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Just got a 5ml sample and must admit that Aventus is a very good fragrance. It's extremely versatile and masculine. Perhaps Creed's most versatile of their modern options. While my preference is still for Spice & Wood, Aventus is definitely worth owning and I will be purchasing a decant when this sample is used up. Thumbs up.
04th October, 2015
Just smells like burning pine needles to me. I don't get any pineapple. Tried multiple times but to no avail.
24th September, 2015
I brought my very first bottle of Aventus. 15R11 Batch.
It really sets the standard for fragrances, Aventus regardless of what batch as I've smelled others. Now I just can't find myself investing cash into any other fragrance after this. Maybe a few others from Creed and Tom Ford line but anything else would be redundant, it be a downgrade.
That's how good it is at first, but then you become used to it and it becomes average... to me atleast. If this is average than you can imagine anything else after on the market is unimpressive.
I'm more of a fashion/style guru rather than an expert in the fragrance game. But in my opinion Aventus is the best safest essential to have with any outfit of the day.
04th September, 2015
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Perfect for all occasions. I can wear this one to work, school, bars, or even just while lounging around the house, though you might want to save your squirts and wear it out in public for everyone to enjoy. Strong smell of pineapple but a little bit smoky. This one is very masculine and I think most ages could pull it off. Aventus last a pretty long time and projects nicely. Ill give it a 9/10.
03rd September, 2015
I had a try on this elegant perfume and despite the price ,it was totally satisfying. Fresh opening and fresh ending. I think it opens with citrus scent, mostly apple and pineapple. It dries down slowly within at least 3 to 4 hours with magnificent projection. I can claim that It is about your arm length. Afterward the scent of middle and base notes appears. I can smell fresh floral scent mixed with musk and ambergris significantly. This is the time that the silage is near to skin. It doesn't disappear at least for 2 to 3 hours. Therefore I can say the longevity is at least 5 to 7 hours, however the trace of the scent stays on your skin more than it. Let me say for 3 hours more, but it is not significant.
I consider it is a summary and somehow spring fragment and more diurnal than nocturnal. The good point is it is wearable for all occasions.
This is the perfume that never makes you feel boring. Every time that you smell it, you feel comfortable and satisfied. The point is how much do you you want to spend on a perfume? I think the price is the matter that does not satisfy you. For sure perfumes buff would do. This is a professional and subtle perfume which you never regret buying it. Thumbs up for CREED AVENTUS. Lovely but expensive.
02nd August, 2015 (last edited: 03rd August, 2015)
Pineapple and some indistinct floral concoction. I don't see this as anyone's signature scent. Maybe Sponge Bob square pants who lived in a pineapple. Creed tried and failed with this. The ridiculous price tag should fool no-one.
02nd August, 2015
I'll keep this short. I slowly fell in love with this. Neiman-Marcus has all the Creed fragrances out to test and this one stood out over all the rest however, I didn't LOVE it yet.

I went home, ordered a 2ml sample online and spent more time with it, walked on the beach, went to dinner and a movie and slowly fell in love with it like a high school girlfriend.

I just got my 4oz a few days ago in the mail and have been wearing it ever since.
27th July, 2015
Finally own this heavenly juice just amazing...If i could own 1 scent this would be it for sure :)from top to bottom a masterpiece well worth the money in my opinion...
25th July, 2015 (last edited: 13th August, 2015)
A very strange and elusive fragrance.

It's really hard to "get", but undeniably well done in terms of composition and choice of materials.

Aventus smells very natural and unobtrusive, but at the same time has a very synthetic vibe going on. Like new car interiors or fresh laundry.

Not a fragrance of great character and uniqueness. But a safe and smart choice if you can't decide what to wear.

TL;DR smells very nice, but that's about it.
16th July, 2015
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United States
I tried this recently at nordstroms when it hit my skin the pineapple was there it was great! Then as it dried down all I could smell was Christmas tree.... There are no notes of pine or even cypress but even my daughter said daddy you smell like Christmas at grandmas.... Even after a few hours the phantom pine notes were still going strong. To the point that I actually likened it to Tom fords Italian cypress... it was very good and I did like it but was searching for a new summer scent and Christmas at grandmas was not what I was after. Ended up with virgin island water.
21st June, 2015

If you don't have a collection a CREED fragrance is the only fragrance you need just like AVENTUS!what can i say about it?Everything about it speaks of dignity,deep pleasure and exhilaration. Modern yet timeless. Amazing, Sophisticated,Aristocratic,Modern, Fruity,Subtle and Chic.

