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The development of Bleu de Chanel was more than likely supervized with baited breath. Chanel has never been a house to follow trends, largely due in part to perfumers like Ernest Beaux, Henri Robert, and Jacques Polge being such innovators in their field rather than imitators. Polge in particular has made nerely every masculine fragrance for the house, and has reorchestrated fragrances his hands never originally touched for their eau de parfum upgrade, with his style clearly leaning towards warmer and more resonant tones within the realm of men. However, if the decision to jump on a generalist bandwagon that Chanel themselves didn't start seemed like an uncharacteristic cash-grab from the reputable house, the least they could do is take the reigns away of said bandwagon and become genre leaders rather than followers, which is a tall order even for Polge. Whether or not Bleu de Chanel is a success in this regard is entirely dependent on how one feels about Chanel, aquatics, and indeed Polge himself, but I believe the answer to the question is yes.

How does the man who brought us both Antaeus (1981) and Ëgoïste (1990) do a 180-degree turnabout from such a track record of mossy or warm vanillic masculines to deliver a scent in a genre known for being unabashedly simple, cheap, linear, and sharply angular in design? Well, the answer is he doesn't, and inseed didn't go against his own stylistic quirks with Bleu de Chanel. The fragrance is paradoxically both what one expects from an aquatic and what one doesn't. We get a stereotypical opening of peppercorn, mint, and some tart yuzu-like synthetic citrus note. There is an oddly-warm nutmeg counterbalance here, and overall a good many more notes than found in the typical aquatic, but that's just the beginning. Vetiver, grapefruit, cedar, labadinum, and jasmine bring in the heart. Nothing too unconventional but definitely not all notes found in a standard aquatic. The grapefruit and cedar alone feel more at home in an early 2000's woody ozonic a la Calvin Klein Crave (2002) than in a blue fragrance, but Polge isn't done with us yet. The base gets rather warm as per his style with patchouli, a synthetic incense note, sandalwood, and ginger, which causes the confusing middle to make more sense.

In effect, Bleu de Chanel is an unusually complex aquatic done on both Chanel's and Polge's terms. It's a fresh scent from the onset that opens cool and then warms up the closer to the wearer's skin you go. It's not going to win over any old moss heads that would just the same splash their bottles of vintage Antaeus at it like holy water on a vampire, but for fans with broader tastes, this will quickly climb to the top of their favorite aquatics list for it's uniqueness in an otherwise ubiquitous genre. Yes, it's still plenty generalist and gives other such standbys like Armani's Acqua di Gio (1992) a run for their money, but this is by virtue of Bleu de Chanel's versatility and complexity rather than it's universal pleasantness. If you had to own just one aquatic, this could definitely vie for that honor, and if you're an aquatic fan that can only wear Chanel, you're also in good hands. This one isn't quite a year-rounder, as no aquatic really is, but even in EdT strength, this holds up more impressively in cold weather than any other blue juice I've tried. Imagine what the parfum can do in this situation. Well done Chanel, you've managed to take a boring masculine genre and turn it on it's head.
15th February, 2018
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United Kingdom
I find Bleu de Chanel very wearable. It doesn't present itself with a wow factor but has become one of my more worn fragrances without me realising. This is due to reliability and versatility. It just does the job it is meant to do effortlessly and in simple fashion. This may be a bit mass appeal for fragrance officionados but if you just want to smell good to the majority of everyone else you can't go far wrong with this one.
25th September, 2017
Innocently fresh
But yet with some dark secret
You are one of us.
05th July, 2017
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This is just a beautiful scent. Very fresh and deep and blue, whatever blue means, and a terrific performer.

Oddly I like this scent most in the winter.

Super versatile, most will like the smell if they catch it on you.

30th April, 2017 (last edited: 23rd February, 2018)
a Scent Samples review

There have been many fragrances released over the last 10 years that could be classed as modern classics. Examples of these would include Dior - Homme Intense, YSL - La Nuit de L'Homme and Terre d'Hermès by Hermès to name but a few. It certainly seems that many leading brands are setting high standards with their releases, and rightly so. In a world that's saturated with fly by night fragrances that are made for a quick buck, brands have a duty to preserve their credibility and create products that stand the test of time, which of course is within their best interests. We'll find out if Bleu de Chanel can prove to be one of those fragrances.

