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Blue Is the Warmest Color by Abdellatif Kechiche
02nd November, 2017
Spicy and woodsy. Shares more in common with Cartier Déclaration than Terre d'Hermès, but without the exotic intrigue. In agreement with other reviewers, it does have a soapy base, but with a cardamom twist that prevents boredom. The top and drydown is amazing.
23rd September, 2016
Upon initial spray, I counted this one out. After 20 minutes, my mind was definetly changed. This is a pretty nice fragrance. Nice berry note, and one of the nicest musk notes I smelled in a while. Voyage smells very familiar. Just can't put my finger on it yet. 7.5/10
28th October, 2015
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Voyage d'Hermes is an ethereal fragrance with an iridescent aura of clean crisp citrus, vetiver, bright cardamom, medicinal artemsia and light woods which create an ozonic cleansing air that exists far out at sea, when voyaging away from the density of civilization. This fragrance is the lightest option in a long line of fragrances by J.C. Ellena that all have a similar characteristic clean vetiver and cedar, birch or papyrus wood scents with a touch of bitters following clean tart citrus in the opening - fragrances such as Declaration, Declaration Essence, Terre d' Hermes, TdH Eau Fraiche, etc. Voyage d'Hermes is the lightest of these Ellena family of scents and many may not appreciate the light touch but it offers a definite presence that is a supporting, background role. I like a fragrance that doesn't scream and take over your space. This is the fragrance that you want to quietly hold you aloft by invisible wings that will let you take center stage with quiet support. Voyage d'Hermes is a great all purpose clean oceanic spritz of fresh air.
29th July, 2015
When I first tried Voyager, I didn't like it. It seemed that Voyager was a strange adulteration of my stalwart Terre d'Hermes', and I just couldn't believe Hermes' would do that. I also was put off by one of the worst bottle designs ever, which IMO is all too department store attention grabing.

However, I found it wasn't that I disliked the fragrance. It was just not what I expected from Hermes'. Voyager is a fragrance that stands on it's own in spite of the incomprehensible pulley bottle.

Voyager reminds me faintly of TdH, but perhaps that's just my imagination. The base is woods and musk, and Voyager adds a bit of spice to the citrus with Coriander, Cardamon and Pepper notes which I find to be more relaxing and casual, yet less versatile than TdH. I like Voyager for day wear in Spring and Fall and wouldn't consider it for evening or anything formal.

Another Hermes' fragrance that I "must" own.
25th February, 2015
Top Note: Citron, Bergamot, Coriander, Ginger, Black Pepper

Middle Notes: Tea, Cardamom, Artemisia

Base Notes: Birch, White Musk, Amber, Cedar

This is a nice citrus that would go well for the office and warm weather. Despite being light it's pretty complex. The opening notes appear on their own without much happening from the middle and base notes. The citrus and gourmand spices are very enjoyable. Once the middle and base notes appear it takes on a different character. The woods mix with the musk and amber in a very clean way. Definitely recommended for those who like complex scents without being heavy. The sillage is good on me (especially with those smooth woods) and longevity is a few hours. It's expensive but if you like it you can use it everyday. The atomizer is cool looking but it's a little hard to get going but when it does it works fine.
23rd November, 2014
Creamy lemon and grapefruit in the top with cardamom and some musk in the base. I really like this one.
07th July, 2014
First post!

I'll try to be as short as possible.
Voyage D'Hermes is an incredible scent for me. I'm not a note expert so I'll describe the overall effect it has on me instead.

Upon spraying initially what I smell is cold eucalyptus with a hint of fresh lemon or lime (very light, barely there). From there its hard to describe the various characteristics this fragrance takes, but it most certaintly takes me on a voyage, a journey. I read or heard a review on Youtube that this was 'Luxury in a bottle' as well as 'Sunshine in a bottle' and these are very accurate descriptions for me.

The scent is luxurious, sunny and whimsical, yet also substantial, deep, 'philosophical' as it invites me to literaly meditate and ponder...ANYWAYS, i'm gettinig off the subject...

I tried REALLY hard to like Terre D'Hermes, but it was just too orangey, and although i agree it has a hint of elegance, i ultimately did not find it to be so linear as others state, just my opinion.
...then i remember that the first Hermes fragrance for men i had tried was Voyage. So i went back to it. THIS was the Hermes I was looking for.

It is luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and versatile (much more than Terre) and on my skin it lasts ALL day...There is another element about Voyage that makes it so great for me...when i catch whiffs of it, its as if I feel the presence of a very strong and very beautiful woman urging me to carry on and face the world with confidence...(surprise surprise, beautiful women have that effect on men.)

well i tried to keep it short.
30th May, 2014

Delicious and subtle fragrance that evokes a masculine smell of soft leather and soap! I initially received this as a gift and was uncertain at first, but the longer I used it the more I liked.
For those who prefer the slightly more lighter and subtle fragrances......give this a go!
11th April, 2013
I first smell this a few months ago ... and till today i still can't get this fragrance out of my head.

