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unisex, fresh and clean essence, poor longevity, too expensive

tried this today.
when first attached i was like i love that smell, i like smelling this, its a fresh bucket of clean- yet elegant- yet somehow floraly- somehow sweet- but still stay fresh -while not green at all- scent . I had the feeling i want to re apply.. It's absolutely unisex with both gender sides making a succesful balance (although the dry down may considered as more masculin type of thing, making it a reminiscent of 360 for men by Perry Ellis for my nose and skin.
After that it all pretty dissapears quite quickly without nothing left back..
Not a bad scent. Top notes acted pleasantly to me..Starts sounding good and 'expensive' but doesnt last long to my skin, not much present yet too expensive for its average dry down

Pros: Fresh and clean, elegant, light and delicate
Cons: too expensive, dry out lacks originality, poor longevity"

18th October, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An aquatic of good pedigree

The touch of citrus is nice with the minty note and the lovely magnolia. Otherwise lots of aldehydes, and Eau Eau Eau - a watery-aquatic character is obvious. Lovely for the first hour, two watery for the second hour, then gone. Nice but lightweight.

29th July, 2013
Skelly Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Fabric conditioner and bathroom cleaner.

Fabric conditioner and bathroom cleaner. Come to think of it, there are cleaning products I actually prefer to this.


15th July, 2013
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I guess I'll have to eat crow on this one. When L'Eau first came out, I smelled those dumb aquatic topnotes on paper at the store and immediately wrote it off. I even had a sample that went untouched for two years. Then, I finally tried it on...

It kicked off with grassy leafy peppery greens, sort of like Cristale but what you'd get if they made an aquatic version in the 90's by adding that cheesy fake melon and dusting it with pepper. Fairly quickly, the melon faded into that background, leaving room for a dry oregano smell to come in, accompanied by something kind of like really salty clay or hot bricks.

Somehow, the sum of these parts (mostly salty oregano over an abstract background of sweet but dry mineralic greens verging on clay) actually smelled quite good on me. While I'm comfortable wearing all sorts of food smells, for some reason the strong oregano sillage was a step too far for me - I spent the day worrying that I smelled weird. But I still found L'Eau to be artful and interesting. Sure, it's no Chergui or Arabie, but it does what it does well and without feeling cliched.
03rd November, 2012
This is not antiparfum but anti Serge Lutens. But it smells wonderful anyway. Perfect for daytime or office wear.
31st October, 2012
I think everybody on here is overreacting. This is a competent entry into a well worn genre. It isn't terribly unique, but it is a bit unique amongst its "fresh" peers. It has a beverage-like quality not unlike lemonade. In fact, I would say that this fragrance is the lemonade to L'eau par Kenzo Indigo's iced tea. It's quality, like the whole line, and when worn it always makes you think, "gee, that's nice." As people approach you you will be confident that they will like your lemony goodness. Also, even when pressed against the nose and hard-core-huffed, I never detect anything artificial-smelling (but we all know that all perfumes contain artificial ingredients).

If this were gifted to me, I would certainly wear it, possibly often. It definitely has a pleasantly unobtrusive quality, and not once during my testing was I even slightly off put. In fact, pending further investigation, I may snatch me up a bottle.

When a brand does something you're not used to, it's easy to just yell, "sell out," but then you might miss something great, like "Bleeding Me."
14th September, 2011
It's easy to understand why Serge Lutens fans have a tendency to be disappointed in L'eau. It's not another of his spicy baroque fantasies, to begin with. Complicating matters: it is rich, subtle, and complex, but it takes several wearings before its finer qualities come to the forefront. Yes, L'eau does seem like a high-quality laundry scent at first - and that is very welcome by some fragrance fans, no doubt. But interesting and subtle effects emerge with repeated wearings. There's a clever "burnt starch" element, some pleasant and pungent florals, various fresh effects, and the whole thing is delivered with amazing clarity and longevity. L'eau has been disparaged for linearity, but the linearity strikes me more as a loop than a straight line. Various elements take turns at the forefront all day long. I find it very entertaining, a perfect scent for office wear, or whenever I want something subtle, sophisticated, and versatile. Hard to imagine a situation in which this superior clean and fresh scent would not be welcome. If you casually dismissed it after only one or two samplings, give it another try. Needs to be sprayed, not modestly dabbed.
20th April, 2011
Whilst a complete departure from the usual complex scents I and my customers have embraced L'Eau. It's simplicity and freshness are perfect for a spring / summer day and although I get the clean thing I don't find it too fabric conditionery. It works well on me & my husband!
26th March, 2011
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Sporenburg has a point here. I haven't tested L'Eau on my skin yet, but have smelt on a strip. It reminded me of when you first open the washing machine and the, not unpleasant, soapy clean blast that hits you (without the heat). Of course, a lot of water softeners and washing up powders use the same notes and oils that are found in perfumes, albeit on a cheaper scale. I think L'Eau is trying to reach out to a wider audience, so they couldn't really produce another 'Datura Noir' or 'Cedre' and it is a bit disappointing -- it's indicative that a perfumer is not listed. I just hope Lutens has the balls to revert to their more innovative manifesto and not get dragged into the 'perfume vacuum' like Chanel, Dunhill, Dior, Gucci, Davidoff, Boss et al.

Update 7th July 2011
This was on sale at Les Senteurs for £35 for 100ml -- so snapped it up. Having now worn it for a day (it could have easily been 2 -- amazing longevity), I must admit it does have some generic nuances -- I'm thinking Calvin Klein for some reason, but it always manages to pull itself away and show some class. So, innofensive and not very original, but a delight to wear.
14th January, 2011 (last edited: 07th July, 2011)
Yummy! I received 2 samples and I'm enjoying a fragrance that isn't quite what I go for, but it smells really good on my skin. Warm, rich, citrus on my skin. A bit lemon cream pie with the buttered crust. The aldehyde must bump up the yummy factor of the citrus. This nicely blends with the cotton. I don't smell the mint, but mint loves my skin and it must accentuate the yummy factor. After 9 hours, the light musk is what remains. It's quite a happy scent and provides a sensory respite from a busy work day.
06th October, 2010
This is not fresh; it's clean and warm. Opening is a bit confusing but that's everything where you get the citrus part; the real thing comes after an hour, no lemons or anything like that, it does smell like clean white quality cotton freshly iron shirt. It is comforting and warm in a clean non soapy way. No soapiness like Prada Infusion etc. It needs few wearings to understand it but it is totally worth Luten and it's classy scent but predominantly for men IMO. I'm definitely buying it. Last thing this is “clean” scent more suitable for winter or fall not fresh; try to put it on when it is raining or snow.
12th September, 2010