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Floral opening for a floral fragrance... First the freesia takes prominence to my nose – it’s a soft freesia note… less sharp than most freesias and more complex than the freesias that I’m used to because of the softening effects of lily of the valley and jasmine – quite white floral. This floral opening lasts for an impressive length and I quite enjoy it more than most freesia accords I’ve encountered. I’m afraid I don’t feel that the accord is very natural, but I do enjoy it.

When the rose enters, it, too, comes on softly, and lasts well. A little cooler than the opening freesia, the rose seems to flow naturally from the opening accord. The rose note is not a grabber, but it is adequately competent as rose notes go.

The base retains the fragrance’s strong-but-descrete floral character combined with a subtle white musk… if there’s patchouli present, I don’t smell it. The base is even softer than the prier levels. Idylle is a pleasant, softly feminine sort of fragrance – one that would serve beautifully as a background rather than an attention-getter. Cleanly structured, beautifully performing in its subtlety and longevity.

19th December, 2016

From Artistic Bottle until Enchanting scent GUERLAIN knows what a lady wants and again a Respectable perfume with Perfect balance between Classic&Modern and a Bottle like a pure Jewel. Graceful,Feminine,Impressive,Floral,Fresh and Elegant.

Rich opening.This scent is a contrast between different flowers but Rose is sublime.It remindes me A little MAGNIFIQUE but this is GUERLAIN style a Particular style that not for Everyone.It makes Perfect harmony with a beautiful black dress and sparkly Jewels.

In my opinion IDYLLE is one of those you would not leave your wrist because You are addict with it.I would recommend it yo any Lady who is Looking for a Classy and Attractive scent for SPECIAL moments.Suitable for AUTUMN/SPRING and a Great surprise for Present too.


Longevity?One word Great.


13th June, 2015
Got this as a Christmas present for my wife. She loves it, I love it on her, very happy with it. It's just an absolutely lovely fragrance, definitely feminine with a gentle grace and beauty, but avoiding being girly-girl teenie-bopper bubbly and/or overly sweet. It's elegent in a very unassuming way of simply being what it is. To me, a very attractive fragrance. This alongside Chanel Allure are my absolute favorites on my wife.
30th January, 2015
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Wow I absolutely LOVE this scent! It's divine!
A gorgeous floral, soft, elegant and feminine.
The delicious lily-of-the-valley (very prominent along with the rose in this scent) reminds me of Diorissimo, the drydown reminds me of Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP (the rose-musk-patchouli combo), but much better, no syntethic smell, the musk and all the other notes are perfectly balanced.
One of the best feminine scents around. My favorite along with its flankers and Coco Mademoiselle.
If you love florals this is a must have. Amazing and longlasting. Perfect scent in a beautiful bottle.
I also recommend the EDT (more floral, sparkling and light), the Eau Sublime (fruitier, a peachy rose) and the body lotion.
P:S.: Men appreciate it very much, I always get many compliments ;-)
10th December, 2014 (last edited: 03rd June, 2015)
A very pleasant scent indeed. It should offend no one.

Enjoyable but not special enough to buy. Will enjoy my sample.
28th October, 2014
Nouveau chypre

Poor Idylle is not greatly loved in the perfumista world but I believe it is widely popular with * normal * people.

There is a difference between the EDP and the EDT . I like both but I prefer the EDT.

EDT- This is basically more rose- beautiful sweet peony tinged rose. Very lasting for an EDT . It really rocked my boat when I smelt it. More so than the EDP .

The EDP is more fuzzy nouveau chypre ( a chypre for our times ) with a Guerlain touch in the drydown . It reminds me of Gucci by Gucci ( brown bottle - new version ) but with all the edges smoothed , powdered and Guerlainized . It has a 'chewy ' character- similar to the Gucci which makes it a nouveau chpyre. I wear Idylle once in a while but it starts to irritate me after a while. Longevity is excellent- lasting but subtle.

Pros: Guerlain Plushy Nouveau Chypre
Cons: None"

20th September, 2013
It starts softly, then rose gradually builds up, but there's more stuff in it. Idylle won't shout loud, its tone is soft but still quite assertive.
24th January, 2012
Rose, jasmine, maybe some ylang-ylang, with a soft patchouli underbelly that dries down into soft musk. Not groundbreaking, but easy to wear and enjoy for sure. There is no Guerlainade here, so don't wait for it to appear! I liked this, but not enough to buy a bottle. It doesn't have standout quality.

Great for summer and spring outings where you want something inoffensive but beautiful.
22nd March, 2011
A very charming easy-to-wear perfume! I have read that it is compared to Narsizo Rodrigues for Her and to SJP Lovely. Booth of them has been favourites of mine, and I can really understand why they are compared to Idylle. They sing the same sort of song. But if I would choose one of these three, it will absolutley be Idylle. It is the most beautiful of the three. NRfH is a little bit too sharp, and Lovely is a little bit too rough. Idylle is smoother, but is still having this lovely sort of sour tone as I sometimes can´t live without.

Idylle works well all year around, and is longlasting on my skin. It has a place in my wardrobe, and I can leave at least Narsizo Rodrigues for Her EdP.

