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Neutral Reviews of The Smell of Freedom by Gorilla Perfume

Total Reviews: 3
Notes include sandalwood, orris, oudh, jasmine, neroli, fire tree, lemongrass, coumarin, cinnamal.
There is something here that reminds me of violet leaves -- a silvery-bright note. Perhaps it is the orris and jasmine in combination. Perhaps the oudh (generally undetectable) is contribuing a slight piercing-metallic note.
Phase 1. Interesting, different. Bright and exotic. Too bright and grassy to be called an oriental.
Phase 2. Slightly sweet, a bit of cinnamon-like spice. The spices and woods develop very nicely.
Phase 3. Creamy-rich sandalwood. Unfortunately, this grows and (like tofu) picks up other earlier elements, such as the florals. Ultimately the scent is rather heavy, perfume-y and tiresome. Phase 3 competes with phase 2 and 3 wins.
I liked it for a while, the middle was quite nice.
26th February, 2012
The TSOF's opening is interesting and slightly unusual. Every note is played and emphasized in it's drier aspect to reach an (almost) breathtaking effect. Nice. The problem is the drydown where this fragrance turns to a louder (much louder) version of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne. Good start bad end.
27th April, 2011
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is very strong. This is a quite nice citrusy, sandalwood, indian soap sort of smell in a perfume.
12th August, 2010
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