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Neutral Reviews of Bond No.9 Perfume Oud by Bond No. 9

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I submit in this space my review for the new Bond n. 9 Signature whose for the moment we haven't a special space for reviewing and while waiting for it, sorry.
Decidedly feminine and sultry. This one is the smell of a woman that while sweating exudes all the scents, the balsams, the creams, the secretions and the cosmetics of its sensual, voluptuous and clean body. Unfortunately the initial evolution is a bit off-putting for my nose cause the opening is too much fruity and kind of synthetic with its resinous sort of gummy feel of chewing gum. The strong dosage of aoud tends to project in a while a dissonant, balsamic aroma as deep and acute to come out with somewhat salty nuances. The note of tonka is not smoky but caramellous and gummy and the outcome is like a sort of rosey honey vibe with a sultry kind of pungent floral fruitiness close to a neroli accord. Going ahead the gummy effect disappears and a nice woodsy rose starts to step up with a sort of decidedly basamic pungent whiff of floral and orangy white musk. Erotic, a bit chemical but sophisticated end chic at once. Longevity and projection are strong and powerful.
29th May, 2011 (last edited: 14th July, 2014)
This is getting really tiresome.
"This" refers to being let down (yet again) by another lackluster performance from BOND.
Original? F**k no!
There are roughly 100 others (mainstream, nonetheless) fragrances on the market, that share the same trend/vibe as this.
The only one worth mentioning is TABAROME MILLESIME.
It has been kicking around in the streets since....Oh.....2000 A.D.
29th March, 2010