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Positive Reviews of Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Bleu de Chanel is a versatile all-year fragrance that is well received & complimented by other individuals around me, especially women. If you are reading this review & don’t necessarily want a vast collection of fragrances in your wardrobe (if you’re really looking for just 1 or 2 fragrances you can wear any time & for any occassion), then I highly suggest this amazing scent. It starts off with this fresh, sweet, citrus grapefruit accompanied by a type of incense in the background. The incense enables this fragrance to become somewhat thick, full, and quite masculine. What’s amazing about this fragrance is that the citrus top notes linger for the entirety of the fragrance. I know that this is a woody aromatic, but something about the grapefruit & other citruses evokes a sort of aquatic vibe for me. It projects slightly above average for the first 1 to 2 hours on my skin. Then becomes more of a personal scent, but certainly still perceivable if others come in close contact with you. It lingers around like this for another 6 to 7 hours. Great longevity. Compliments are very high for this fragrance. Most of the women in my social circles consider this as one of their favorites. It’s not a huge statement-maker type of fragrance. It’s more of a fresh, clean, sweet, and slightly seductive scent. This is certainly a fragrance that you should at least try on your skin. You can thank me later.
30th June, 2015

When one fragrance have a lot of reviews it can not be necessarily a bad fragrance albeit some of reviews are negative.In my mind CHANEL fragrances are often transcends of time and this is the best characteristic this fashion house for me but perhaps with this one CHANEL stop in time.nonetheless BLEU DE CHANEL is a nice fragrance for me. Masculine,Charming, Sophisticated,Aromatic,Well-Balanced and Modern yet Classic.

BDC delivers uncompromising masculinity throughout the evolution of the fragrance.It opens with citrus and ginger accords that transition to a soft floral and woody heart of jasmine,mint, vetiver and a masculine base of cedar.this scents for men who are mature to their tastes and know how to put a virile,sensuous cologne to good use.

This CHANEL EDT is not an overpowering scent,just enough to get the female hormones raging as it makes ladies want to flirt with you.It is an all purpose fragrance for men that goes perfect in the Office during the day and also when going out at the Night.It can also be worn most of the year.Totally nothing masterpiece but it deserves more attention.


Longevity?About 8 hours on my skin.

13th June, 2015
Lovely, manly, sophisticated and sexy! I love Bleu!
05th June, 2015
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I love Bleu de Chanel, it's my absolute favorite "blue" scent! It smells brilliant, fantastic, clean, confident and as many, many women that compliment me when wearing this fragrance have said, "super sexy!"

03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
I've had Bleu de Chanel for a few years now and it's stood up to the test of being provocative and modern while still smelling classic-enough to belong in the Chanel family with the likes of Antaeus and Pour Monsieur. The notes that stand out for me most in BDC are lemon and pink pepper at the top, with vetiver and incense more toward the base. I find it somewhat difficult to describe in that it works well both as a summer night and a winter day/night fragrance, as sometimes woody fragrances do. This strikes me as more of a formal / dressed-up selection than something I would wear casually. The pepper is pungent and is deliberately a spicy element. The dry down does involve something slightly sweeter, though there is not a particular note (like vanilla or tonka) that comes to mind, so it could just be the dulling of the some of the more acerbic notes.

Projection and longevity (8-12 hours, at least) are both strong. This is a recommended try for all age groups. Its popularity is wholly warranted, as it's an agreeable woody scent, but it's strong and directed enough that it shouldn't be a blind buy like a safer EDC or something to that effect.

8 out of 10
01st May, 2015
I honestly want to give Bleu a terrible review so no one else uses it because me and Bleu are One. It might be a generic smell on most because it is not for all, on me it smells exquisitely mysterious.

It has a noticeable three stage growth, the medium citrus strong amber comes off as youthful, confident and immature, the minty vetiver incense comes off as sexual desire, then lastly the woody jasmine nutmeg comes off as a night-after mature sensual smell.

