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Positive Reviews of Radiance by Hové Parfumeur

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I found this perfume on an adventure in New Orleans while wandering around the French Quarter. I am a huge fan of the author Tom Robbins and the minute I saw the perfumerie I was enchanted. I was convinced that I'd finally found THE perfumerie from my favorite book, Jitterbug Perfume. As I wandered in, the elegant saleslady told me that Mr. Robbins had purchased Radiance, so naturally, I HAD to have some too....

I should mention that I was raised in California, and I am used to a hot, dry heat. I live by the beach, among surfers. Surfers typically do not wearmuch makeup or perfume, but if for some special occasion they do, it would probably be light and clean smelling. So, I am more familiar with lighter scents. Radiance was my first true experience with a southern floral.

Radiance is bottled decadence. It's voluptous and sensual; much like the city of New Orleans. As soon as the humid heat of the city enveloped my skin, I fully understood Radiance's gift to me. It literally made me radiate a voluptuous floral fragrance that did not withstand the heat as much as it transformed it on my skin into steamy sexy deliciousness. Within moments I went from California surfer girl to Southern Belle.
18th January, 2011