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Negative Reviews of L'Eau Serge Lutens by Serge Lutens

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The citrus is ok. The cool is, well, cool.
But generally this is a synthetic, metallic, sharp, loud, and shrill scent. Generic, at times has a watery melon note. Avoid.
04th February, 2017
A vile little aquatic, generic thing that is a copy of millions of bad drugstore and celebrity scents out there. It's practically all alcohol - what scent there is is effervescent and weak.

Probably the least of all the scents that have come out of this house over the years. Not worth your consideration.

19th June, 2016 (last edited: 09th July, 2016)
I'm not sure what to say about this fragrance. The idea was interesting, a perfume for those wanting a break from perfume, but the execution wasn't on par with the intention.

The fragrance is your typical 'clean linen' cologne - clary sage, aldehydes and citrus. Nothing groundbreaking, and not done especially well, in my opinion.

This is SL's attempt at a lighter, ozonic cologne-style fragrance, but I wonder why not make an Eau de Cologne (this is EdT strength)?
I cynically presume because EdCs don't, by nature, last long, and SL wanted to keep the price tag high on this. So it's an average EdC style fragrance with EdT longevity. Which is a good thing if it can retain its fresh feeling for the whole time.
After a few hours, however, this dries down into just another musky skin scent, ruining the whole feel of the fragrance.
16th November, 2012
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Fabric softener for Snobs. Just add two bottles of L'Eau to your wash and you'll get that April-fresh Procter&Gamble smell in your laundry. An all-time low for this once glorious, now rather directionless house.
27th September, 2011 (last edited: 28th September, 2011)
Never thought I'd say this about a Serge Lutens Fragrance, but ho-hum...I'm bored. Thankfully it was a gift so I'm not out of money. I really appreciate that my friend thought of me on her trip to Paris, knowing that I like Serge Lutens fragrances, I just wish she would have asked me first so that she wouldn't be out of money as well. I may eventually wear this on the hotteset of summer days, but I don't see myself reaching for it just for the pleasure of savoring it as there isn't much to go on in complexity or sillage-wise. Hopefully my friend won't ever see this review.
06th September, 2011
I had high hopes for L'Eau Serge Lutens because a) I respect the creativity and quality Lutens puts into his scents, and b) I love clean, reserved fragrances, so the idea of a scent that smells "like a clean, white shirt" intrigued me.

Unfortunately what I experienced upon wearing L'Eau Serge Lutens smelled more like plastic and melted cheese. Basically a grilled cheese sandwich wrapped in cellophane. No freshness. No purity.

Sorry, Serge, but we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I'll continue to enjoy Gris Clair (fresh lavender against the backdrop of a bonfire) and Five O'Clock au Gimgembre (autumn and winter holidays in a bottle).

30th July, 2011
L'Eau Serge Lutens wanders anemically between a number of humdrum smells – from freshly shampooed hair, to sachet towelettes, to the gooed-up detergent drawer of a washing machine. Its citric-ozonic-musky profile becomes sweeter and creamier over the course of its prolonged drydown and, while I don't think it's simplistic or lazily put-together, I get little joy from its awkward straddling of lemon cheesecake and fabric softener. If you want to smell clean, which Lutens himself claims to be the rationale behind L'Eau, you'd be better off spritzing the aptly-named Dirty, from Gorilla Perfume.
07th July, 2011
Smells like watered down (too much "eau") Chanel Allure Homme and comparing it to AH is doing a disservice. Boring and overpriced. Get Allure Homme instead for half the price and 5x the quality.
30th June, 2011
...not fresh, not clean...very far from "a clean white shirt" heavy and sour juice...
23rd June, 2011
In his review of the awful Bleu de Chanel Kaern observes “Can you imagine L'Artisan, Lutens, Keiko Mercheri, etc knocking this out -- not a chance.” At the time I agreed of course, but we both obviously hadn’t smelled L’Eau Serge Lutens.

I find this scent to be quite worrying. Not in itself because it is completely inoffensive. Breezy citrus, a wisp of mint, the tiniest drop of musk. Basically, the smell of household anti-bacterial soap or a slightly more refined take on your average fresh/loud designerfrags in ugly purple or silver bottles that are always discounted. One redeeming feature is the longevity which for this type of fragrance is truly outstanding (at least 10 hours.)

What does worry me is that Lutens is actually following the downward spiral Guerlain and Chanel went on (and plenty of us on Basenotes were dismayed by/laughed at.) As for the reasons, one can only speculate. Lack of inspiration? Tired of complexity? Or a conceptual joke? Me, I like conceptual jokes, but not with such a price tag attached.
13th January, 2011
The first review was spot on. L’EAU does smell ‘clean’ - very much like the disposable fresh wipes you get at certain seafood restaurants. It might be a touch warmer and less harsh but completely unnecessary in the Lutens line-up. Strictly for avid collectors who are looking to complete their Serge Lutens collection.
04th December, 2010
This is so totally unlike Serge Lutens' usual baroque style- it's the opposite. I wouldn't mind if this actually smelt good but it doesn't. Ozonic, charged air ,abit metallic ,a little plasticky and unfortunately quite strong and lasting . Please pass on this .
04th October, 2010
I was greatly dissapointed with this as I was expecting something special; and it's not! Just another ozonic fruity floral to join the numerous others. On first spraying I find it actually unpleasant, with an over ripe almost rotten cucumber note; happily this soon goes and all that is left is must, and watery fruits. Rather a bore.
18th August, 2010
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United States
Totally forgettable. Very disappointing for something like this to come from Lutens. I am sure there will be fans, but for the life of me, I find no personality here.
27th June, 2010