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Positive Reviews of Bond No.9 Perfume Oud by Bond No. 9

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If you are expecting a typical rose/oud combo frag you will be sorely disappointed with this one. The scent is decent enough, but it's more about the light tonka and white, clean musk than anything else. I think I might detect a tiny amount of rose, but absolutely no oud. Longevity and sillage are ok but I would not pay full retail for New York Oud. It's a safe scent, maybe a little too safe, but a definite try before you buy in my opinion. I'm giving it a thumbs up, but it teeters the line between nuetral and thumbs up.
06th September, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Oud and rose to begin with, but not with oriental lusciousness - this has a modern, slinky and elegant touch. The oud is a bit on the soft side initially, but then it develops a more convincing character. The drydown is a bit sweeter with a vanilla added, and in the later stages a more generic fruitiness is not particularly enticing. Performance is excellent though with very good silage and projection, and a total longevity of fourteen hours - this just tilts it into positive score territory. Good for warmer autumn days.
25th May, 2014
Incredible. Simple. Elegant. Classic. Very well done.
05th May, 2014
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DELCIOUS! I don't know what all of these reviews are talking about because I am talking about the delicious, seductive Bond No. 9 Signature gold bottle! Fragrances don't last very long on me and this lasts from day until night and I continue smelling beautiful. Not to mention it looks great on my dresser! SO SO GOOD This is now my signature scent!
30th January, 2014
a floral oud that gets me going...totally summer nights out!
18th April, 2013
I've had this on for about 5 hours now, and it shows no sign of dying down! I love how unique it smells, and it instantly stands out.
03rd December, 2010
Harrod's Limited Edition. I think this may be a different fragrance than the one listed above, so I am editing this review to point which fragrance this is I am smelling. It is especially confusing because the bottle does not actually list the name and the SA called it Harrods Oud, which is not listed anywhere by that name. This is the Harrod's Swarovski Lt. Ed. but my bottle is the version without the crystals.

The notes to Harrod's Limited Edition are: Black pepper, cumin, amber, myrrh, oud, vetiver. The blending of the amber, oud, myrrh and vetiver are outstanding. The scent is very warm and smells of oud and amber from the start. The sweetness of amber/Oud stays steady throughout the scent development but as the base arrives the mix of cumin, oud, amber and vetiver gives a nice warm leather scent that is still quite sweet. After a few hours the amber very slowly wears down and it scent is a dark dry leathery oud. The smell of this scent is very assuring and comforting. This is the best Bond NO. 9 fragrance I've tried.
15th June, 2010 (last edited: 01st December, 2010)
This is Sheer Luxury !!!
1 spray in your chest will last all day...
Fantastic !!!
02nd May, 2010
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United States
I appreciate the quality and longevity of this fragrance as well as the blend of wood resin and rose. I think it smells different than Creed's Tabarome. I think the story is different. The vial must have at least 4 applications due to the 30 percent concentration. Although the fragrance retails for $330, I think Bond has a value added product here. A collectable bottle and 3.4oz of perfume, not EDP(and their EDPs last). For $300 or $600 one normally receives 1oz of perfume. In the case of Clive Christian, one pays $800 or more. It's not always about how much but how much one enjoys the fragrance.
09th April, 2010
I walked into Saks today and tried this fragrance for the first time. Upon first smell i thought i had found my holy grail, as i had never smelled anything like this fragrance. Chalk it up to experience, or chalk it up to the uniqueness of this fragrance. The opening is very pungent and is sweet with an almost acrid bite, but is soothed by flowery notes which i could only assume to be the rose. It was if i had fallen in love, but sadly after inquiring about the price was shocked to find it was almost one hundred dollars more than a normal bond fragrance. Also, after about four hours of use this fragrance fails to pass the one dimensional test. This fragrance smells the same throughout its lifespan, but i would not consider this a bad thing. Overall, i would say, if money is no object and different is what you are looking for then this fragrance is for you.
25th January, 2010
Jack Show all reviews
United States
I like bond scents and enjoy this, may never purchase full bottle but I need more time to decide. I gave this a thumbs up because I judge a scent on how I like it not the cost, if I were to include price/value in my review would give this a neutral for now.
16th January, 2010