Some months ago i didn't even know this fragrance existed and when visiting a store i randomly sprayed it on a paper. I didn't think much of it at that time, but i decided to keep the strip of paper with me ... and that was the best thing i could have done. After some time i smelled it again and i fell in love with it.

Today i am wearing Voyage in one wrist and Terre in the other. I can tell you that i love Voyage way better, by a long margin. At some point the two fragrances smell very alike, but to me Voyage is more balanced and refined.

Voyage smells amazing on skin and it lasts a few hours, i would say around 5 on skin and a lot longer on clothes.

Many people love the opening of Voyage, but for me the best part is the middle and base notes. I would describe it as a strong, very recognizable and unique smell, but made in a way that is engulfed with other notes that are there just to bring it down. It is a soft fragrance, but with a very big heart.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fragrance for the day time, for work/school or for fun spring/summer time. I wouldn't use it myself for very formal settings.

Voyage is for people that want to smell good and unique, while making a statement that isn't "in your face" kind of thing like that screaming odors that we can smell in some fragrances.
18th February, 2013
Fruity, cold-ish but not in an uninviting way. Free, conservative but not uptight at all. In other words it's quite classy but also very casual at the same time and it seems that Hermes does make them almost all that way. It is very refined and rounded, not a single note is "screaming". Spring and summer day scent with a style and charachter.
28th April, 2012
I wasn't really expecting much from Voyage d'Hermes and I had already placed it into a typical citrus scent category prior to testing. How wrong could I be?

This fragrance is so very likable. It settles on the skin like a natural skin scent, musky and clean. It's a fragrance along the lines of Narciso Rodriguez, Acca Kappa's White Moss and Kiehl's Original Musk. There's also a beautiful creamy aspect to this fragrance that makes it very feminine on my skin.

There are very light, almost undetectable citrus notes in the opening which provides a slightly green and fresh feel. As it settles a clean, crisp, white muskiness can be felt.

Occasionally I can detect some element of spiciness, possibly cardamom, with a slight peppery aspect. This fragrance does smell a little bit like cardboard or wet paper. However, I like this odd scent.

Summer in Australia is usually unbearable, often making me queasy whenever I apply perfume for the day. Something so transparent and natural like Voyage d'Hermes would be perfect for the next few months in which I will have to brace the heat.

Despite it's airy-ness, Voyage d'Hermes has fantastic lasting strength and it powers through almost anything, including quick showers. I'm rather excited to have found Voyage d'Hermes at the right time of the year.
14th April, 2012
My boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas. I picked it out at Sephora. It's very clean and refreshing, yet not terribly "common" smelling. I love the fresh, slightly spicy (must be the cardamom) aspect. Definitely not a heavy scent, though it veers toward the masculine. This does not strike me as a women's scent at all. (Well, it is marketed as unisex.) Voyage d'Hermes is bright and cheerful yet has a serious and assertive side. I agree that is a little transparent though, not very much sillage, and after awhile I can hardly detect it besides on my clothing. (After the drydown, it's surprisingly subtle.) Usually, I prefer a scent with a little more body, but this lightweight yet adventurous beauty is perfect for spring and summer days, and especially fun times outdoors!
21st February, 2012
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Without overdoing my review with lengthy adjectives, I just want to say that I like this scent.

A lot of people are in love with the opening--which I didn't really care for as much as the heart and the base. I three samples of this today and quickly spritzed one spray of Voyage onto my right wrist. The first 15 minutes I really wasn't sure if I liked it, but as it mellowed out I really found it to be unique, yet simple and understated.

I've been looking for daily wearable non-mainstream scents, and I think this one will work for me. I was wearing a sweater when I originally sprayed my wrist, but took the sweater off for several hours, before putting back on in the evening. I had mostly forgotten about spraying Voyage (because I washed it off my wrist before going to the gym) but my sweater still had that nice scent and I continue getting a whiff of it every few moments.

I have a hard time adding a whole lot to this review other than Voyage is a neat and simplistic scent that will leave you smelling good without making a grand statement. And sometimes that is all I am looking for.
17th February, 2012
Zaika Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Green, a bit tart and transparent, very long keeps on a skin.
04th February, 2012
Smells great: clean & refreshing on application. Drys down to a delicious low woody hum that lasts all day on me (I am bemused by other reviewers' claims that it disappears after a few hours).

It certainly isn't a "shouty" scent, but it's still very much there, whispering, at the end of the day.

