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Neutral Reviews of English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone

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United Kingdom
For a while I enjoyed this fragrance as a refreshing and uplifting addition to my wardrobe. We have many moods and a scent for each one seems natural enough. However, two years later I have become weary of the pear and freesia. The after-musk is pleasant enough and it had more meaning when combined with the anise and cardamom scent of the same house. A fun little foray but I won't be revisiting.
15th May, 2017
Gauzy, almost aquatic, floral with a decent throw but a true pear note would have made it special. Alas, despite the suggestibility induced in the wearer by the name, one would be hard pressed to locate something resembling pear in a blind test. There’s a bit of a ‘fruit nectar’ quality about the composition, that’s as close as we get.
Instead there’s a decent, quite rosy, freesia that is carried aloft on airy musks – a simple, refreshing thing that cannot shake off associations of shampoo perhaps but will appeal to those for whom perfume is a functional ‘nice smell’ rather than a passion.
09th December, 2015
There's nothing dreadful about this scent, but I'm slightly disappointed.
If a scent is going to claim to have pear in it, then I expect a prominent pear note.
Here, that note is very subdued, the vaguest wisp of gritty pear skin rather than ripe fruit.
Indeed, the entire scent is very subtle -- slightly sweet florals, hints of green.
Refreshing, but I'm not sure it is a stand-alone scent.
It doesn't have a lot going on, at least on my skin.
25th February, 2011
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