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Negative Reviews of Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain

Total Reviews: 3
So, EDP you say? Guerlain you say? Such a weak and generic fragrance. Sure it has this echo of Guerlain elegance, but not enough to meet the price and the expectations that bottle gives.

Woody and just slightly boozy, basement sort of damp and dark.

Shame. It could have been an amazing fragrance if not a masterpiece.

Originality: 5/10
Scent: 4/10
Longevity: 6/10
Projection: 4/10
19/40 = 47,5%
21st May, 2017
At first it's like anise and chocolate in the Dior Homme style but stronger. There are florals in it and it has less of that lipstick aura but it's still there. I can tell I'm not one for this Dior style because it's become a fad to smell like this which is closer to cocoa than rum. Fairly boring considering the amazing choices out there.
25th December, 2014
An intense version of an already bad fragrance results in an intensly bad fragrance. I thought this would right the wrongs committed by GH, instead it amplified them. Granted, if you liked the original GH, you will love this because it is more of whatever you liked. For me, thumbs down. This is simply undeserving of the prestigious Guerlain name.
06th April, 2010
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