The only criticism is the DREADFUL bottle:
As well as looking hideous, the metal wraparound section is clumsy & makes handling the 100ml bottle very awkward.
A pointless design affectation that serves no useful purpose.

09th January, 2012
Voyage d'Hermes by Hermes - Upon application, one is inundated by a crisp, bitter lemon. This clean lemon dances with cardamom and is tinged with its sweet, nutty aspects. A dash of pepper joins the party adding its pungency. This happy-go-lucky trio meanders to the waiting heart. A grassy, green tea seizes upon the lemon and leads it to the brewing pot, joined by earthy juniper berry, citrusy floral hedione and sundry greens. This concoction simmers and almost reluctantly flows to its refreshing base. A hefty portion of white sandalwood with its peppery wood smell and white cedar with its mild spiciness usurp the heart, imparting their dry and dusty signatures, and is joined by angelica root, which donates its fresh, musky and herbal facets, and sweet white musk. A wonderful drydown ensues. This top quality composition may lack originality, but stands above others by its radiant execution. A scent for all seasons, its projection and sillage are very good, and its longevity is good as well.
05th December, 2011
And here is another winner from master Jean-Claude Ellena.
When I smell this fragrance there are three words that they come in my mind.
Simple - Quality - Natural
There is not much going on during short performance of this fragrance on the skin, but every single moments of it is delightful.

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh, zesty, tart and yet slightly sweet and juicy lemon scent that I can also feel the bitterness of the lemon's peel in it. the cardamom is strong but at the same time very smooth and pleasing with so natural aroma. these two notes together creating a fresh citrusy and slightly bitter spicy scent that feels extremely natural and so refreshing.

As time passes and in the mid I'm getting exactly the same smell but now a little more spicy and slightly woody with good support of smooth musky feel in the background. the scent is a little more mature in this part but still smooth and natural.

Projection is OK for the first hour but it sticks to the skin after that and after about 3-4 hours it's gone. great choice for those hot and sunny summer days. just makes you feel invincible!
29th November, 2011 (last edited: 09th March, 2015)
Unique, classy, very clean (not in a citrus way, there aren't any citrus notes at all).
Awesome projection/longevity.

For me it's not easy to describe. It's very different. The only thing that i can associate
with it is probably cardamon. And some pine-like herbs.

I was wearing it on a hot day and was chillin with a bunch of friends - guys and I felt
really weird cause this is a real unisex. Didn't wan't to smell feminine but I just don't
care, this stuff is so natural and reminds me of the sea.

The scent is clean but strong - that's kinda cool.

23rd October, 2011
Voyage it's probably not a groundbreaking release, but at least is a quite honest and well refined composition. While it's not particularly outstanding as a fragrance, it is surely outstanding among the latest compositions by CJ Ellenà as a gentle and very light spicy-woody-musky scent that's incredibly versatile. A lime and cardamom opening that's pretty enjoyable turning into a peppery-woody-musky drydown that's not particularly original but still well executed and comfortable.

Easy to wear, unpretentious and very minimal yet well refined. At least it doesn't make me run up the hill...a good fragrance to look for, when you want to mingle with the crowd mantaining a bit of discreet elegance.

23rd June, 2011 (last edited: 27th October, 2014)
The opening of Voyage d’Hermes is irresistible. The opening and heart of the scent emanate delicacy, sophistication, and genius. Translucent… refined… perfectly balanced… The crystal clarity belies its complexity of citrus, spices, tea, and woods, … Voyage d’Hermes is an iceberg of a fragrance in which 90% of its substance is submerged under a startlingly pleasant simplicity. The citrus / spicy opening is enjoyably unique – the black pepper takes a slight dominance over a delicious, balanced spice / citrus accord; and then the fragrance moves to a more complex accord where the expended pepper is replaced by a delicate artemisia and tea... so very sniffable at this point. The drydown is a bit of a disappointment because it does not carry through the high level of inspiration of the opening and heart accords… the spices, tea and artemisia are lost. I get a lot of white musk (I’m not a big fan…) backed up by some (apparently compulsory nowadays) cedar from the base: this is not an exceptional accord and it suggests synthetics, but it is acceptable.

By the very nature of its notes, Voyage d’Hermes has problematic longevity, so I won’t hold its lack of longevity against it. While it lasts it is an attractive, modern fragrance – especially its opening and heart. I’m not a fan of several Jean-Claude Ellena productions, but in Voyage d’Hermes, his minimalistic style works beautifully.

