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Negative Reviews of Oriens by Van Cleef & Arpels

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The raspberry is dominant in the first few hours of Oriens. The praline gives a chocolate-y aroma. The drydown is a mixture of vanilla, amber and patchouli, soft and tender.

I wanted to like it. However, the raspberry note bothers me. It's not crisp and juicy, but more like synthetic raspberry flavour smell. Along with praline, it smells like an industrial raspberry cookie or biscuit, and sadly, not a home-cooked one.
16th January, 2018
A fairly standard designer "fruit-chouli" with rather artificial-smelling raspberry and jasmine over Angel-esque patchouli. While that alone is pretty uninspiring, the real issue is a strange off-note that smells sort of like burning nuts, sort of like plastic, and vaguely fishy. As the hours go by and this grossness folds into the rest of the notes, it becomes what I'm assuming they're referring to as the "praline" note, but it's just a dreadful mess for the first hour or so.

With dime-a-dozen "fruit-chouli" perfumes being so ubiquitous now, there's simply no need for one with a terrible mistake in it. Sorry VC&A. Oh, and for those who haven't seen it in person, the bottle is a cheap plastic mess itself, so don't fall in love with it in a picture...
17th February, 2013
Forgive me but i basically detect a fruity and slightly creamy mess made of dark patchouli/orange, pungent fruits of the forest, jasmine and blackcurrant. In the dry down the juice tends to improve its approach (cause the dense white sugary vibe recedes towards a certain type of fruity-pear kind of-damp soapiness) but not enough to prevent my personal negative rating (i expect something more by V&A). For diverse reasons and facets on the side of many modern synthetic orientals as Black Xs For Her, a bit some Jacobs and Black Orchid Voile de Fleur (i absolutely agree about that with Sherapop), this V&A is on the way to lose its wake in the anonimous ocean of the modern powdery fruity/oriental, the most infamous genre in my humble olfactory vocabulary.
02nd December, 2012 (last edited: 03rd December, 2012)
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United Kingdom
I sprayed this onto the back of my hand and wrist in the shop, then forgot about it.

An hour later I was in Superdrug and could smell the most awful, sickly scent. I thought it was the perfume of the sales assistant who was helping me at the time... then I left the shop and realised it was me! I'd had my hand on my bag strap at my shoulder and the perfume had been wafting over. I couldn't believe it was Van Cleef!

Couldn't stand it, but left it on my skin for another hour to see if it got any better and it didn't. On my skin, this perfume is all about the praline and berry liqueur. Sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... It puts me in mind of the very worst example of celebrity fragrances - sugary, cheap and loud, VERY loud. I get the same feeling with Biehl's PC02.

Come back Badgley Mischka, all is forgiven. I used to think you were sweet but you are stone dry by comparison.
15th March, 2012