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    I'm approaching my sample with some trepidation...I've never tried an Escada before and I have to say that the packaging is about as cheap and tacky as it gets. None the less I am doing my best to approach with an open mind...

    And ye Gods it's sweet...sweet like a strawberry-scented plastic dolls head. Seriously, all I am getting for an opener is strawberry, and it's not a ripe, warmed by the sun strawberry, it's unashamedly synthetic. After ten minutes or so I'm starting to feel a touch of slightly sour passionfruit. This phase is actually much more enjoyable, it's odd that such a true passionfruit should be combined with such an artificial strawberry and I want to shout at that plastic-dolly-strawberry "Oi you, clear off !" So that I can enjoy that sharp passionfruit in peace. Sadly, it doesn't appear to be listening and just keeps hanging around like the proverbial bad smell. I still have no jasmine, I still have no musk. Paeony? Well perhaps. To be honest I'm not sure, I have grown peonies in my garden for many years and find their scent barely perceptible so I'm not sure I would recognise it. Perhaps it's there, somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it smothered under that nauseating plastic strawberry syrup blanket.

    I'm quite surprised at this being marketed as a Summer scent, I can't think of anything worse on a hot day than smelling like a melted strawberry chew from the pick n' mix that's melted & stuck to the hot tarmac.

    No No No No No.

    26 April, 2011

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    Smelled this all day every day on one of my friends for quite a long while there. A linear, unimaginative fruity floral that is unapologetically sweet. To be honest, there is just one note, and that note--to my nose, at least--is passion fruit. Simple and least for the first hour or so. I should probably admit that if I hadn't been quite so overexposed to it, it may have gone Neutral instead of Thumbs Down.

    05 February, 2011

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