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Superbly rendered Vetiver that really does leave the likes of Guerlain smelling like a curious relic. I can't agree that the two are all that close as some have suggested. Where Guerlain's Vetiver dries down to that unpalatable "old man" smell, this settles down to a soapy grass with just a touch of sweet.

There is something on the edge of this fragrance that mid way through really sings and it's so, so good. I once had a bottle of L'Artisan Parfumeur's Vetiver (the original one) and it was so bitter and cloying to my nose. Tom Ford's starts off like a muted version of that but the development is where it takes a different direction and what a direction.

This becomes like a second skin on me and I'm sitting here as I'm typing on some sort of perfume-high as it gently drifts up from my chest.

There really is nothing more I can add that hasn't already been written. You pay a premium for this but you can smell the quality throughout.

I think I'd have to agree with a previous reviewer who suggested this should now be considered the reference Vetiver.

This review is for the EDP version.
03rd September, 2016
what an opening (edp)..bright as staring at the sun whilst being drenched in ice water ..think Issey miyake (not in a bad way). .cacherel rolled into one but with more care and precision ..the two I've just mentioned have now become a forgotten memory. The nutmeg is intelligently blended with the vetiver in a way that let's the vetiver eventually shine through the dry down which on me lasts 6 hrs at least(my skin gobbles up scents) I get a sort of lemony drift wood, gin and tonic served in a wood yard ??. Classy bottle, took me a few wearings to fully appreciate the elegance and quality of this scent, in a tonka bean dominated world this scent glides through in a modern classy confident stride.. Just bloody enjoy it and don't be stuck up, as much as this scent drives you to be gentlemanly the opposite wearing it !!
26th August, 2016 (last edited: 18th November, 2016)
I usually hate vetiver fragrances, but this is a nice spicy, citrus and green grass fragrance. Not FB worthy, but a thumbs up b/c it's a vetiver that I like.
05th July, 2016
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Perfectly masculine. Just barely some spice. Understated, not flashy. A soapy drydown fades to something more comfortable. The new suit and tie.
30th June, 2016
I had heard good things about this fragrance, so I figured I would like it. I like Original Vetiver by Creed, but I struggled with the synthetic feeling of Grey Vetiver. I did enjoy the final stage more than the opening or the middle notes as it softened, but I'll have to give it another wear.
02nd May, 2016
I fell in love with this scent almost instantaneously, it makes me feel like I'm finally home, confortable and relaxed. As a woman I've never been attracted to flowery women scents unless it's light and mixed with citrus notes. In my twenties I was already looking for something more masculine but not too heavy either and couldn't find what I was looking for. This is the one! 15 years later.
The mix of vetiver, orange, grapefruit makes perfect sense for a woman to wear it, it lighten the base. As the top notes start to fade, the warmth of the vetiver is staying on my skin for the rest of the day and can help me survive a stressful day at work or escort me in the weekend as I lounge on my sofa or walk in the wood near my house.
My boyfriend likes it, I like it.

23rd April, 2016
Future Jason:

You wore this today because you were getting bummed about giving so many neutral reviews. You wanted a sure thing.

So, that should probably be enough to suggest you've liked this in the past. However else to fill up this review space? The community demands verbs.

Is "grey" an appropriate or meaningful modifier, here? Is it an attempt to generate attachment, and meaning-by-proxy, as users think of... what? Charcoal suits? Cloudy days? An intercity bus common carrier serving over 2,700 destinations across North America?

I don't think it's that last one. Maybe the first two. I get that this is a bit subdued, and as such, smells like nature without smelling like you just rolled in lawn clippings. This is your business hiking fragrance. Perhaps even your "whiskey and light sweaters on the balcony" fragrance.

Notes: it's a vetiver, d&$%mit. What do you expect?

FWIW, Encre Noire might qualify as "more interesting," but you've found yourself getting a bit woozy on that one, somewhere near hour seven of it being Encre Noire. This one--more palatable, a few notches lower on the razzle dazzle.
30th March, 2016
Great Vetiver. Better (more masculine and less sweet) than Guerlain's.
If you don't have a Vetiver get this.
If you have Encre Noir or Guerlain's vetiver wait till they are over.
What the heck just get this if you like Vetivers.
05th November, 2015
I love this one…great vetiver scent (if you like vetiver scents). To me it’s on the brighter side with citrusy/lemony top notes that blend well together. I like to layer it with Guerlain’s Vetiver Extreme which is a darker version of the original (at least to my nose). The two combined are heavenly, but not necessary as this one smells just fine on its own.

