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I agree with those who find this similar to JPG, but, c'mon people, this is a fantastic fragrance. It is citrusy/sweet, it has very good sillage (average longevity), and the best part is that is not expensive. I think this is a great alternative for those of us who love sweet fragrances. It opens quite citrusy, but quickly turns into an amazing sweet syrup. Tonka and musk are easily detectable. I think it is a great choice for sweet-lovers.
04th July, 2012
I had this but gave it away and sometime after that, when I started to develop an interest in male floral fragrances, I rebought it. Thankfully I managed to find 100mll of it for $9.00. What really stands out for me is the neroli.
29th May, 2012
The nose behind this really knows how to make good sweet scents without them being too powerful.
Custo Man starts off with a powdery, soft lemon and sweet vanilla. Reminds me a lot of a Le Male summer variant or like Boucheron pour Homme. The drydown is a pleasant aura of the opening vanilla and some tonka bean and a little musk. The longevity is really good for me.
I really like it, however the (current) $80 price tag hinders an impulse buy just from a sample alone.
30th December, 2011
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Great green fragrance. The lemon in this is done beautifully and smells extremely natural. I thought it was lime at first, that is what attracted me to it.

Its clean and fresh and once the middle notes and base notes appear it becomes a very unique citrus/pepper/musk blend which smells amazing.

I would use this for daytime functions like bbq's, the beach, uni, house party's etc.
I wouldn't use it for winter, clubbing or on dates though as its not exactly a seductive smell.

I would buy this again, also, i doubt many have heard of it which is a good thing!, they sell it exclusively at the Perfume connection so im happy its somewhat unique.
27th July, 2010
I tried it on holiday in Gran Canaria and thought Vowww!!! This is amazing stuff!!!
I recall it as a masculine, misterious, extremely sensual fragrance...I shall carry on with this review in 3 weeks after my next holiday in Gran Canaria...
13 June 2010

I have returned to this scent again today, months later after my initial comments...

The scent is different from what you would expect in the current aquatic masculine starts with crisp citrusy notes which are very well blended with juniper and neroli notes which do last a good while...the drydown is musky and long lasting...

A great discovery from Spain...

Well done Mr Kurkdjian...Thumbs up !!!

13th June, 2010 (last edited: 31st January, 2011)