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Negative Reviews of Costume National Homme by Costume National

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Costume National Homme reminds me of one of my bad fragrance experiences: Apparition Homme Intense by Emanuel Ungaro. A bitter beast in which I cannot discover anything appealing: unfortunately this one hits the same spot...!
23rd November, 2012
As I sprayed CNpH on My skin I immediately thought I took the wrong sample. I had to double check what was written on the small vial and surf the internet to be 100% sure that what I was smelling was really composed by D.Ropion for Comstume National. No doubt!

A conventional and generic spicy (mainly cardamom) woody musk fragrance of absolutely no interest. Something that you could expect from a bigger designer house and surely not from a niche fashion outfit. It sells for more than $100. If all of this sounds appealing to you, go ahead.
29th April, 2011
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United Kingdom
I knew it had to happen, this is just plain crap. I adore Costume National but this is certainly not theyre usual kind of offering! The bottle is cheap and the lid is very plastic. The fragrance? Thick sweet figggy rubbish. I'm still trying to like something about it but not having much luck.

I should have guessed when I saw the different perfumer. Test this one first, I bought it blind and wish I hadn't!
05th June, 2010
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Today my bottle of Costume National Homme arrived and I could not wait to open it up and try it.

In taking off the cellophane wrapping I got a feeling of the gray rubberized box and thought to myself this is going to be unique! I pull out the bottle which is a highly polished and looks like a modern sculpture.

The cap is quirky and cheap and hard to grip to take off but I could not wait to try this. Well I gave a spritz on my wrist at that point was dumbfounded and had to put the bottle down on the table and walk away.

I sat on my leather couch scratched my head and looked over at the bottle sitting on the table – I could not believe it! What the f**k

Then it clicked on my slow brain - - - It’s a costume! It is fragrance in a costume!!!

Costume National – who is know for it’s quirks like having the models sit in the audience and have the photographers and guests walk down the runway instead…. just played such a stunt on us! They took a known fragrance and just re-dressed it in a costume and launched it to the world and gave a case of the emperor new clothes. I looked over back at the bottle and laughed my ass off mostly at myself to be taken in by this.

Costume National took Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme which is a lighter scent and revved up the notes making it EDP and just repackage it in a new bottle and even kept the jus the same color!

20th January, 2010