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Neutral Reviews of APOM pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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Stardate 20170124:

Neroli topnotes have to be done really well for me to like. This one is done OK.
The development is nice and unexpected with the top notes it starts with. But feels lacking in quality. Notes are generic and nothing strikes out.
OK but for the price I expect better
24th January, 2017
This is the gent who takes time to dress with care, has had his jaw sorted by the dentist, has cultivated ‘good taste’ in music and film, and still remains something of a bore.
A bracing, almost barbershop, proposition of orange blossom (veering more to the fruity side of its range) cut through with a peppery cedar, which is underlined with the smells-like-skin musk that makes Lumiere Noir pour homme such a success. The cedar is a sharp stab at the start and then retires gracefully to the background. However, later in the wear, one gets the unwelcome impression of the kind of airbrush chemicals that plague sports editions of mainstream perfumes. APOM remains in the ‘nice try’ category, pleasant and a bit too cool for its own good. Suits casual use, though.
08th December, 2013
old fashioned, classic feel with poor longevity

Unfortunately is a no for me. Classic feel orange blossom with an old fashioned essence and below average longevity. Mostly for matured men in my opinion. It reminds me a little of ADP colognia assoluta which i also don't like and a little bit of Robert Piguet's one, i think notes or bois bleu (although Piguet's one launched later than that)
For my taste it's a waste of money, too expensive and while reminds of other stuff kinda unoriginal.

Pros: classic feel
Cons: unoriginal, old fashioned, poor longevity, too expensive!!"</p>
18th October, 2013 (last edited: 27th March, 2014)
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Orange+amber. That's it. Nice to smell and wear but very boring because of the linearity.
13th March, 2013
APOM for men is certainly a well made long lasting Amber fragrance from the opening all the way to the end (7-8 hours after application). It is comparable to AMBER 114 by HdP but it’s less complexed and rich/deep, so rather straightforward I would say. For lovers of amber this is a must-try. I am not a fun of Amber myself and APOM didn’t convert me.
26th November, 2011