AVENTUS is tempered with a touch of rose,patchouli and jasmine are accented by fruits red apple,bergamot and especially pineapple and warm amber for a fresh and masculine scent that will make people stop in their tracks.The scent is simply gorgeous.Very sophisticated scent that demands attention.

This great fragrance is a nice refreshing scent that works for everyday as well as special occasions. its prestigious formula and wear it year round.Anyway if you are looking for a fragrance when you walk pass a group you want see heads turn AVENTUS is a great choice.Thank you CREED!

Sillage?Very Good.

Longevity?About 10 hours on my skin.

09th June, 2015
What else can be said about Aventus? This is a masterpiece, and that is not an accolade I use liberally. Gorgeous pineapple complimented with birch and balanced with a hint of vanilla and rose. The result? A mouth-watering aroma that attracts the curiousity of everyone around you.
07th June, 2015
So, time to review the big guy.

After sampling aventus for the first time I must say I was not very interested. I gave it about 6 months until I emptied my decant and realized I was missing something. I've owned over 50 bottles of cologne and after buying my first bottle of Aventus (13zz01) I realized I had never loved a scent as much until now. After a quater of a century of collecting scents I've found something I was completely head over heels for. So I sold almost my entire wardrobe except for the few tom fords and creeds I decided to keep and went hunting for another bottle (13Q01).

.... And then it happened....

I noticed my beloved aventus had transformed into an excessive smokey birch mixture....and I liked it.

It had amped up smoke and completely blew me over. I was floored that they were the "same" scent. But I really, really liked the smokier version. 13Q01 is supposed to be the worst batch ever and I find it incredible. I feel like the whole point of Aventus was the smokey oakmoss mixture duelling with fruity undertones. This to me, is true Aventus.....and yet happened again....

I went to buy another bottle intrigued with these so called "variations" and was quite upset. The next bottle was 14K01. And I'm not sure what to say. It was a very beautiful scent but quite different. It had more vanilla on top and I got almost none of the oakmoss and smoke that previous batches had. Still nice but I knew that since the ban on oakmoss in 2013 Aventus would never be the same. What an unnecessary shame, people are allergic to peanut butter also but I've yet to see it banned. So I now cherish my older bottles and look here and there for older batches but it's just too time consuming. It pains me to say it but I think Aventus has been laid to rest. The new bottles are great but none compare to my Z01 Q01 ZZ01 2013's. Shame.

04th June, 2015
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I really like the smell but after twenty minutes it just disappears. The sample I tried was much smokier than the batch I got. I understand about that olfactory fatigue, but for that price id like to smell it longer..
03rd June, 2015

Top : Blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apples, Pineapple
Mid: Rose, Dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, Patchouli
Base: Musk, Oak moss, Ambergris, Vanilla

Projection: 1 spray gives you enough of a scent that projects. 2 sprays can be too much for me. I spray once after shower, and then walk around a bit until it tones down before wearing clothes. 2 if you are in a crowd and you want to project. Thats it. It's really solid.

Scent: I fell into the hype machine for Aventus. I have tried the different batch numbers. I lucked out and got the one thats pineapple heavy. It's definitely sweet, but there are days where it feels smoky. It smells like no other cologne. It does not smell like a Macy's or even a Nordstrom.

It has a dark vibe which is really light. When people say smoky pineapple, its completely true. This is a mans fragrance. Chances are that if you are a guy, you are going to like this. Especially if youre relatively young. I'm 30 and for me, it smells addictive.

I'm also the type of guy who does not want people to get an impression of me based on my scent. At the same time, I do like smelling good in the off chance that someone gets close enough to me. And for those times, this is great.

