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Neutral Reviews of Art Collection #08 by Jacomo

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Trying Jacomo #08 today, and honestly i expected more from it. What i get seems more a mixture of inspirations than something at its own. The idea is not bad, a spicy, fresh, slightly milky tea aroma, but it`s not so original. It reminds me some aspects of Declaration Cartier, Kenzo Jungle Homme and Tea For Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur. It opens with a cardamom-cumin like aroma that reminds me some aspects of Declaration (more of declaration essence i think). There is a certain spicy greeness of it that makes me think of Jungle Homme too. The dark tea and spices makes it distantly related to Tea For Two, but without the exotic aura of tea for two.
I don`t like how the scent evolutes. It doesn`t sustain the idea, fading to a skinscent after a short period of 2 hours. What comes next is uninspiring, washed musky ambered accord that retains a hint of the milk aspect. It`s not what i expected from it, in my opinion both #9 and #2 are far better constructed.
07th September, 2011