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Negative Reviews of APOM pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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Don't like it.
Very little orange blossom (a note I like).
Too much ylang-ylang (a note I don't like) and amber (which I also don't like).
Starts with a very spicy, peppery powder note. If there is orange blossom here I've missed it entirely. Powerful, assertive. Wood is background.
Don't over-apply this. Even one spritz and I find it quickly becomes loud, thin, metallic and unpleasant. You could be become the "elevator guy" with too much of this.
Hints of vanilla -- bleh.
Ylang-ylang here is sweet, a syrupy floral. Meh.
Scrubbed it off.
29th June, 2015
Sadened, by this after all i loved Lumiere Noire Pour Homme and Absolute Pour Le Soir my MFK - this is quite simply a disaster, orange blossom/flower seems to the only ingridient in perfumery that turns my stomach - and i had a such a bad nausea with his just like bulgari black, after the initial 3 hours or so - it does get better, the cedar crisps the fragrance for a bit and we do get a hint of the MFK signature drydown as featured in absolute pour le soir - however, this radiates back and forth between the nauseating amber-flower combo - i am thankful that i was given 6 samples of APOM when i bought APLS and LNPH from the MFK line, had i bought it it would have straight would have become a toilet spray, i was also given an APOM room spray as well- i just hope it is not disaster like this EDT.
04th September, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I really wanted to like APOM, and based on the notes I really should like it... That said, I am glad I did not blind buy a full bottle, as I actually loathe the stuff. I find the scent very cloying and not at all what I expected. I get an annoying blend of artificial smelling orange and amber with musk mixed in for good measure. I like orange and I like amber, but not when combined in APOM for some reason. Projection is quite good here and so is longevity. Bottom line is APOM is not the worst scent I have smelled, not even close. It *is*, however, one of the most disappointing scents I have sampled though. Two big thumbs down and 1.5 out of 5 stars from me.
18th December, 2011 (last edited: 25th May, 2012)
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I'm definitely not a fan of white flowers and expecially orange flowers but APOM PH is quite a special one. It opens with a masterfully executed orange flowers note to quickly evolve into a woody/musky base that while it's incredibly simple at the same time it clearly speaks of quality. The cedarwood is never overdone or overwhelming while the musk is joined by a powdery/sweet vibe that's perfectly blended with the rest.

APOM is mannered, elegant and a tad androgynous. It remarks its presence with a subtile, but definitely noticeable, voice but while I can't deny it's a successful composition, is nowhere close being among my favorite deliveries by the incredibly talented Francis Kurkdjian. Not for me...
22nd November, 2011 (last edited: 27th February, 2012)
A bit boring. To me it feels like a combination of a calone/vetiveryl driven 'aquatic' fresh idea in the middle notes and a 'balsamic' base. The top relies on the contrast and seems luxurious, refined and all. Alas, to my nose it decomposed after an hour, while the aquatic thing radiates too much to be pleasent. Technically it may be a more than just o/k frag - at least for the first 40minutes. But it doesn't live up the price, the promised exclusivity and hence the generated expectations. Generic bourgeouis - won't come back to it. Like to enjoy ELdOs Nombril Immense instead for a sixth of the price.
07th May, 2011