BLEU DE CHANEL was released back in 2010 to much critical acclaim. In a way in was CHANEL's venture into the acquatic genre of fragrance, one which is typically reserved for cheaper lesser brands. It's not straight up aquatic by any means, but certainly provides a fresh, cool and watery feeling. Given the aquatic genre has been around since the late eighties, CHANEL took their time with this one, but was the wait worthwhile?

As with anything CHANEL puts out, there's certainly quality here, and if you're into refined fresh fragrances this could be right up your street. My initial impression is that of crisp citrus and grapefruit which provides an almost fizzy accord reminiscent of a G&T with a twist of lemon. The opening is supported by masculine notes of pink peppercorn, vetiver, and cedar which help to "man up" the otherwise generic citrus accords. Additional notes of peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, incense, labdanum, patchouli and jasmin, serve to add a touch of complexity and round out the blend. Don't for a second think this is a complex fragrance though. It has more depth than most fragrances within the genre but remains fresh for the vast duration and one would struggle to decipher many of the notes listed.

Performance is average and you can expect Bleu de Chanel to last around 6-8 hours depending on your skin type, before drying down to a semi-sweet, subtle and woody base that continues to linger a good while longer. For those looking for a version that packs more of a punch we recommend trying the Eau de Parfum which amps up the otherwise acceptable performance. It must be said that BLEU DE CHANEL is an extremly versatile fragrance and could most likely be worn on any occasion, dressed up or down, it really doesn't matter. This makes it a must buy for the man who likes to wear one fragrance or has a small selction in his wardrobe.

BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Toilette currently retails for £65.50 for 100ml in the UK which I think is a wee bit overpriced, though fairly standard pricing territory for CHANEL fragrances. It combines the classy upmarket appeal CHANEL is known for, with the pick up and go wearability of many fragrances at half its price point.

The Verdict

A Swiss army knife of a fragrance and one which no doubt many men will find a part of their daily wear. There's much to like here but die hard fragrance fans may be disappointed by the generic appeal.


3.5 out of 5 Stars

"A solid offering from CHANEL though may prove too generic for some"

Reviewed by

Patrick Cantwell - Fragrance Virtuoso and founder of Scent Samples
29th April, 2017 (last edited: 08th July, 2017)
This one hits all of the main points for being a modern masculine scent sold in malls today, but then also adds excellent performance.

Sweet, spicy and fresh. Easily identifiable and gets noticed as well, so don't be surprised if someone asks you if you're wearing Bleu.

I actually enjoy the drydown more than the opening, which is also good. The wafts going into your nose throughout the day are refreshing and pleasing. Lasts all day.

Bleu is very versatile, good for casual or formal.
01st March, 2017
My new signature scent! Very masculine and fresh, a true original and it's scent will carry out strong through the years like aqua di gio!
26th February, 2017
Something happened with my bottle. Haven't used this fragnance for weeks until these week. It is now a beast scent on me.

The scent itself also changed. The dry down is a powdery citrus/woody smell which smells amazing.

The dry down begins at like 6 hours after the apply. I asked my co-worker if he could smell the perfume on my (I couldn't smell it, fatigue?) and he said yeah it's really strong and projects like an arm length, this was after 7 hours. I noticed one thing though, when I walked in a hall way and turned back I could smell the perfume, had a huge scent trail and then I realised how good the smell really is. It was not a boring citrus smell anymore.
After 12 hours my GF could still smell this perfume on me, projecting for like 1-2 inches.

IDK what happened. I have a batch that is from dec 2016, its EDT and has no EDT writing on the bottom.

Final rating:





Old review:

Very rich and classy citrus scent but not mindblowing, can get boring at some point. Some people say it's synthetic, but that's not true to my nose.


The first 3-4 hours are amazing. People are still able to smell it after 3 hours from 2-3 ft away. After the 4 hour mark, it will become a skin scent.


I was kinda dissapointed when it comes to longevity. After the 4h mark it's a skin scent and after an hour or 6 it's almost completely gone on my skin. Unacceptable for a pricey Chanel product


All seasons, all occassions, except clubbing. I would wear something else. Suits well for spring, summer and fall?


Total score: 76/100
11th February, 2017 (last edited: 05th April, 2017)
What to do, what to do....should you have gotten the ODP over the ODT? The ODT is different, but BOTH of these don't last as long as you'd expect from a Chanel product. Maybe that's a good thing. You will be able to wear this year round and it's great for formal or casual.

Projection is good, nothing abnormal or over the top. I found that many women are rather fond of this scent!

