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    Nothing special jumps out at me for this fragrance. I found this dull and boring a little cinnamon a generous dosage of spices for some strange reason I don't pick up the patchouli. On the upside it does last on my skin.

    10th July, 2014

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    Denmark Denmark

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    A fluorescent candy store

    A very sweet rose and patchouli scent with a little bit of everything from the spice cabinet thrown in, most prominently a hearty dose of cinnamon, cumin, and a few herb twigs, as well. I find it really sugary and soda-sparkling, but what appears at first to be an artful, unjustifiably sinister baudelairesque name ("black light") soon turns out quite fitting, after all: Lumière Noire transports us to some sort of dark psychedelic candy store where displays of rosy cotton candy, vanilla-flavored fizzy drinks, and brightly colored sticky candies lie eerily illuminated in ultraviolet light, flourescing weirdly and dreamily in exaggerated phosphorous pastels. Soon, however, a resolute patchouli-centered base shows up to partly dispel the candy store vibe, seemingly trying (in my opinion, unsuccessfully) to pull Lumière Noire towards a safer and classier place for itself before it’s all over. While I recognize the quality and conceptual originality in this fragrance, I cannot muster very much genuine enthusiasm for Lumière Noire. I find it far over the top and, as it were, insufficiently illuminating in all its rosewater-sprinkled spicy-sweet artfulness.

    21st August, 2013

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    If you want a cheaper version of this then go for Rebel by Joe Bloggs. Smells exactly the same and costs only a fraction of LN - £3.00 to be exact.

    07 May, 2013

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    Beautiful - really beautiful. But there in lies in problem. Rather like a too good looking person, there is nothing to catch my interest, no sharp angles or imperfections.

    Its the polar opposite of wabi sabi, too perfect, inhuman, and I could never imagine a circumstance where it would be appropriate for me to wear it. I feel it was not made for someone like me. Better suited to the hero of a Barbara Cartland novel.

    It has two of my favourite notes - rose and cumin. They are blended so well its hard to work out where the rose ends and the cumin begins.

    I prefer my fragrances to grunt and sweat just a little, have some angles and edges.

    I can understand why people love it though.

    I'll stick to Une Rose for rose and Eau d'Hermes for cumin.

    06 May, 2013

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