Longevity: 9/10
Sillage: 9/10
24th September, 2015
Grey Vetiver is like a well-tailored linen suit. Neither fancy nor conspicious. Just sharp, clean and elegant. And perfectly wearable on hot summer days. A staple for every man's wardrobe.
20th August, 2015
Great option for people that can't tolerate Guerlain Vetiver's tobacco/spicy notes. What you got here is a fresh vetiver scent that smells natural and has great sillage and projection. Vetiver's smoky aspect was sanitized. Nothing groundbreaking, but a beautiful fragrance that deserves attention.
13th August, 2015
Tested from a small sample today and again this evening.
My (as usual amateur) review: like it very much.
I'm a vetiver freak now, so obviously got full-on vetiver from the start. I have Guerlain Vetiver and Encre Noir, and all I can say is that with Grey Vetiver I get the vetiver freshness but at the same time something kind of "cloudy/muddy " in the background at the start. This goes, and then it's slightly soapy, clean, fresh. It's already gorgeous by now, but it gets better. Clean, refined, subtle, delicious, it reminds me of "watery light". I know it has many other ingredients apart from vetiver, and I'm sorry I can't divide these from each other. I would have to use the word "beautiful" - I think in my limited experience I've only ever used that word before once and was describing Chanel Sycomore. As with the Chanel this is for me "not of this world" and definitely kind and benign, but the Chanel has more life and physicality. Which is why I'm still saving my pennies for the Chanel one day..... Here comes the weird descriptive bit: Grey Vetiver for me is me sitting in a large ground-floor room of an old house, empty, dusty and light, I'm watching the light summer rain on the windows trickling down outside, all the while in the presence of a ghost, a quiet, kind, but lost spirit that can be sensed but not seen.
Weird stuff aside, in any case it's a lovely, light, pleasant vetiver scent that I will definitely add to my collection. It lasts about 6 hours on the skin, soft to moderate silage. A daytime scent, I think I will wear this a lot.
July 2015
22nd July, 2015

GREY VETIVER defines of Masculine Elegance.This Lovely Scent possesses a blend of Woodsy notes giving it an Exciting scent.A True head turner as I constantly get Compliments whenever I wear it. Elaborate,Modern,Classy, Addictive,Expensive,Woodsy,Appealing and Distinct.

A fresh and Citrucy Opening with Citruses followed by a Lovely heart of Spice and The base includes a Unique blend of Woodsy Notes That Making you feel like Walk in an Exotic grove and also Gives you Mystique.

The Perfect scent for the Everyday also Surprisingly Intimate and Subtle when wear on a Date Because This Scent is So Cute for Ladies.GREY VETIVER will definitely help make Your perfect SPRING&SUMMER.I would Highly Recommend this EDP If you like fresh scents with some depth.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

Thank You TOM FORD.

11th May, 2015
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11th March, 2015
My favorite Tom Ford. This was a surprise since it is a vetiver that is both a very elegant wearer and a sophisticated fragrance that doesn't become a bore after repeated wearings. It is more modern than the classics and it isn't done on the cheap. This is actually a complex and rich composition with a soapy quality and some powder (orris) in the dry down. It also has a spicy, mossy feel and leaves a very alluring trail. I find it very classy and satisfactory and go for it very often. I can't recommend this enough to both vetiver enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre. Perfect for all seasons and occasions and one of the scents that I have repurchased many times.
01st March, 2015
A beautifully refreshing scent from Tom Ford. The modern take on Vetiver for a younger generation and it works very well. I stumbled across this in Rome during a hot summer and was intoxicated by it. The 35 degree heat did wonders and I couldn't stop smelling my arm. Bought it within 10 minutes. In my opinion it smells like quality so it's worth the price.

Back in the UK we're not blessed with such temperatures so I wear this with a suit to the office. The perfect frangrance for being taken seriously. It's definitely my favourite TF so far.

