling is produced, by the Mandarin Orange and the Elmi resing.

And then I can find a little thing in common with its predecessors, The tonka bean part!! I really think the designer love this note!

'Si' smell a little similar to Aimez Moi, and in my opinion I prefer Aimez Moi!
20th May, 2010
This is a very sprightly , sheer oriental with plenty of punch, and a cheerful citrus opening.
The bergamot and mandarin sparkle at the first spritz; pink peppercorn only adds to the happy chorus.

While the heart is sweet indeed- sweet pea has a lovely spiciness to it that keeps the fragrance from cloying.
The elemi used in the base tends to dry the entire perfume, in general; and so the woody base is balsamic and welcoming, not ponderous and gooey.

The overall effect is a very optimistic, uplifting aroma that will be very welcome in warmer months.
I find it unusual, but not edgy- it's very comfortable and flattering to the skin, like a loved garment that doesn't require a lot of extra ornamentation.

It bears none of the anisic stamp of the original, nor the salty sweet unctuousness of L.
04th March, 2010
I really like this - it's certainly not as different as their original fragrance, but the sweet pea stops it from being just another pink peppercorn-fruit-patchouli perfume like so many of the new mainstream releases. On me, it also has a faint honey note that I really like. The only reason it's not getting a thumbs up is that it is has poor staying power.
22nd February, 2010