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Neutral Reviews of Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka

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First comes Iso E Super, the pencil shavings with a hint of eucalyptus. Then I was reminded of Worth's Courtesan minus the pineapple, whatever it is it's something that I am a little anosmic to, and pepper. My review is therefore unreliable but I guess it's mean't to amplify skin scent, as in Molecule 1. Little flower particles appear after thirty minutes on skin.
I also wondered how literal the naming is, i.e. Is this to suggest that of a wildly manipulative pubescent girl, or just a play on the perfume label, which is, in turn, suggested by the Vladimir Nabokov book. This is getting a bit scholarly, so suffice to say it's probably the scent of the market place, rows of aubergine, carrots, peppers, zucchini with flower attached and a few lisianthus, immortelle baskets as you exit towards the hotel.
08th January, 2018
I am like the former reviewers bewildered by the official ingredients pyramid. Here's what I get: An opening with butterscotch, anise and a third ingredient I can't articulate. To me, there's no cinnamon anywhere in this.

It hardly changes towards its drydown. I'd put an overall characterisation on Lolita Si down as a flowery/candylike oriental. I kind of like it but I do think it leans over into unisex/pour homme territory.
07th July, 2012
I recently spotted this on a shelf at a local Marshall's with a huge markdown from its original retail price. Thought I was purchasing Lolita Lempicka "L" but obviously not. Snatched "Si Lolita" up and decided to give it a whirl.

Well, I guess I am one of those types who really likes spicy, woody, floral Oriental fragrances. However, I am NOT NOT NOT a fruity, citrus-y, certainly not "mandarin-or-bergamot" type of gal at, no, no. So, without knowing a thing about "Si Lolita," (like me), one cannot miss the INTENSE opening notes of pepper, spice and ORANGE (mandarin, bergamot)...LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of orange. After 10 minutes or so upon spritzing the fragrance, I could literally taste "orange" in my mouth. It wasn't unpleasant...just kinda weird. And truthfully, I felt a wee-bit choked off by the pink pepper; at one point, both pepper and mandarin almost became cloying, IMHO.

Had I been near a sink, I probably would have scrubbed. But without available water, I had no choice but to sit and wait. About 20 minutes into the fragrance, I definitely detected the sweet pea & heliotrope notes...very floral and well, sweet. A nice mixture with the pink pepper, orange & spice and a welcome departure from the opening.

About 45 minutes later, a few deep, soothing and grounding notes of amber and tonka set patchouli, no elemi, which I think I would have actually liked, so as to balance the earlier notes even more so. But there they were...finally...a few base notes to ground and blend everything else together...thankfully.

As one other reviewer mentioned this is a nice "transparent" Oriental that for me would be suitable to wear in the Springtime or Summer...maybe. I like this fragrance but there is something about the "cheerfulness" in it AND the lack of depth...I think the sweet pea & heliotrope...that I really do not like. Oh, and all that bergamot & mandarin. I like my Orientals to be darker, drearier & definitely more decadent-lolol...more mysterious & brooding...way more comforting.

There ABSOLUTELY is something in the long awaited base notes (stress LONG-AWAITED) that makes this fragrance hard to abandon; however I wholeheartedly agree with "odysseusm," ie:"...basically, this seems like a floral/green sort of scent, and buttery, harmless but not particularly interesting."

Definitely not much longevity or depth on my skin. All in all, a wearable fragrance but not quite the "affordable departure" from my beloved "go-to" fragrances (Musc Ravageur & Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie) that I have been looking for. Sigh...
25th October, 2011 (last edited: 01st November, 2011)
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Very rich and smooth.
Don't get ANY pepper. Don't get any sweet pea.
Heliotrope -- very difficult to replicate that complex vanilla - powder - cinammon/spice chord. I get a vague presentation along those lines, but quite synthetic.
Basically, this seems like a floral/ green aquatic sort of scent, and a bit buttery.
Harmless but not particularly interesting, in my opinion.
04th January, 2011
Don't try to find another powerful fragrance, like L or lolita lempicka, because 'Si' is very different.

When I tried it, I knew it was not my style, to light, 'Si' lacks the complexity of their predecessors.

But! after a while, there is something misterious about 'Si', everytime i smell this fragrance, I can perceive in the deep of 'Si' soul, like a soft pleasurable anise or a soothing herbal thing seducing my curiosity. Maybe this feeling is produced, by the Mandarin Orange and the Elmi resing.

And then I can find a little thing in common with its predecessors, The tonka bean part!! I really think the designer love this note!

'Si' smell a little similar to Aimez Moi, and in my opinion I prefer Aimez Moi!
20th May, 2010
I really like this - it's certainly not as different as their original fragrance, but the sweet pea stops it from being just another pink peppercorn-fruit-patchouli perfume like so many of the new mainstream releases. On me, it also has a faint honey note that I really like. The only reason it's not getting a thumbs up is that it is has poor staying power.
22nd February, 2010