I open her mind and senses with the first over-excited stage, the second stage I tear her clothes off by breaking resistances, and the third stage she owns the privilege to wake up to her sweet smelling sensual man that she just shared another amazing night with.

I used to use Platinum Egoiste but my personality has a timid/intense hint to it so the cologne came off too strong like I was stepping over people with my smell, yet with Bleu I'm able to project my intensity with a sensual side.

EDIT #1:
I don't know where these haters are getting fly-spray/bug-spray/ supermarket aisle smell from.. but they must have smelled the EDP because EDT is way different. The 3 day after smell can make me feel a little nauseous because of how sweet the end game smell is.. but that's why you just wash it off and spray again for the citrus wood panty dropper smell.

25th April, 2015 (last edited: 29th April, 2015)
Not a big fan of Chanel's men's fragrances. The Allure line and traditional men's offerings from Chanel, all seem very feminine to my nose. Bleu is no exception.

Bleu is sweet, almost too sweet, but the unusual combination of citrus, spice and wood is quite appealing. The comparison to GIT is apt, but I think Bleu is more citrus. In fact, Bleu reminds me a sweet citrus pulp, similar to what you would get if you made your own orange/grapefruit/tangerine juice, with a little spice and sugar.

That said, I will have to give Bleu a thumbs up. It is elegant, although almost unisex. The citrus is unique and unlike other citrus fragrances, seemed to last throughout the entire drydown. I'd buy this one and wear it to the office or a nice dinner. At last, a second Chanel that I find wearable.
13th March, 2015 (last edited: 16th March, 2015)
The reviewers who find this fragrance unidimensional and linear are missing the point. This fragrance is not designed to be experienced by the wearer, but rather, to be experienced by everyone in that person's environment. It is full of aromachemicals that radiate in an aura around a person, but cause anosmia and olfactory fatigue to the actual wearer. Therefore, it is impossible to rate this fragrance on ones own skin or on a scent card.

The real experience of Bleu de Chanel is gotten by those clever enough to ask their spouse, a friend, or co-worker to wear it. It is a diffusive, bright, metallic money smell to the noses far enough from the wrist on which it is sprayed. Coins and bills.

I would challenge anyone to come up with the notes listed by Chanel for this fragrance, had they sampled it without the marketing noise.

There is a distinct basil/oregano/peppercorn motif lifted by metallic Chanel aldehydes for a flinty, dry base for the citrus topnotes to jump from. The oregano note is not a foody one, but more akin to the oregano note in Clive Christian X.

Very tasteful and tame, always proper like Chanel.
25th February, 2015
I decided to give this one a good few sprays. It's sweet at the beginning with the citrus, jasmine and ginger. Then I started noticing Green Irish Tweed which is the sandalwood. It's a good scent and could be used at night or in the office. To me this is Chanel's response to Green Irish Tweed for a sweet tooth. I'll stick with Green Irish Tweed but it's a smart fragrance and will appeal to many people.
15th December, 2014
For me, it's an ok. But for women I've taken out on a date, for some reason they love it. Might be the mix of the chemical on the skin.
09th November, 2014
This one frustrates me a little because I cannot find a hook or signature to the juice that my nose can hold on to. It's too light for me, but I still like it, and everyone likes it, but everyone says it smells "fine."

It smells great on clothes. Some Bleu de Chanel on my shirt does not clash with other fragrances. It's a nice background scent like really nice laundry detergent.

It has vague similarities to Platinum Egoiste (and therefore AF Fierce), Acqua di Gio, and one of the Calvin Klein's (perhaps discontinued), I think, but I can't place which.

I like it, but it frustrates me that it's too light and/or gives me too much olfactory fatigue so I don't feel it with me. So almost a thumbs sideways.
08th October, 2014
Its original in its own way. Beautifully crafted in my opinion and a perfect day to day and/or signature scent. It's my sig!

