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Neutral Reviews of Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain

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Definitely smells like a mixed citrus drink in the opening. Something with lime. Fresh and clean. Pretty linear throughout with just some more woody notes coming in later.

Feels best for casual wear in warmer months.

Very good projection and longevity.
21st January, 2018
Hmm, Intense? I cannot smell it much on me, though my co-worker says it is quite powerful and pleasant. Must be some of the ingredients that appeal more to certain noses. It is certainly pleasant, starting 'fresh' and develops into something more 'woody'. But rather generic to my nose although it is a Guerlain. In the end, it is difficult to assess since my experience is different from my friend's.
20th July, 2015
I liked it more in the store than when I got it home, which is often the way things seem to go when you make an on-the-spot decision to own something that you didn't go into the store looking to buy, but that aside, this fragrance is just not interesting to me. Every couple of months I will give it a try in the hopes that somehow, Time will have worked some magic on the juice, but each time, I shake my head and wish I hadn't been so impulsive. It is not bad, but it is boring, and not something you would expect from the House of Guerlain.
24th December, 2013
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A crisp (fresh, conservative but at same time dandy-exotic) elegant modern fougere from the Maison Guerlain. The first Homme Intense's blast projects basically the same spicy-rooty-cool minty whiff of the original version but with a shorter duration and a more heavy intensity afforded by rum as flavoured by mint, rhubarb (a key element), citrus and grapefruit (may be mango as well). In few words the best part of the original concoction is reduced in duration and slightly adulterated in substance. The tea-bergamot watery effect  of the middle phase is a dazzle lasting a while before the fragrance sliding towards a denser woodsy rounded base mostly represented by vetiver, cedar and smokey tonka. Dry down is more mossy and "solid" than the same stage in the original L'Homme and this element probably alter the original "splashing" vibe enjoyned (by me) in the first version. All the diverse olfactory phases are shorter in the evolution and more amalgamated in effect (on my skin). The sillage is powerful  but among the different variations (the intense, the original and l'eau) this is the one I appreciate less.
17th July, 2011 (last edited: 04th October, 2016)