Should you buy this? Yea. There is a hype. But its a great cologne. Its expensive though, so maybe one for several years and you store it properly. It's super versatile and if youre a one cologne kind of guy, then save up for this. Its better than all the wonky designer stuff out there. It smells rich, smooth, pineappley and sweet. It's fun with a strong masculine edge to it.

Scent: 9/10
Purchase?: Yea. It's basically the first cologne I got after testing about 30-40 colognes.
29th May, 2015
Undoubtedly a brilliant fragrance that belongs in every collection. Unapologetically masculine, unique (before all the imitators sprung up), transluscent and challenging enough to be provocative. Performance is up there with the best. And from opening to drydown, it remains beautiful.

However, it is not particularly versatile. I don't like to wear It at family occassions or intimate occasions because it has so much intimidating presence. It smells aggressive, if it is even possible for a fragrance to have that characteristic. This is why I feel the 30ml bottle is ample for anyone with a decent range of choices in their fragrance wardrobes. As far as small bottles go, this one looks great and suits the intensity of the fragrance, like a parfum extrait bottle.

It does garner compliments, one random shopper stopped me in a store one day with their jaw dropped and started asking me what I was wearing. However, once they knew the price their jaw dropped again and they suggested it was not going to be on their shopping list, EVER. And that's a plus because Jo Average will not smell anywhere near as good as you.

Aventus is a victim of its own success in the community, but the hype is well-founded and it will always be a nice entry point into niche for newbies. A very safe blind buy.
20th May, 2015
I've only been wearing this scent for a few days now, but I honestly don't think I ever want to wear anything else. I've found that scent that is "me".

My girlfriend loves it, says she's never smelled a better cologne. She also says it smells great on my skin chemistry and that it was made for me. When I'm wearing it, she will practically attack my neck and kiss it off of me. It drives her wild.

If I had to describe the scent in simple terms, it would be as follows:

It starts out with a strong blast of a fruity sweetness with some woodsy undertones.

The fruityness wears off to more of a smoky, leathery wood scent.

Due to the price, I strongly recommend smelling this on your skin first. After one spray, I knew I never wanted to smell like anything else again. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
15th May, 2015
This is certainly a daring fragrance. And while I generally love truly daring fragrances (such as Salvador Dali por Homme, Yatagan, Encre Noir), Aventus simply makes me nauseous. I get pineapple and menthol cigarette. Or pineapple and Ben-Gay. I'm actually partial to smoky fragrances (Gucci pour Homme and oud fragrances being favorites), but Aventus is simply not for me. But cheers for thinking out of the bottle.
07th May, 2015
I sampled Aventus no fewer than four times before committing to a bottle. But I'm glad I did get one.

The descriptions are pretty spot-on: pineapple to start, a smoky heart, and a woody oriental base. Sounds weird to a non-fraghead, but it works - and beautifully. So well, that Aventus has also been one of the most-complimented fragrances in my collection, especially from the opposite sex. Excellent longevity, year-round versatility, and just-right sillage as well; always major selling points for any fragrance.

After wearing Aventus for a few months, I can see why it quickly became Creed's best-seller.
06th May, 2015
The magnificent, beautiful, and exquisite CREED Aventus, is my favorite fragrance ever!
I love this fragrance, and if I could only have one, this would be my choice!

CREED Aventus gets so many compliments, it's almost an expectation of mine when wearing it! Niche's "Chick Magnet" for sure!

This is perfection in a bottle!