The EdP of Idylle is the better one of it and the newly released EdT.
30th October, 2010 (last edited: 10th July, 2011)
Strange that reviewers don't regard this as a chypre, because for me the citrus top-note is very striking (definitely petitgrain, perhaps neroli?) with a floral middle (mostly rose) and a sandalwoody base - that amounts to a chypre, non? After five hours it has faded to a dried-rose-plus-sandalwood and perhaps amber scent which is pleasant but unremarkable.
08th October, 2010
Like many other long-time Guerlain fans, I have been rather disappointed with some of the newer fragrances from the company, particularly the odd synthetic L'Instant and the fruit cocktail My Insolence. I like but don't love the now extinct Mahora, and I don't dislike (but don't wear) Champs-Elysee and Insolence. I think most of the Aqua Allegoria series (with the exception of Winter Delice) are unimpressive. Compared to other recent mainstream Guerlains, then, I think Idylle is certainly about the best--which does not necessarily mean that I intend to wear it myself.

What stands out for me most clearly is the muguet, followed by the rose and raspberry with the other florals blending nicely. It's obviously a well-crafted scent. Some have complained about a lack of originality, and it's true that Idylle is neither cutting-edge nor game-changing--no revolution in a bottle here--but that doesn't mean that it's without some very attractive qualities.

When I was much, much younger, I was quite fond of lily of the valley notes and occasionally wore Coty Muguet de Bois. While Idylle evokes memories of this old favorite (as it once was), it is a far, far richer and more luxurious perfume, perhaps the best muguet I've smelled, particularly with the complementary rose.

Even so, I can't see myself wearing this. Lily of the valley is, ultimately, too delicate a scent for a tall, big-boned, "statuesque" woman such as I, I think, and I can no longer wear it well. Still, I can think of women on whom Idylle would be downright drop-dead gorgeous.
05th September, 2010
When Idylle hit the shelves late in 2009, the response from Guerlain acolytes was muted. The realm of the soft-focus floral was, they felt, best reserved for flash-in-the-pan celebrity fragrances, not for one of the most revered perfume houses of all time. But Idylle isn't necessarily the sell-out some have claimed it to be and it deserves a second spray.

With astonishing diffusiveness, the scent plunges you headlong into the middle of a lush flower garden, where you can barely catch your breath long enough to take in the indolic notes that surround you. Jasmine, geranium, lily of the valley, ylang ylang. They all waft into view, managing to be both fresh and intoxicating, after which the real start emerges: a rounded rose, white and enticing, balanced by the faintest suggestion of delicate, petitgrain-like woods in the background. But it's at this point that Idylle almost collapses: the floral overload threatens to become headache-inducing; the heart yearns for a touch of something intriguing. Paradoxically, this is also the very moment when Thierry Wasser's effort demands a little more patience from our noses than most modern scents dare.

It stands to reason that an idyllic garden is a place where time is frozen. Sure enough, if you wait a tiny bit longer, the almost garish middle section of this scent finally softens and, more importantly, becomes drier. Guerlain have stated that Idylle displays a "chypre sensuality" - notice they haven't claimed it's an outright chypre - and you can feel the evidence in the drydown. Although the basic territory is still floral, the closing act - which seemingly lasts for ever - is arid and musky in a manner that may not exactly be elegant but is eminently wearable.

Although it's suitably multi-dimensional, Idylle is no masterpiece. It does not display the refinement or innovation of Guerlain's classics. But if you want to exploit its potential, treat it as a masculine. If Gaultier can pull it off with Fleur Du Male - and if trendy European guys can douse themselves with Anais Anais - there's no reason why Idylle can't have the same impact.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2010: The newly released eau de toilette is sold as a softer, "more feminine" version of the edp, and in a sense, this isn't far from the truth. The floral bouquet and the citrus undertone are, indeed, granted greater prominence, but they're my least favourite aspects of the scent anyway. I prefer the ambery-mossy conclusion, which is distinctly suppressed in the edt, creating an effect that I find 'girly' rather than feminine.
09th May, 2010 (last edited: 17th October, 2010)
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United States
I like this.

No, it's not a chypre, i agree. Yes, it is a floral; a soft, very rosey one.
All I can say is: I very much enjoy my own company when I'm wearing this scent. Is it complex? Nope. Is it ground breaking? Nope. Is it original? Nope again.

This is just a high quality, sophisticated floral that you could easily wear to work, as you would not have to spend one second wondering if your scent was too strong or offensive.

This is what i would wear to a dinner party, or to the ballet, movie, gathering, etc. etc.
It's a respectable, conservative, classy fragrance.
03rd May, 2010
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all the criticism !!!

all I can say--- finally Guerlain gave up creating stinkers! I'm not saying they were all bad, cause they may cause nice memmories and olfactive experiences to some, but I still think they smell very unpleasent, most of them. Stinky! Only nostalgia of the past time makes them still sell today, not the smell itself, sory!

This perfume, Idylle, smells good, it's a very well made, romantic fragrance. The first real good smelling perfume from this stinker-house. A very promissing start, I can;t wait for the mext one. I'm giving this perfume 4 stars out of five. It's very good and romantic, and it is a little new thing in it, you all gotta admit it--- the lilly stands out very shiny from under the weight of the rose. And the lilac is not "choked" into a cloud of unbearable sweetness. And yes, this IS new. And positive. A new era began for Guerlain, and I like it.

31st January, 2010