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Negative Reviews of Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

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To smell this fragrance is a desperate struggle. It is extremely light and watered down. When I do smell it, it smells like citronella candles.
18th October, 2016
Lighter version (Female) of Terre d'Hermes.
The cardamom is too much & gets cloying as you were it more and more.

Projection: 5/10
Longevity: 5-6 hrs

23rd March, 2016
It is so magnificently synthetic that all you can feel is is a melange of spicy and earthy notes. Yes, it does smell like a take on Terre, maybe with the idea of making a lighter version of it or whatever.

I am not ignoring other facts: it is complex, very complex. As to silage and longevity, I can't give an account on these because this review is based in a test done on skin.

It gets my attention that Hermes men´s classics are still in demand, Terre being a bestseller. Add to these the ones sold in their stores.

As to the rest... time will tell.

25th November, 2013
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powdery musky generic fragrance

I had to look at the note pyramid to describe this. It is generic, with spices and musk with green notes of a generic type blended together. Dry, spicy, but nothing that stands out.

24th July, 2013
If there's one thing I know Hermes/Jean-Claude Ellena for, it's blurring the line between what we consider niche quality and what we consider designer quality. I'm not saying these 2 groups are scientifically proven to be leaps and bounds away from each other quality-wise, but in general niche is where the top-notch reside...and usually Hermes is right up there with them, breaking the boundary.

This is not Hermes quality. This is a mess. I expected this to be right up there with Terre D'Hermes, I was very disappointed. What this is is a very modern citrus, but I like to think of it like something that been distilled and filtered too much over time, at a certain point it becomes so refined that it looses what made it special.

There is a very lemony-citrus, a light tea scent, and the ever so spicy woody smell of cardamom, but it's very boring, very synthetic, and doesn't even try to hide it.

Jean-Claude Ellena has done much better than this. From the startling top to the generic citrus musk drydown I would recommend passing.
12th June, 2012
I tried this because seller insisted too much and of course brand name is Hermes. When she sprayed to my arm, i smelled something really bad. Seller said it will change at time, i waited all day smell and notes changed but its still so bad. One of the worst perfumes i have ever tried before. Let me tell you how it smell:

Lets go our childhood times, everyone played football or other games in the grass, so you know when your ball went to backside of the garden. You will smell green grasses and a sour thing, and i remembered it's a pee.. Let me summarize this scent for you "pee on the grass". And smell is unique i never smelled anything closer to this perfume. 2 hours after she sprayed the scent, it changed in to "dried pee smell on skin" , grass smell

It stayed more than 8 hours on my skin, longevity is good. Now it is smelling like i pissed my arm 8 hours ago.. Sorry hermes, i really liked terre d'hermes but this perfume is horrible.
30th April, 2012 (last edited: 02nd May, 2012)
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United States
I dont own this scent and have not even worn it for a long period of time...but my initial reaction to smelling it at Nordstrom today was...Flashbacks of high school and cheap CK B!...very disappointed that this has the Hermes name on it.
24th February, 2012 (last edited: 25th February, 2012)
So disappointed - having my own little voyage of Ellena's creations- to find that I cannot even smell this on my skin. A touch of indistinguishable 'cool' then ... Nothing. I'll take ephemeral for the wonder of artistic creation... But this was the emperor's new clothes - the emperor must be wearing the most beautiful scent because something came out the bottle... But sadly for me the emperor needs a bit more fabric in his pants.
15th October, 2011
Sorry, induces headache immediatly. It is way to "fresh,transparent", maybe laden with "woody amber" to much. I can't stand it. The start is quite promising, as with the Jardin series. But it shares with all that fresh cold screetchy drydow that is just disgusting. Compare good old Mitsouko against it, and You'll see that olfactory impression is a matter of heart. While the latter is pleasent, comforting and the same time engaging, Voyage screems something I won't understand even if I could despite the noise. Horrable drydown with short lived top notes. Why?

18th August, 2010