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Neutral Reviews of Big Pony 1 by Ralph Lauren

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Probably the best shorthand definition of citrus woody ever exemplified in fragrance. With two notes, lime and oak, this doesn't need much explanation. Though grapefruit extract does seem to be blended with the lime in the top notes.
Very harsh opening, synthetic and nothing all that interesting, this smells somewhat similar at first to the original Nautica (1992). It dries down into basically the same sporty, inoffensive and banal accord as in the beginning; leaning a bit more heavily on the light woodsy oak note that seems mixed with some form of synthetic sandalwood which gives the lemon space to breathe.
Extremely linear, extremely mundane, yet it works for a man looking for something easy and quick who wants instant variety with four bottles and nice packaging to put on his shelf with the right name that implies at least a touch of suburban department store credibility.
Longevity on this one is spotty and generally below average, falling between 2-3 hours during most wears and has very limited projection, settling in as a skin scent rather quickly.
The Big Pony series is a fantastic introduction to the world of fragrances and would certainly serve teenagers and twenty somethings well but don't deserve the slightest bit of attention to more experienced and discerning noses. Designed for those who don't want to invest a lot of time or money on scent yet want something with versatility and the Polo insignia.
02nd March, 2011 (last edited: 11th February, 2012)