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Positive Reviews of $ by D.S. & Durga

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I recall a thread discussing fragrances that smell of crisp dollar notes; Wall Street by Bond No.9 was one of the candidates as I recall. Now add $ by D.S. & DURGA.

Although $ has a distinct floral leathery tone about it, I'd hesitate to call it a floral leather. Nor do I find any tuberose despite what the official list claims. Whatever flower it is supposed to be, it had been stripped down to its very bare essence until its identity is no longer recognisable. This floral essence is cleverly woven around what I perceive to be styrax, with white musk giving it some lift before tonka rounds it off smoothly in the base.

$ wears rather elegantly, a masculine leathery musk of distinction with a passing resemblance to the edgy-but-uppity Creed's Cuir de Russie. It does smell like a cool wad of crisp hundred dollar bills.

My only regret? Not buying more of this high quality stuff when it was available at a hefty discount. D.S. & Durga may have taken some risks with some of their creations but this release is definitely right on the money!

28th July, 2010