What about it's evil twin Sauvage by Dior? Similar, but not different enough that I would suggest adding both to my collection. Think the difference between a BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S-Class. That said...this is the S-Class.
17th October, 2016
just spend arm and a leg for this today and I'm so happy can't wait for summer to start,, I'm so excited. i remember my one cousin let me use this back in 2013 we go clubbing and the funny thing is i never knew if it last on me or people smelled it on me by next day my t-shirt still smells this cologne it brings back memories,, now i got the 100ml i know its expensive but worth it NEXT ITS ALLURE HOMME SPORT COUPLE OF WEEKS... THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS IM NOW STARTING TO COLLECT ONLY TOP FRAGRANCES,
02nd August, 2016
Definetly something every man should have in their wardrobe. A compliment magnet with a bit of grace and stature. It is worth every dollar spent on it.
08th April, 2016
Beautiful! Masculine, fine and very elegant like all Chanel fragrances.
Merci beaucoup Monsieur Polge!
18th February, 2016
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United States
A clean and crisp citrusy fragrance.

Opens up with grapefruit and a hint of lemon, followed by a woody dry down consisting of vetiver, incense, and amber.

Although it is fairly generic smelling, it is very versatile and can be worn pretty much almost anywhere. If I were to compare this to the EDP version, I would say this is much more "informal", where the EDP would be suited for more classy occasions.

Nothing too special, but it is a safe choice.

Scent: 6.5/10
Sillage: Average
Longetivity: Average
08th February, 2016
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VERY masculine cologne. I can't believe how long this stuff lasts. I still smell it on my laundry pile two days later. The fragrance stays consistent throughout. There isn't much change. I really like how peppery this cologne is. Chanel did a great job. I got this a month before it released back in 2010, and I still have my original bottle. It's about half full. I really like how dark the bottle is, which helps with storing and preserving the scent. I am 100% impressed with this cologne.
05th February, 2016
A shockingly amazing, beautiful, and versatile fragrance. I will skip over the notes since they have already been covered (accurately) by others. Bleu works for all seasons but winter. Sillage and projection are perfect. Everyone takes notice of Bleu - in a good way. Longevity is below average on my skin, but I'm using the EDT. When I run out, I plan to grab the EDP. If you are in a situation and you don't know what fragrance to use: Do the Bleu.

Rating: 10/10.
15th January, 2016
Modern Classic...

So, I am one of the people who didn't like this one from the time it was released. That isn't because I thought that <i>Chanel</i> was being too "mainstream" or whatever. It's because when I first encountered it (mid 2012), it was being worn by an obnoxious person I met who just ruined the whole fragrance for me, saying he wore it to "get women" etc. and I remember him totally over-spraying himself with this from a bottle he carried around in his pocket whilst he was at the club etc.

So, suffice it to say that I avoided this fragrance for a few years... until now, that is.

First I tried the <i>Eau de Parfum</i> because, as far as I know he wasn't wearing that one, and because I like EdP concentrations in general. But lately, I've been wearing the <i>Eau de Toilette</i> as well. Whilst I find the <i>Eau de Parfum</i> different in character, I also like this one as I find it more versatile.

It opens with a very nice grapefruit note which I feel adds such a vitality and brightness to the composition. This is coupled with ginger, followed by vetiver, resins and amber. The other main player here is incense. If I could sum up this then it would be Grapefruit, Ginger, Incense & Amber. I think this is a very flexible scent. One which is laid back and casual (ie a jeans & t-shirt scent) and one which would also work well with a tie and suit. Frankly, I think that <i>Jaques Polge</i> has basically succeeded in hitting all the spots here with <i>Bleu de Chanel</i>. It's not the most amazing or complex or earth-shattering creation out there, but it feels good to wear, and it acts as a man-for-all-seasons kind of scent. If you are new to <i>Chanel</i>, I think this is worth a try.
27th November, 2015
I received this from a trade here on the forums, and I consider it an excellent bargain.

I had no experience with the scent, and truly had no idea what to expect. I had not bothered to look up the notes, but as the bottle I traded it for wasn't working for me, I figured I'd take a chance and see if this would work for my beloved, and it does, thankfully.

The initial 15-20 minutes would have caused me to write this one off. I think my husband would have as well. The discussion we had provided opportunity for me to reinforce the concept of the dry-down, the phases of the top, middle and basenotes, and to get him to experience it for himself. Two hours or more later, my husband said "I don't know if you can still smell it, but what do you think?" - I had to laugh, because I could definitely still smell it, and it was really nice!

