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Positive Reviews of L'Essence de Cerruti by Cerruti

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Leather, amber and woodsy notes well blended. Good choice for formal occasion but sometimes I felt it too strong. One thing for sure: this is Italian. Give it a try.
04th December, 2014
The best of what I like in a bottle

Lovely creamy leather scent that is still under the rader for a lot of BNers. It's a smooth and buttery leather, as opposed to jarring animalistic leathers which I have little experience with (and I don't think will have a place in my closet). Nice blend with the woods and amber - the drydown is soft like a warm hush. Gives a sophisticated air and a quiet confidence to the wearer, also to me it's very comforting. This short review doesn't give the fragrance any justice at all. I'm so happy with this purchase.

21st October, 2013
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United Kingdom
A marvel of creative modern elegance

Having picked up a bottle at an ultra-knockdown price and not expecting much, I was immediately amazed at the beauty of the bergamot-drenched light peppery incense top note, which was nigh velvety in its texture. It only got better: a light woody drydown with white suede and saffron merged into a base of amber and white musk. Always light and nigh ephemeral, exceptionally well-blended and exuding elegance without any hint of stuffiness. Poor silage and projection on my skin, but a decent longevity of over four hours, albeit close to my skin. An exceptional fragrance.

17th July, 2013
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I really like this fragrance. The notes have been partnered and blended so well that they're barely distinguishable and in that perhaps there is something missing, something slightly off beat which makes the best fragrances stand out. Saying that, the sweet leather aura with a the bergamot and musk in the dry down is wonderful, perfect for any occasion. A fragrance that will be universally liked I'm sure, so I won't hesitate at recommending a blind buy to anyone, considering the silly prices this can be found at.
06th April, 2013
This one starts out sweet on the initial spray. After a few minutes, it turns into a slight leather and wood scent that still remains kind of sweet. This one will grow on you. Not heavy or cloying and one you will enjoy. I purchased a 1.7 oz bottle and can see myself purchasing a 3.4 when this runs out.

That says a lot for a frag I just purchased.
20th February, 2013
Starts off with a blast of pepper and bergamot so you get that spicy lemon feel to it. Drys down to a very heavy leather (I've never worn a leather so this might actually be tame compared to the other leather fragrances.). I don't get a very woody feel to it but I definitely detect the amber in the base as well. Probably one of the best values I've ever got for my money. It's a solid fragrance for a cheap price.

25th January, 2013
Incense and leather come together like a trusted sidekick who never speaks out of turn. It is very masculine, but not in the abbraisive way, which I think is the genius here. Sharp edges that mange to be somewhat blunt to the touch. I can wear this and not feel like anyone would be offended, that shows the harmony this fragrance presents. I would rather wear this than YSL L'Homme for example.
17th October, 2012
We had best not tell too many people about this beautiful fragrance! One of the other reviewers sums it up well saying it is light but with hidden depth. It has the most comforting presence and in warm weather it can burst into life without notice. I would buy this at Creed prices, nevermind the bargain price they sell it at.
20th September, 2012
Wasn't taken initially with this fragrance, but the more I wore it the more I liked it. I get 3 notes that really stand out to me. Those 3 are bergamot, leather, and musk. The opening isn't a thing of beauty and probably the worst part of the fragrance. During the heart and dry down is where this fragrance starts to shine. The sweetness gets toned down and you can really start to smell the leather and musk. There is a bit of the pepper that holds on, but it's very subtle. This is a really nice masculine fragrance that has a bit of old school and some modern elements which make it enjoyable to wear.
28th July, 2012
L'Essence de Cerruti by Cerruti - One is initially treated to an invigorating bergamot, with its orangey bittersweetness and peppery facets. The freshness of the bergamot commingles with the compost-like and ever-so-slight barnyard aspects of white pepper. Segueing to the middle, the mintiness of birch encases the fresh opening, and infuses its wintergreen sweetness. A raw and somewhat phenolic leather wafts in the background along with the hay-like character of saffron. Transitioning to the comforting base, a creamy cedar infuses its resinous and camphoraceous woodiness, along with the sweetly vanillic and faintly earthy quality of amber. A sensual, fur/skin-like and warm musk also presents. An alluring drydown ensues. This masculine composition is well blended, and has good longevity, 8+ hours, and average projection, being light enough for an office scent. Given its very reasonable, price point, this versatile and somewhat elegant composition is worthy of purchase.
09th July, 2012
A spicy, tangy top starts things off. As usual that stuff fades quick however the spice still takes hold into the heart notes which is mixed with leather and woods and is rounded off at the bottom with a musky base. It's light, yet has a deep feel to it, almost sensual. I really like it.
11th July, 2011
I don't have the olfactive skills to descrbe this one. All I can say is L'Essence de Cerruti is a wonderful scent! Well made, well balanced, at the same time spicy and soft, a light Chypre. It's classy, élégant, without being too formal. I reveived my 100ml Bottle as a gift for my birthday and I'm happy this gem is not well-known!
10 thumbs up! Great job Cerruti!
07th July, 2011
I really must say i am surprised that this frag hasn't had the exposure i believe it should here on BaseNotes.

This is a beautiful, mild, musky leather scent. Perhaps a leather for those who do not like strong leathers. It starts off with the published top-notes of bergamot and white pepper and mild cardamom, the the latter two adding a spicy piquancy to the citrus. This intro is sustained for a pleasantly long while before the leather, saffron and musk notes begin their symphony in among the other notes which i truly cannot make out. The saffron (perhaps in the heat of where i live) adds some sensual allure to the scent. At the dry down stage (+2-3 hours) the woody cedar note begins to make its voice heard in the still wonderful chorus.

LdC has respectable yet understated sillage that projects for quite a long while. I enjoy 8+ hours of LdC wafting off my skin without having to dig-in with my nose.

After 1881 and all its flankers, together with Image and Cerruti pour Homme, LdC is a brave new direction by Cerruti. I would hesitate to "age" it, knowing the snowball effect that has with us BaseNoters , but this frag may help bring a lot of us who knew the older Cerrutis (Nino Cerruti and Fair play) back to giving the brand more of the respect it deserves.

This may just be a good/great scent waiting to be given the accolades, IMO, i think it deserves. Or maybe i am just biased because i love this frag.

12th January, 2011
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Just when I thought it's all about soft, velvet leather (I think I already recognize Antoine Lie's approach to leather and fancy it a lot) , a fresh unmistakable mint toothpaste accord joined the party. Not in a playful way though. It's a serious, formal fragrance. Pepper jumps in here and there, also managing to be somehow velvety. All in all, L'Essence stays in the typical Italian designer frag territory like dozens of others. Formal in the demonstrative way. Frag that would make your suit look more expensive.
11th January, 2011
Elegant, masculine, serious leather scent. Worn by men that are unflappable achievers. This creation is probably the best from this house.

L'essence de Cerruti Pour Homme shares the vibe with L'instant de Guerlain Pour Homme and Baldessarini Cologne, however is not a copy of former mentioned and offers the same quality that Guerlain offers + is more long lasting than Baldessarini. Most of all it's incredible how cheap Cerruti is, cheap in price but only in price and not cheap in any other sense. I'm puzzled that this scent is not more known or talked about more. Quite off the radar which is a shame.
15th August, 2010 (last edited: 06th December, 2012)