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Reviews of Halle Pure Orchid by Halle Berry

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More fruity than floral, to my nose. It's pretty. It is another "safe" celebrity fragrance. Nothing "rocks-the-boat" here. I barely detect any orchid, unfortunately. A satisfactory workplace perfume.
18th October, 2017
Halle Berry's fragrances tend to stand out from the rest of the celebrity scents due to one key element; simplicity. Both of her fragrances are successful because of their likability and their basic style.

Pure Orchid is a pretty, somewhat sweet, 'purple' floral. The sweetness in this fragrance is tolerable. It is neither candied nor syrupy, just natural and subtle.

To be honest the unique notes like cactus, papaya, anise and sequoia don't feature all too prominently. There is nothing particularly ground-breaking about this fragrance. In some ways, you swear that you've smelt it before. However, with that being said, had this fragrance been too strange it may not have appealed to many.

Pretty like a princess is what I feel when I wear Pure Orchid. Both men and women alike enjoy this, and I must add that anyone of any age could wear this.

The sillage is quite intimate, however the lasting power is commendable. It has a girlish softness that really impresses me. To be honest I would not have expected such a delicate and simplistic fragrance like this to have emerged from Coty with a celebrity name stamped on it.

14th November, 2011
I consider this scent soft and playful. The top notes have a small powder texture in conjunction with a sharp sweet layer that lasts thoughout the whole wearing. I believe this scent could be a young to middle age woman. I can be sensitive to the alcohol in it while wearing this scent in high heat temperatures.
16th June, 2011
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Based as total newbie, it is a very intense flowery fragrance that lingers through the day.
12th January, 2011