I told him I liked it and that I considered it "quite safe". He looked a bit confused, so I explained that this was the scent you wear when you are trying to not offend anyone, or if you are just wanting something that is easily a "people pleaser". He looked a little less confused.

I enjoyed the mint. It was unexpected and up-lifting. There is nothing magical or particularly amazing about this scent, but when I look at his ever-growing wardrobe (designed by me), I'm glad he has this new addition, as some of his others can be somewhat challenging, like his Slumberhouse (which I adore).

Chanel rarely does anything poorly, so it was with this - well done and glad to add it to the collection.
18th October, 2015
Opens up with grapefruit and dries down to a more sophisticated version of Alluure Homme Sport. Very good all around. The EDP is fantastic.
16th October, 2015
Opens up a little meh for me, after 30 minutes is when this really shines with ginger, incense & spicy combo.

After an hour the ginger & grape fruit slip back making way for woods dominated with a hint of freshness from top notes.

This is my favorite Chanel followed by Platinum Ego.
Do not like Allure line.

BDC is Masculine, Modern & classic at the same time.

19th September, 2015
Bleu de Chanel is a versatile all-year fragrance that is well received & complimented by other individuals around me, especially women. If you are reading this review & don’t necessarily want a vast collection of fragrances in your wardrobe (if you’re really looking for just 1 or 2 fragrances you can wear any time & for any occassion), then I highly suggest this amazing scent. It starts off with this fresh, sweet, citrus grapefruit accompanied by a type of incense in the background. The incense enables this fragrance to become somewhat thick, full, and quite masculine. What’s amazing about this fragrance is that the citrus top notes linger for the entirety of the fragrance. I know that this is a woody aromatic, but something about the grapefruit & other citruses evokes a sort of aquatic vibe for me. It projects slightly above average for the first 1 to 2 hours on my skin. Then becomes more of a personal scent, but certainly still perceivable if others come in close contact with you. It lingers around like this for another 6 to 7 hours. Great longevity. Compliments are very high for this fragrance. Most of the women in my social circles consider this as one of their favorites. It’s not a huge statement-maker type of fragrance. It’s more of a fresh, clean, sweet, and slightly seductive scent. This is certainly a fragrance that you should at least try on your skin. You can thank me later.
30th June, 2015

When one fragrance have a lot of reviews it can not be necessarily a bad fragrance albeit some of reviews are negative.In my mind CHANEL fragrances are often transcends of time and this is the best characteristic this fashion house for me but perhaps with this one CHANEL stop in time.nonetheless BLEU DE CHANEL is a nice fragrance for me. Masculine,Charming, Sophisticated,Aromatic,Well-Balanced and Modern yet Classic.

BDC delivers uncompromising masculinity throughout the evolution of the fragrance.It opens with citrus and ginger accords that transition to a soft floral and woody heart of jasmine,mint, vetiver and a masculine base of cedar.this scents for men who are mature to their tastes and know how to put a virile,sensuous cologne to good use.

This CHANEL EDT is not an overpowering scent,just enough to get the female hormones raging as it makes ladies want to flirt with you.It is an all purpose fragrance for men that goes perfect in the Office during the day and also when going out at the Night.It can also be worn most of the year.Totally nothing masterpiece but it deserves more attention.


Longevity?About 8 hours on my skin.

13th June, 2015
Lovely, manly, sophisticated and sexy! I love Bleu!
05th June, 2015
I love Bleu de Chanel, it's my absolute favorite "blue" scent! It smells brilliant, fantastic, clean, confident and as many, many women that compliment me when wearing this fragrance have said, "super sexy!"

03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
I've had Bleu de Chanel for a few years now and it's stood up to the test of being provocative and modern while still smelling classic-enough to belong in the Chanel family with the likes of Antaeus and Pour Monsieur. The notes that stand out for me most in BDC are lemon and pink pepper at the top, with vetiver and incense more toward the base. I find it somewhat difficult to describe in that it works well both as a summer night and a winter day/night fragrance, as sometimes woody fragrances do. This strikes me as more of a formal / dressed-up selection than something I would wear casually. The pepper is pungent and is deliberately a spicy element. The dry down does involve something slightly sweeter, though there is not a particular note (like vanilla or tonka) that comes to mind, so it could just be the dulling of the some of the more acerbic notes.

