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A conventional more than decent floral vanilla with a touch of laundriness provided by a rose/ylang-ylang accord. Soft and somewhat yummy with a talky powdery dry down (with a faint violet undertone). Not bad after all.
29th July, 2014
Although not so Naughty after all, I find it fairly sexy, probably not in an in-your-face kind of way, but that is often a turn-off anyway, so thumbs-up.
09th June, 2012
Nothing naughty about this; just another forgettable, fruity-musky floral. "Carnal violet" sounds great; sadly l didn't get any kind of violet here. Decent longevity, but otherwise, meh.
05th July, 2011
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United Kingdom
Pretty packaging - very Fortnum and Mason - so not that original. The trouble with this scent - now don't get me wrong I admire Westwood - I love Anglomania (despite it's burnt rubber whiff) and Sin Garden - the trouble is that it goes on all girly and cute but give it an hour or two and all you have is dirty old woman! Believe me. Dashing out the other night, I gave myself a liberal squirt of Naughty Alice, but the next morning my coat smelled so foul I had to take it to be cleaned. I am not the only one to have noticed this. Would love to know what causes such a disappointing dry down.
28th January, 2011
Not in the least naughty. A very shy, unspectacular vanilla-scent. Powdery, light. Poor staying-power. Another generic scent. Nowadays only the various perfume bottles help to tell the scents apart. I guess the big firms like Coty and l'Oréal spend more money on the design of the vessels than on the perfumes themselves. A very sad trend.
19th January, 2011