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Positive Reviews of Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy

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Eaudemoiselle is a rather basic fragrance. It's more modern than old-fashioned or vintage in my humble opinion.

I was surprised to discover how fresh the scent is. I think I expected something richer and perhaps more floral. The scent strikes me as being a watery blend of rose, lemon, subtle herbs and musk.

In my country, Eaudemoiselle appears to be a limited release, only being sold in the major capital cities. I don't see how this fragrance is better than other Givenchy releases. In fact I much prefer Ange ou Demon, Very Irresistible and Amarige over Eaudemoiselle.

The release has come at a good time as Australia goes into the hot Summer months, which is the perfect weather to wear this fragrance. It's a rather polite and inoffensive scent, not being overly strong in terms of sillage, but having decent longevity.

I'm slightly underwhelmed to be honest, even though I didn't have much in the way of expectations leading up to smelling it. It's delicacy has left me cold rather than impressed.

There's an odd pear-like note that I keep smelling which is the only thing that intrigues me, to say the least. Because I can sense the pear and rose, I will compare this fragrance to Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie, even though the latter is much sharper and fruitier.

Written: November 3, 2010.
24th March, 2012
You wouldn't expect this to be a product of 2010. Classic and retrò but with a surprise. After a fresh opening of real lemon with a hit of basil, it tourns into a boisè rose. Not lost lasting and powerful as I would like, but a very good spring perfume. I liked the ad too.
11th March, 2011
I like the bottle, it looks the scent is a very sensual floral with fruity accords which reminds me of the classic Trésor with the rose absolut middle.
It's airy, feminine, and very pretty, fresh. The base has woodsy notes with ambrette, cedar and tonka which make it a little more interesting than the usual white musks used in the new feminine fragrances. Cute without being too bland.
09th August, 2010
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If I make my pick of the day, this comes out quite often. Why? Because it's different than all the others. This one dares to be seductive and fresh at the same time, and it works! I love the citrus combines with musk and roses. This is a scent you can wear as well in summer as in winter.
28th July, 2010
What a beautiful fragrance! Not that I am surprised, Givenchy is quite capable, but this is elegant yet youthful, full yet delicate. This is femininity unsoiled by the ubiquitous flagrant sexuality of today. Sensuality in the most innocent form. It is well blended. You get a little sweet, a little sexy, a little sassy and quite modern yet with a clear nod to the past. Just lovely. But some might consider it boring, if you are into that hyper-sexual or hopelessly floral scent scene.
06th April, 2010