03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 05th May, 2015)
I've tried Aventus on several occasions over the course of using up two carded Creed sample vials. In the end I've been left somewhat underwhelmed each time. Aventus has fruity top notes where pineapple is the star. This pineapple note is persistent throughout the lifespan of Aventus. The fruity top notes give way to a more floral heart where I can pick out the jasmine. I do not get much of rose or patchouli. This floral accord seems instrumental in holding together the composition. It also seems to form a bridge between the fruity notes and the musky base. The drydown is mostly musk, some vague woods and the last rites of the pineapple. Unfortunately I've never gotten much smoke at all.
I could imagine this one being much more interesting if it was very smoky. In the absence of smoke, there is not much mystery left unsolved; the composition is somewhat flat. Pleasant, but hardly inspiring.
I would recommend people to check it out, but there are many other fragrances that are vastly more engaging. Especially at its price point, including a few from Creed itself.
30th April, 2015
A great gets a lot of hate on here, but I've never had more compliments from any fragrance...maybe not even all the others combined. This isn't my favorite fragrance, but when I get a whiff of it in the wind, it's hard to beat. Very unique and a solid masculine perfume. Not going to get into the note breakdowns, because I don't have the nose for it, but this one smells great. Definitely a crowd pleaser.
12th April, 2015
An absolutely stunning masterpiece that merits the acclaim it has received. The scent evokes feelings of masculinity, of refinement. Aventus is truly a timeless classic that has effectively replaced my entire collection. Smokey pineapple with a hint of birch complimented by undertones of vanilla at the base. Buy this fragrance- it is quite simply splendid.
18th March, 2015 (last edited: 04th May, 2015)
Aventus just nails it, it has that wow factor you wish you get when sampling a new fragrance, that feeling of amazement, that moment you put the bottle up to your nose or go in for the initial spray and get touched by something magical. For me it awakens and stimulates my senses in a way that evokes some kind of nostalgia, déjà vu if you like. The fruits harmonize with the florals so well with this perfume I think it underlines everything the Creed house stands for in their testaments and is their benchmark fragrance. Something for other houses to aspire to.
Well done Oliver Creed hats off to you!
5 stars
14th March, 2015
If I could only smell one smell for the rest of my life, this is what I would choose. I really am not somebody who jumps on bandwagons or gets caught up in hype. If I like something I like it and if not then that's fine and this.. I just cannot get enough of this stuff. As with everything there will be people who love it and people who hate it. I just happen to be in love with it.
12th March, 2015
I can picture Atticus Finch splashing this on every morning.
11th March, 2015
Girlfriend said i smell nice....

Winner :-)

Now go buy it!
27th February, 2015
This scent couldn't have enough positive reviews. It has awakened my palette and brought my cologne game to whole new level. It's the only scent I've worn that gets compliments - and lot's of them!

Smoke + Pineapple indeed! The smoke is a most excellent smoke. It reminds me of a campfire. I'm not 100% convinced pineapple is the right fruit, but something like that! It's not too citrusy or too sweet. My particular batch is primarily smokey.

Longevity seems quite good. I can still smell it at the end of the work day, though a bit fainter. I re-apply if I go out in the evening, but otherwise just 2 sprays in the morning.
22nd February, 2015
This frag is superb and gets many compliments from the ladies. How can anyone dislike this? It sshould be five stars, because it doesn't get better than this.
12th February, 2015
The scent is pretty good--smoky pineapple with a bit of green apple over the standard Millesime middle and base. This one does cause olfactory fatigue and the longevity is spotty, so you might not smell it after an hour or two and I've had it wear off completely within four hours before (to the point that others couldn't smell it on me either--not just fatigue). On the flipside of that, I've also had it last over 12 hours before too. Basically this is very sensitive to all kinds of factors. Adding to the temperamental nature of the scent, the infamous batch variations are very real too. I've used two different samples and now own a full bottle and all three vary slightly. The good news is you know basically what it's going to smell like, but the bad news is if you prefer more smoke or more juicy a pineapple it's down to the luck of the draw unless you want to dive into the world of batch variations and fining specific batches for sale online.

It's worth it though. The scent is good, it's strong so you don't need to spray much, projection is good, and it's a huge compliment-getter. Its reputation as a scent that girls love is entirely accurate, and gay guys love it too so as a man wearing this you'll benefit regardless of your preference. It's also not available in every department store so I think it can still be considered uncommon, but it doesn't smell bizarre or out-of-left-field so it's not going to offend unless you over-spray (which is easy to do, watch out.)

The smell is a bit harsh to the wearer which is probably why the fatigue happens so I wouldn't make this my signature scent but for days when I feel like making a stronger impression this is a masculine scent that people notice, so it's worth having a small bottle of it around. Is it the Messiah of fragrances? No, it simply smells good enough and recognizable enough to get compliments and stand out while tame enough to not offend.
06th January, 2015