The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is the projection isn't great on me. I can usually smell this for the first 30 minutes but then it's gone unless I search my arm for it. Maybe it's just me. Also I've only ever received 1 compliment on it and she was 60 :-(
27th February, 2015
Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver (edp) is one of the very best releases in its genre. This is a fresh, clean vetiver fragrance with some tart citrus, perhaps lemon, in the opening. The citrus subsides after a while and one is left with a very refined scent of vetiver and soft woody notes. It does not project a lot; rather, it is very subtle and sophisticated. Longevity is pretty good, all of which makes it a great choice as an office fragrance.

It is much less green and leans more towards being 'white' if one has to provide a visual interpretation. It is not as green as Creed Original Vetiver; it pretty much is the modern counterpart to great traditional vetivers such as Guerlain and Givenchy. It is also a perfect complement to the citrus and aquatic fragrances that people usually wear on summer days. While not as stunning as Creed's Original Vetiver (another great fresh vetiver fragrance) or Chanel's Sycomore (a completely different beast), it is a solid fragrance by itself and ticks almost all the right boxes.

A modern classic.
16th February, 2015
One of the only scents from Tom Ford that I find is worth the price. I was given a sample of Grey Vetiver by a retailer and didn't expect a whole lot from it as I never seemed to find much appeal in Tom Ford fragrances that I'd sampled in the past. This however, changes my opinion of the line a bit.

I'm a big fan of Vetiver scents but so many seem copies of classics or slight adaptations of a market benchmark. Grey Vetiver to me has a clean smell, but with considerably less green sweetness that I find in most other vetiver offerings. This one is very "office professional" and could easily be worn in any day setting. My local retailer who has come to know me, provided me several samples and when they are used up I'll probably add a bottle to my collection.
12th February, 2015 (last edited: 13th February, 2015)
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
This is the modern man's fragrance done right. It tips its cap to the classic lineage of fragrances past (Guerlain's Vetiver, Monsieur de Givenchy) while keeping a foot firmly in today's world. The bottle is nicer than so many contemporary men's offerings and it, and the name, suits the fragrance well. Those who usually find vetiver too rooty or earthy shouldn't have any issue with Ford's rendition, well-smoothed by the citrus and spice.

Grey Vetiver is right for any occasion from a weekend fishing trip to a weekend in Vegas. A nuanced, modern classic.
16th January, 2015
Grey Vetiver is a good contemporary vetiver, “grey” in fact as regards of its sort of urban and discreet elegance, with a subtle smoky undertone well contrasting the luminous head notes. Clean and sharp, but also showing a pleasant feel of “dark” refinement. Simple, versatile, safe in pretty much any circumstance: a compelling modern version of a classic vetiver cologne, that sort of fresh-woody stuff you can bath in any time of the year always smelling nice and elegant. Surely not that unique or groundbreaking, but classy, well made and highly enjoyable.

20th December, 2014 (last edited: 25th December, 2014)
A pleasant herb and citrus opening that eventually gives way to a fine vetiver base... accompanied by a sweet vegetable background that completely ruins the fragrance and makes it smell rotten.

I don't think I fully appreciated Dior's Vetiver that uses roasted coffee bean as a compliment to it's vetiver base until I tried Grey Vetiver.

15th December, 2014
Out of the gates it's like a "carrot vetiver". It's definitely a good office scent and probably the best Tom Ford. It turns into a more fabric dry dusty smell. This is a unique version of vetiver (finally something unique from TF). Because I like Prada Vetiver more I'll stick with it but TF GV is excellent. It smells like a boardroom scent but is cozy enough for weekends. It's just a little too Grey and Somber. Think of a boardroom where the company is going bust in Seattle with grey skies and you get the idea. The guy is wearing a grey suit and looking blankly out of the office tower at grey rainy skies as the stock plunges. The fact that I can imagine this means there's some quality here.
08th December, 2014
Awesome opening.

But did not really like the drydown unfortunately. Shame because the opening is THAT good.
09th October, 2014
The "Modern" Vetiver...

Tom Ford has a thing for recreating older, classic fragrances for the modern-day market. Here, he took the note of Vetiver, a note with a history of use in men's fragrances (ever since Guerlain's classic in 1959). Because of this, he also associates Vetiver with male tailored clothing & style, as well as money. I think this is what he was aiming for here with his Grey Vetiver, a modern take on an old classic note.