07th June, 2011 (last edited: 08th June, 2011)
I get a lot of lime right off the back with maybe a bit of grapefruit too. Very fresh and blends well with the woods with a hint of tea. It is a unisex fragrance but definitely not one I could see my girlfriend wearing. It projects pretty good while it lasts which is not very long. Longevity for me is 3-4 hours, which is very unfortunate. I prefer this to Terre D'Hermes by a good margin. Price is a little high at approx $75 but I love it so much I'll probably get it and carry an atomizer of it around to make up for the lack of longevity.
04th May, 2011
I think if your a fan of Bulgari fragrances you'll love this one as I get alot of the tea note. To my nose this smells like a more refined and weaker version of Bulgari homme extreme. For a unisex fragrance it is very nice as it's not too masculine or feminine, but somewhere right in the middle. Stays very close to the skin and longevity is average.
24th April, 2011
Voyage d`Hermés is simple and complex at the same time for me. Have you already saw those pictures where you see an image and you can only see the other images that forms it if you pay attention on the details? Well, it`s how is Voyage d`Hermés for me. On the bigger scenario, the scent can be simply a fresh, green, musky scent, in a minimalistis style perfectly for being a scent representative of Hermés as a brand. But then, if you spray it liberally and pay attention to it as it develops on skin, you`ll see that this is a kind of moment where Ellena recapitulates elements that he has been perfecting so far. You see flashes of Angeliques Sous La Pluie, Terre d`Hermes, The Different Company Bois d`Iris, Eau des Merveilles. And while it`s reminiscent of previous works, the fragrance quotations are shaped in this green, musky accord, perfect for a summer day and with that soft, barely there, silk aroma that Hermés seems to be favoring now. If you love strong and dramatic aromas you`ll probably don`t see any fun on this, but if your style goes towards light scents with a subtle complexity, i recommend this one. As I said before, spray it liberally, it works much better and creates a more surrounding fragrance on skin.
15th February, 2011
angelica Show all reviews
United Kingdom
In response to the myriad reviews I have read that pick this apart and compare it to other works by Jean-Claude Ellena, I say this:

I am sure c.1926 if such people were reviewing Shalimar, they would have said they could smell Jicky and New Mown Hay, and this and that and the other one from last year.

So what? And from the 1920s Guerlain catalogue of countless fragrances how many are still extant?

This is a transcendent fragrance. The whole is radiant yet comforting; the parts are kaleidoscopic, moving from one accord to the next, none ever smelling exactly identifiable... e.g. something sweet milky flowery (is that a reference to New Mown Hay perhaps?).

Just inhale and enjoy.
14th February, 2011
Simply perfect!!! The best creation of Ellena since Terre!!! I was surprised with this fragrance as I never imagine I´d be with a shared edt.

The initial citrus notes are deliciously elegant and convey a unique feeling.

It´s truly a sensorial journey... the perfect 'voyage'!!!
For sure I got a new favorite!!!

19th January, 2011
After a delightfully fresh lime start, Voyage d'Hermès cruises along smoothly through its scattered phases of light spices and transparent musks in Ellena's inimitable ethereal style. Nothing to jar the senses here, just a safe and pleasant journey from start to finish. Boring? Perhaps, especially if you're looking for something edgier. But if I'm in the mood for an affable scent with a touch of class, this fits the bill.
04th January, 2011 (last edited: 05th January, 2011)
This new fragance of Hermes is something chic and well made.

This is perfect for a cosmetic bag of a business class airline seat.....Not jocking, something fresh, relaxing and spetial too.

I recommend it for people who work in offices and dont want to offend co-workers, for small places,etc....

After the gym, for to travel, for to go to the church, for spetial moments....this is so versatile!

I bought 2 bottles of 100 ml spray in 78 usd each in a sale...Good price for this new product.

Longevity is average and sillage is a little bit bad....Subtle, in elegant words.
27th December, 2010
i like this a lot.

the woods remind me - in a more subdued version - of the woods of Timbuktu or Tam Dao. the high class musk i experience as woody.

there is a delightful surprise for me in Voyage as i seem to get a lot of the various -and excellent- top notes from spices and fruit to flowers before arriving to my lovely (sandal)wood destination.

with Voyage it is like being in an air balloon - a pretty montgolfiere - rather than backpacking through world markets- going over landscapes of various colours, ending up to rest in a cool exotic wood.

i believe the voyage is there and then, going through the top and heart notes and landing in this wood - and then staying there for a looong time.

07th December, 2010 (last edited: 20th February, 2011)
The moment I smelled this I thought of my best freind. She is a free spirit, loves nature, and has an unstoppable energy which is very attractive and causes others to gravitate towards her. This scent is to me is reminiscent of nature, reminds me of being outside in the park. The drydown in delightful, and to me is extremely well-balanced. It is animalistic in a very sexy way. It seems this fragrance was tailor made for this specific person. I just bought it for her as a gift... has yet to arrive. Thank you JCE!
21st October, 2010