It does have some similarities to frags like "jimmy choo man" but only at a casual glance. Compare the two side by side and you WILL see major differences. To me, bleu is definitively more masculine and has a very prominent spice note. Not overpowering and one of those things that smells a little better from a few inches away from the blast site, so don't use a blotter and wait 5 mins after a spritz while sniffing from about 6" away to really capture how this blends in. Smells great either way, but the beauty of this frag really is in how it all comes together in the sillage.

The sillage was great for me. Could i break out a ruler on it? No.. Can't for any frag really but i do know everyone i asked loved it without saying it was too powerful/offensive. So it projects but not across a room. Which is how it should be. The scent is linear. But that's a plus. Most scents rarely achieve perfection as to morph into 3 or 4 different "moods" during its drydown and have all of them smell fantastic. Id rather have something like this that smells like the same awesome juice all day long. That's valuable for office frags and day to day signatures. Lasted about 6 hours on me. Plenty enough for me.

Great stuff! A must try at least. And i highly suggest buying a bottle and actually "trying" it for a few days before making a decision. You honestly can't get the full effect in a 15 minute dry down at the fragrance counter, especially with the attendant trying to shove the latest dior homme or ysl in your face killing your sense of smell.
03rd October, 2014
Very relaxing scent I love wearing this to work.
14th August, 2014
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I love this frag for its ability to be worn all year round. I can't think of a time I wouldn't want to smell like this. Citrus woodsy sexy. Yes, women like this one. Me too
04th August, 2014
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United States
(I bought a bottle at Saks in nyc)

This is a very well done citrus burst. It's not a masterpiece, it's not adventurous...but I am still happy to own and wear it.
31st July, 2014
Bleu is a nice, subtle fragrance that smells mostly of grapefruit and vetiver to my nose. I really enjoy this one.
07th July, 2014
Unjustly bashed, methinks.

Yes, it resorts to most of what is in fashion nowadays - in other words, it smells "contemporary". But, well, these are the aromachemicals around so it should not be a surprise.

Together with its persona, its complexity, extraordinary sillage and its remarkable longevity, I am surprised I can't get whiffs of it among men heading to the office, the way it happens with bestsellers like 1 Million (real or faked) or Terre if the bunch proves to cater to less ubiquitous options. It looks tastes linger more on the side of the fruity and sweet side of things, rather than the spicy ones a la Guerlain Homme or Bvlgari Man (to which you might find analogies).

I like it, really. However, it can be somehow tiring if not applied lightly for its notes will linger for the whole day. After a 12 hour long working day it can be dreadful once back home. So, go lightly, problem solved.

I think Polge did a really good job, regardless of how similar Blue can be in respect to the ones (Guerlain and Bvlgari) mentioned.

28th June, 2014
Great summer night scent.Scent:10/10
14th June, 2014
This is a well-composed scent which exudes confidence and offers some degree of complexity.

This is not my absolute favourite but I do find myself reaching for it more than I thought I would just because it is so very versatile.... gets me from the Board room to after work dinner dates. I think it's versatility is on par with GIT.
31st May, 2014
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
I absolutely love the mid and base of this fragrance. At first spray my example is very heavy on the grapefruit. The ONLY issue I take with Bleu de chanel is I feel it is very finicky from batch to batch in the top notes. When ever I am at a store that sells this I always spray a card and see how theres smells and it never fails it is always a little different from batch to batch in the top. After about an hour is where I think it really comes to life and to me just exudes confidence. I find projection and sillage to be very acceptable.

