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Positive Reviews of Big Pony 1 by Ralph Lauren

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Another youthful fragrance by Ralph Lauren. What can I say I just love the burst of lime and grapefruit. Out of the four, the only ones I would buy is one and three. Definitely evokes the preppy feeling as shown in the ads. Just couple of guys hanging out at a country club with their girlfriends... A beautiful summer day, playing some sports, chilling with your buddies, and getting some.

I'd say anyone from high school all the way up to college would enjoy this summer scent. Very underrated
05th February, 2012
This is a fresh and interesting scent. It smells great, lasts ages and is unmistakably Ralph Lauren... What more could you want?
19th January, 2011
What a great fragrance this is. Like original polo blue but very polished not to offend anyone. One sniff and I gave in. Smells SOOOO pleasant that I just could not ignore it. I have a lot of top of the line designer fragrances but I had to buy one for this month. I could not find a better one. This is freaking awesome. Lots of melons and cucumbers - not like you would smell on vegetables but very smooth and soothing. Ladies seems to love it, I keep getting compliments. A must have and anyone can blind buy this. I give it a 5 star.
Project is moderate and longevity is 6-10 hours. Very suitable for office environment, night life, PERFECT for a date or intimate moments. Smells very delicious and a little creamy but I would not compare this with gourmands like Lempicka or Rochas or HM. This is a fine blend and has an acquired taste to it.
15th January, 2011
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Definitely has a nice fresh scent, very well described by its bottle! I recommend trying this out, well worth a shot for those who like fresh, but not too "in-your-face" fresh scents!
09th January, 2011