Projection and longevity (8-12 hours, at least) are both strong. This is a recommended try for all age groups. Its popularity is wholly warranted, as it's an agreeable woody scent, but it's strong and directed enough that it shouldn't be a blind buy like a safer EDC or something to that effect.

8 out of 10
01st May, 2015
I honestly want to give Bleu a terrible review so no one else uses it because me and Bleu are One. It might be a generic smell on most because it is not for all, on me it smells exquisitely mysterious.

It has a noticeable three stage growth, the medium citrus strong amber comes off as youthful, confident and immature, the minty vetiver incense comes off as sexual desire, then lastly the woody jasmine nutmeg comes off as a night-after mature sensual smell.

I open her mind and senses with the first over-excited stage, the second stage I tear her clothes off by breaking resistances, and the third stage she owns the privilege to wake up to her sweet smelling sensual man that she just shared another amazing night with.

I used to use Platinum Egoiste but my personality has a timid/intense hint to it so the cologne came off too strong like I was stepping over people with my smell, yet with Bleu I'm able to project my intensity with a sensual side.

EDIT #1:
I don't know where these haters are getting fly-spray/bug-spray/ supermarket aisle smell from.. but they must have smelled the EDP because EDT is way different. The 3 day after smell can make me feel a little nauseous because of how sweet the end game smell is.. but that's why you just wash it off and spray again for the citrus wood panty dropper smell.

25th April, 2015 (last edited: 29th April, 2015)
Not a big fan of Chanel's men's fragrances. The Allure line and traditional men's offerings from Chanel, all seem very feminine to my nose. Bleu is no exception.

Bleu is sweet, almost too sweet, but the unusual combination of citrus, spice and wood is quite appealing. The comparison to GIT is apt, but I think Bleu is more citrus. In fact, Bleu reminds me a sweet citrus pulp, similar to what you would get if you made your own orange/grapefruit/tangerine juice, with a little spice and sugar.

That said, I will have to give Bleu a thumbs up. It is elegant, although almost unisex. The citrus is unique and unlike other citrus fragrances, seemed to last throughout the entire drydown. I'd buy this one and wear it to the office or a nice dinner. At last, a second Chanel that I find wearable.
13th March, 2015 (last edited: 16th March, 2015)
The reviewers who find this fragrance unidimensional and linear are missing the point. This fragrance is not designed to be experienced by the wearer, but rather, to be experienced by everyone in that person's environment. It is full of aromachemicals that radiate in an aura around a person, but cause anosmia and olfactory fatigue to the actual wearer. Therefore, it is impossible to rate this fragrance on ones own skin or on a scent card.

The real experience of Bleu de Chanel is gotten by those clever enough to ask their spouse, a friend, or co-worker to wear it. It is a diffusive, bright, metallic money smell to the noses far enough from the wrist on which it is sprayed. Coins and bills.

I would challenge anyone to come up with the notes listed by Chanel for this fragrance, had they sampled it without the marketing noise.

There is a distinct basil/oregano/peppercorn motif lifted by metallic Chanel aldehydes for a flinty, dry base for the citrus topnotes to jump from. The oregano note is not a foody one, but more akin to the oregano note in Clive Christian X.

Very tasteful and tame, always proper like Chanel.
25th February, 2015
I decided to give this one a good few sprays. It's sweet at the beginning with the citrus, jasmine and ginger. Then I started noticing Green Irish Tweed which is the sandalwood. It's a good scent and could be used at night or in the office. To me this is Chanel's response to Green Irish Tweed for a sweet tooth. I'll stick with Green Irish Tweed but it's a smart fragrance and will appeal to many people.
15th December, 2014
For me, it's an ok. But for women I've taken out on a date, for some reason they love it. Might be the mix of the chemical on the skin.
09th November, 2014
This one frustrates me a little because I cannot find a hook or signature to the juice that my nose can hold on to. It's too light for me, but I still like it, and everyone likes it, but everyone says it smells "fine."

It smells great on clothes. Some Bleu de Chanel on my shirt does not clash with other fragrances. It's a nice background scent like really nice laundry detergent.

It has vague similarities to Platinum Egoiste (and therefore AF Fierce), Acqua di Gio, and one of the Calvin Klein's (perhaps discontinued), I think, but I can't place which.

I like it, but it frustrates me that it's too light and/or gives me too much olfactory fatigue so I don't feel it with me. So almost a thumbs sideways.
08th October, 2014