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Neutral Reviews of Kanøn Norwegian Wood by Kanon

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Sweet sandalwood galore

Thinking of Norway brings to my mind vast expanses of coniferous trees that extend far towards the horizon. The pine, fir, spruce and juniper scents filling the air, but NOOOOOOOOO, with Norwegian Wood I get sandalwood.. Sandalwood grows mainly in India, doesn't it? Why isn't it called Indian Wood instead?

Because Kanøn is suppossed to "sound" scandinavian? (it is made in America, so it is as scandinavian as Häagen-Dazs for crying out loud). At any rate, I was looking for a coniferous type of scent to find out it is a very, very sweet sandalwood scent.

The opening is slightly citric that turns woody almost immediately. Unequivocally sandalwood and this is the best part of the fragrance, but soon it goes too sweet for my taste. Vanilla is present by the bushels, but it is not mentioned in the pyramid. Starts very masculine, but I am not that sure about the drydown.

I cannot rate this perfume too high, its name is deceptive IMO and it is too sweet. I like it better than Kanøn by Kanøn, but way behind Agarwood by Kanøn

Pros: Masculine opening, cheap, pleasant
Cons: Poor sillage and longevity

17th June, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i wore it to work today and i did not notice it. very faint light vanilla mixed with light woods. great for a teenager but not for a 30 year old with fragrance expierence.
09th October, 2012
Very dissapointed with this. I need to try it again and wear it for a week if I can stand it. Smells exactly like Jafra JF9 Black, Jafra is like Avon, product quality is OK but not WOW. Weak with a nutmeggy twist, kinda sweet. Wanna thumb it down but will be patient. Barely neutral, definately not recommended.
10th September, 2010
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