UPDATE: So I have to update this review as I have sold my USA produced bleu and purchased a larger bottle made in france. I dont know if the USA plant has had production issues in the past but many examples I have smelled of bleu at places like jc penny and Ulta have been way off. They have a very dominant grapefruit/cedar wood and that is all they have. I find I much prefer the stuff that is made in france. To be fair I have smelled usa produced bleu that smelled proper but I have never encountered a funky genuine france example. Put it this way, the USA produced example I had I could not wear and hated it. The france bottle? Love it. And I put it up there with some of my higher end fragrances. I have a feeling that at least some of the people reporting a dislike for BDC may be encountering these Grapefruit/cedar heavy bottles.
13th April, 2014 (last edited: 23rd September, 2014)
Reminds me of Cool Water by Davidoff which I like. Thumbs up. :-)
06th April, 2014
One of my favorite Chanel Fragrances (I do own every men's Chanel fragrance). This can be worn at any occasion, at anytime of year but is very complex at the same time. This is very well built and even men compliment this when I wear it. How this can be called "generic" is beyond me. I realize the ingredients aren't ultra rare but is still luxurious smelling to me and the nay sayers girlfriends. Is very masculine all the way down to the built like a tank bottle. Super high quality which is the norm for Chanel. Do yourself a favor.
23rd March, 2014
No complaints about this scent whatsoever. It may be generic, it may be mainstream...but where I come from, barely anyone wears fragrances and the name Chanel immediately conjures up the question: "Ain't dat a lay-dee's par-foom?" It may be mass-marketed and highly successful, but I'll enjoy standing out amongst my Axe-wearing peers.

Bleu starts shrill with a cold, metallic and harsh grapefruit note, then slowly morphs into a heavy incense and vetiver locomotive. Still retains it's "fresh" vibe throughout, but mid and base really help to keep this anchored as a strong masculine. I like its nod to classic "big-business" suit-and-tie type of framework, and think it works well as a formal scent because of this. I get 8-10 hours with stellar projection with 3 sprays and sometimes knock it down to 2 just to be a bit more subtle. Some days, it does go a bit sour on my skin but that's 5% of the time. Overall, I enjoy Bleu immensely. Let the haters groan all they want. Solid scent and an overwhelming crowd pleaser.
13th March, 2014
Great top notes perhaps the best I have ever smelt,really addictive olfactory heroin...Alas it doesn't last too long however turns into a Citrus ,Chloride soapy like smell,and this is what you will smell for most of the fragrance.
It does project and last a very long time though,which is a major plus,also it seems to develop on the skin better in the summer months then in the colder months.
It is however a good frangrance and better then most designer scents out there.
03rd February, 2014
I got this for Christmas 12/25/13. I was glad to see it. I wore this the next day meeting w/ some people. I got 3 compliments. At work, I got 11 more compliments in 1 day!!! Everyday I wear this I get a compliment. This isn't teenage by a longshot. Very woody. I get over 20 hours lasting time. Sillage is fantastic too. You can't go wrong here.
14th January, 2014
A good office, going-out cologne. Projection and sillage may not be the greatest, but that's what makes it even better for the office. Smells like fresh oranges with powder. The dry down is pleasantly a light --but sharp-- citrus. Nothing special, but I can see why it's popular.
07th January, 2014
This is actually a very nice,subtle,clean and safe scent. It reminds me of laundry detergent or like my girlfriend has said "It smells like cleaner, but it is attractive" ... With that said it is very pleasant and everyone around you will like it and its a safe buy if you simply want to smell good. But if your a cologne enthusiast that has smelled a lot than you will most likely find this to be boring and unoriginal. I really prefer Chanel Allure Homme sport as I feel it has more character and more appealing but I believe with this it Chanel wanted something that everyone will like and if that was the purpose than id say mission accomplished
05th January, 2014
Not near the top of my list, but a good safe travel fragrance.
03rd November, 2013
I consider this fragance marine and modern. Perfect for every situation and season. Not a traditional Chanel but made with quality ingredients.
02nd October, 2013 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
A very nice blend

It makes me feel great n happy, every time i wear it, and i love it more thinking that its a gift from my wife

Pros: Unique, Beautiful, Classy

22nd September, 2013