Grey Vetiver opens up with a citrus top of Grapefruit, Orange Blossom and Sage, but the Veitver is there from the start. This is also a somewhat linear scent, as the Vetiver note is present from start to finish. I also get Nutmeg, Pimento and a dry, almost powder-like Orris note in the background followed by Oakmoss and some woods in the dry-down. I see this as something of a "suit and tie" or "corporate boardroom" type of fragrance, and I think it would work better on men than women, but could also be worn as unisex.

Ultimately, for me... Having tried the Guerlain Vetiver before trying the Tom Ford, I find that I like the Guerlain version more (to me it smells more natural), but that doesn't mean Grey Vetiver doesn't have it's place. For one thing, it's in Eau de Parfum concentration, and does smell "modern" to most people, while the Guerlain can come across with mixed reactions from many people.

I think this is great, fresh, work fragrance but in my opinion it could also be worn in a casual setting. I also think that for people who don't like a deep, smoky type of Vetiver (or for people who don't like Vetiver as a note) would find this easier to warm up to and appreciate (and ultimately wear).

Overall I would say, if you didn't like the Guerlain, you will probably like this one, and if you did like the Guerlain, you will find this more accessible to wear in the modern day (ie it will "fit in" with modern trends). I do think this is a "safe" fragrance, but at least it's an extremely well-made one, and one which I wish more men would wear these days... instead of the tiring, boring aquatic nonsense which has flooded the male market so recently. A good "modern" male fragrance. Well made and up-to-date.
30th September, 2014
Smokey, delicious refined vetiver that lasts. Handsomely perfect interpretation of this note. 5 out of 5
09th August, 2014
Love this as my choice summer scent! I personally cannot wear any type of ozonic, blue "summer" "fresh" "aqua" scent without getting a migraine at first spray. Nothing new to add here that hasn't already been said about this terrific TF modern fragrance. Enjoy!
23rd July, 2014
Vetiver alone has never been attractive to me......but Tom Ford vetiver is different imo , it has some sexiness , very refined and wearable... espeacially in hot sweaty weather it becomes very pleasent. recomended to those who dont like vetiver scents, you will be thankful. Excellent stuff.
13th July, 2014
I can't say enough good things about this fragrance. It's fresh, crisp, citrusy, metallic, has a hot wet concrete vibe, slight gunpowder smoke. Just terrific. it's cold, calculating, subtle and firm at the same time. it reminds me of summers in Italy as a kid, with the dry air on a cool night blowing through fields of citrus and also has a wet concrete vibe after it rains on a hot day. It's a great scent and smells like nothing I've ever smelt before in a fragrance.
17th June, 2014
“Grey Vetiver” is an apt name for a scent that plays up the dry, dusty-woody aspect of vetiver root. The name also suits the composition’s simplicity and sense of formal reserve.

A dry, tart citrus top note lasts only moments beforethe central accord of dry, yet earthy vetiver, cedar, and nutmeg takes hold. A deftly applied and understated pepper (pimento) note contributes a vegetal kick without overwhelming the rest of the arrangement. As vetiver scents go, Grey Vetiver is in neither the rude, rooty stule of Route de Vétiver or Etro Vetiver, nor the rich, round buttery style of Givenchy Vetyver. It is more closely allied to clean, dry vetivers like Sycomore or Encre Noire. However, Grey Vetiver lacks both Sycomore’s smoky incense and Encre Noire’s avant-garde bitter twang. In its relatively austere accord of cedar and vetiver, Grey Vetiver has ties to Vétiver Extraordinaire, but with none of the Malle scent’s craggy, abrasive quality. Ford’s vetiver may be dry, but it’s also suave and smoothe.

Given the tenacity of its principal ingredients, it should come as no surprise that Grey Vetiver is largely linear in its development. Over the course of hours it slowly jettisons even its simple embellishments to leave vetiver, cedar, and a relatively mild woody amber as its drydown.

There are other vetivers out there with more depth and flair, but if you want something dry, clean, and civilized, without the provocative edge of Encre Noire or the smoky mystery of Sycomore, then Grey Vetiver is well worth trying.
15th June, 2014
DanHD Show all reviews
United States
This smells like a sport or aquatic scent, having a common “fresh” synthetic vibe that takes about 8 hours to calm down. Finally, I get a somewhat endurable vetiver scent, but it’s not worth the wait. I have Vetiver Extraordinaire and Sycomore, both of which blow this away. If I want an aquatic / “modern” scent I’ve got others in my collection with these qualities (e.g. YSL L’Homme and Mark Birley).
10th June, 2014