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Positive Reviews of Private Collection - Bois Naufragé by Parfumerie Generale

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An aquatic "marine" fig over a familiar creamy woody-amber base that immediately evokes the "I've smelled this before!" reaction. The fig note here is sweet, rubbery, and watery -- especially when sniffed from a distance away. It's a bit on the masculine side, has average longevity, and good projection. Both the initial and final impression are that it is a very average middle-of-the-road scent, but strangely... it works.
26th January, 2012
I like Bois Naufragé and find it to be a superior scent to Jardin de Kérylos. Here's how it seems to me. Naufragé is a very attractive woody fig scent that hits the mark perfectly in combining distinctive fig notes with creamy wood (possibly sandalwood). Kérylos by contrast emphasizes the zesty, green-sappy aspects of fig. I find that Naufragé has wonderful depth and more to offer me than Kérylos. I also find there to be fine staying power on Naufragé -- several hours later I still have a pleasing (admittedly close to the skin) note. While it was in its first few hours, it was popping off my skin with good sillage.
Naufragé starts off very delicate and translucent. It takes a minute to burn off a coconut-sweet note and settle a somewhat jumbled assortment of green, powdery, figgy and watery notes. Once the wood appears, that lends a backbone and the fig and wood go off, hand in hand, to a happy destiny.
23rd January, 2011