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Ralph Lauren - Big Pony #1: opens with a soapy lime, I get a small hint of mint. Faded after 1.5 hours. Like the opening but not worth the purchase due to short lasting scent.
10th March, 2014
Redundant and cheap synthetic aquatic. Nothing to do here.
26th November, 2012

Another cheap and aqueous variation of the Cool Water's theme. Immensely  boring and artificial after shower-deodorant. It's sooooo far the original great green Polo.
31st March, 2012
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Another youthful fragrance by Ralph Lauren. What can I say I just love the burst of lime and grapefruit. Out of the four, the only ones I would buy is one and three. Definitely evokes the preppy feeling as shown in the ads. Just couple of guys hanging out at a country club with their girlfriends... A beautiful summer day, playing some sports, chilling with your buddies, and getting some.

I'd say anyone from high school all the way up to college would enjoy this summer scent. Very underrated
05th February, 2012
Absolutely horrendous. Do not bother with any of the Big Pony's. I got all 4 in a gift pack for Christmas and I wouldnt dare wear any of them in public. Or private for that matter. No redeeming qualities whatsoever in this one.
05th January, 2012
Cheap and artificial. Very one dimensional, longevity is mediocre. If you're looking for a sporty citrus there are many better options.
25th March, 2011
Probably the best shorthand definition of citrus woody ever exemplified in fragrance. With two notes, lime and oak, this doesn't need much explanation. Though grapefruit extract does seem to be blended with the lime in the top notes.
Very harsh opening, synthetic and nothing all that interesting, this smells somewhat similar at first to the original Nautica (1992). It dries down into basically the same sporty, inoffensive and banal accord as in the beginning; leaning a bit more heavily on the light woodsy oak note that seems mixed with some form of synthetic sandalwood which gives the lemon space to breathe.
Extremely linear, extremely mundane, yet it works for a man looking for something easy and quick who wants instant variety with four bottles and nice packaging to put on his shelf with the right name that implies at least a touch of suburban department store credibility.
Longevity on this one is spotty and generally below average, falling between 2-3 hours during most wears and has very limited projection, settling in as a skin scent rather quickly.
The Big Pony series is a fantastic introduction to the world of fragrances and would certainly serve teenagers and twenty somethings well but don't deserve the slightest bit of attention to more experienced and discerning noses. Designed for those who don't want to invest a lot of time or money on scent yet want something with versatility and the Polo insignia.
02nd March, 2011 (last edited: 11th February, 2012)
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United States
Big Pony 1 has me wondering why, after decades of boardroom meetings and market analysis, Ralph Lauren hasn't caught on that redundancy is a cheap thrill. You capture the public's attention for all of two weeks, manage to rake in some extra holiday-allowance profit, and eventually wind up discontinuing, discontinuing, and discontinuing some more. There's no big picture here. I thought the 1980s were supposed to teach us about the Big Business Big Picture. Apparently I was mistaken.

This fragrance is the perfect example of what not to buy, for two reasons: 1) you'll wind up smelling like a cheaper version of Polo Blue, and 2) Everyone smells like Polo Blue. This is a thin watercolor sketch of that tried-and-tired "blueness" that has pervaded perfumery since Cool Water. Not to say that it comes anywhere close to the specific nature of Cool Water itself; BP 1 is a rather air-freshened and abstract blue sky concept. I'm fairly certain that Polo Blue has already failed at making this type of fragrance anything more than a teenage diversion.
09th February, 2011 (last edited: 10th February, 2011)
This is a fresh and interesting scent. It smells great, lasts ages and is unmistakably Ralph Lauren... What more could you want?
19th January, 2011
What a great fragrance this is. Like original polo blue but very polished not to offend anyone. One sniff and I gave in. Smells SOOOO pleasant that I just could not ignore it. I have a lot of top of the line designer fragrances but I had to buy one for this month. I could not find a better one. This is freaking awesome. Lots of melons and cucumbers - not like you would smell on vegetables but very smooth and soothing. Ladies seems to love it, I keep getting compliments. A must have and anyone can blind buy this. I give it a 5 star.
Project is moderate and longevity is 6-10 hours. Very suitable for office environment, night life, PERFECT for a date or intimate moments. Smells very delicious and a little creamy but I would not compare this with gourmands like Lempicka or Rochas or HM. This is a fine blend and has an acquired taste to it.
15th January, 2011
Definitely has a nice fresh scent, very well described by its bottle! I recommend trying this out, well worth a shot for those who like fresh, but not too "in-your-face" fresh scents!
09th January, 2011