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A perfume story: A commander Gorefitz story Review of Aventus by Creed © 2016 Frankie Chocolate
(For all the young turks on Basenotes)

Sharp thorned vines whipped at my face as I ran through the jungle for my very life. Behind me were spear carrying young turks, the fragrant, flat stomached, furious worshipers of Aventus and we had offended their god.

At my side running effortless was Commander J. Gorefitz. Gorefitz, raconteur, adventurer, explorer, man’s man, lady’s man and I had met to discuss perfumes.

Things were going swimmingly till Aventus came up. There is an almost, almost I say rabid cult like following of this frag so it was inevitable it would come up. We sprayed some from a bottle the commander had been given as a gift from some sultan or other. Jasmine, patchouli, something that smelled like Iris. There was birch in there and it crawled up my spine with icy finger giving me the shivering willies.

I tried to catch the more subtle notes of rose and some sort of citrus.

Is that French Bergamot I asked the commander?

He sniffed lightly and said, “Italian I think.”

Things would have been well enough if we had just left a neutral review but the commander was never one to pussyfoot around. Five minutes after he uploaded his thumbs down review there was a polite knock on his massive oak and steel shod door. He threw the door open and a brilliant young man in his mid twenties dressed in conservative tweeds with gleaming Allen Edmund wingtips said, “excuse me sir but did you just leave a thumbs down review of Aventus on the Basenotes forum?

Commander Gorefitz smiled wikedly and ran one hand through his snow-white hair. The other hand was busy behind the front door.

“Yes I did,” he said with supreme confidence.

“Oh. Okay,” said the younger man quietly.

12 landing crafts pulled up, the back end fell down with a bang and hundreds of rabid young turks boiled out in war paint, holding assault rifles and bristling with rocket launchers.

“These are the guys,” yelled the young man in tweeds as he leaped forward with gleaming talons for the commander’s throat.

From behind the front door Gorefitz pulled out the iron wood walking stick with a snarling wolf top done up in sterling silver, broke it over the young man’s head and we raced out the back door into the jungle. The negative review had called the beast from its lair and there would be no stopping it now. We ran for our lives.

I stumbled over a rock and the commander lifted me like a child’s toy.

“All’s we did was give it a negative review,” I quailed.

“Any other frag that would have been fine but there is something about this creation that polarized men. Especially young men. They wax eloquent about this formula and that batch declaring with absolute certainty they can tell the difference in each batch lots and those that were created during full and quarter moons.

“Do you think their admiration is a little excessive sir?”

“Not at all young Tommy two tone. I myself have been similarly enthralled when obsessing over a rare comic book or some other trifle. It’s all I can talk about till I finally obtain it. The fire dies down till I find the next thing to obsess over.”

“How does your wife put up with it sir?”

“Oh my Rabeliah is a rare treasure that knows no matter how far I go into these hobbies I always keep her in the most cherished place in my heart.”

“And where is the lovely Mrs. Gorefitz now sir?”

“Tiger hunting in the Himalayas.”

“Sir that’s cruel and immoral. They are endangered and should be protected.”

“Tut tut young Thomas. It’s not what you think. It’s a photo safari.”

“Oh, that’s different. I have no problem with that.”

“But there’s a twist.”

“There usually is sir.”

“Once she gets her camera full of pictures of the brute beast she leaps from her yack and wrestles the brute to the ground.”

“Sir the tiger can weight up to 600 lbs.”

“No. The Siberia ones can go as high as 800.”

“There is no way anyone could wrestle an 800 lb. tiger and live to tell about it.”

“She could. She wrestles me some times. There was this one time. Ha ha ha. Oh my that was an adventure. I had on this tight pair of rip away pure caramel brown leather pants and a white linen shirt; she was in black leather and lace. Mm. yes. … When is she expected back? Where was I?”

“Rabeliah wrestling 800 lb. tigers sir.”

“Yes, yes of course. So she’d leap from the musk ox saddle that smelled exactly like Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather but the top notes actually stuck around a while. She leapt, caught the great beast around the neck and rode it down like a young calf.”

“She would have been shredded like a block of cheese sir.”

“Yes but she was wearing Ambre Sultan and it soothed the savage beast. The monster sniffed that lovely bouquet and the fire went out of him. She forced his mouth open and made him gum her arm all the way at the back just to tease him.”

“That story is amazing sir.”

“Quite so She doused her arm up to the elbow in bitter apple the dog anti chew repellant and the tiger hated it. She had him doing cartwheels. Between the two odors he was malleable putty in her hands.”

“I get sorting through batch and lot numbers,” he said to Tommy. “Fixating on things. Somehow whatever is lost forever becomes more golden than the sun, more precious than rubies and more desirable than even a great burger and a cold beer after a 40 mile trot through in the jungle. When I was hot for Amouge there was no other perfume on the planet.”

“And when you got it sir did it meet your expectations?”

“ It exceeded my wildest hopes but even better was the blind buy that came along with it.”

“Sir didn’t you tell me never ever to do a blind buy and there was safety in the decant.”

He dodged to the left as a hand held rocket launched missile roared past and continued. “Yes but Luca had gone off on this frag with such eloquence I pulled the trigger even though Tania said he doesn’t always get it right.”

“So what was the blind buy.”

“A hundred Ml. bottle of Amouge Gold for women. As good as that little 12 ml bottle of Homage is with all its Ta’if rose glory I actually like the gold even better and it was half the price.”

“What color box did you get sir?’

“As if! The original white box in both frag of course. I paid a bit more for them but I’m worth it. I do have one fear though young Thomas.”

“What’s that sir?”

He narrowed his eyes and recited the speech from memory.

“Sons of Rohan, and Gondor. My brothers, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. The day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship but it is not this day.”

“An hour of wounds and shattered shields when the age of men come crashing down but it is not this day. The day will come when you’ve gone to the lovely golden bottle and pushed down the sprayer but nothing comes out. The bottle is empty, gone for eternity but that is not this day. Today I bid you by all that you hold dear men of the west to stand and spray the perfume with iron determination.”

“That was lovely sir.”

“Thank you tommy.”

‘Not to worry though; the seaplane is waiting for us at the coast.”

“Sir the coast is forty miles away.”

“Ha. So it is young tommyrot. So it is but could you repeat that last part a bit louder please.”

“What part?”

“The part you just said.”

“What part?”

“No. “Before that.”

“The coast is 40 miles away.”

“That’s it. Now louder with gusto.”


“That’s the ticket old rum & punch.”

“Sir I can’t run 40 miles. I’m not sure I can even run four.”

“You don’t’ have to young one. Just run like fire and when you’re out of gas give me the nod, but never a wink and I’ll carry you for fifteen or twenty till you get your wind back. I wanted you to say how far the coast was so they’d hear you. I don’t think there is a whelp among them that can do ten or fifteen miles and you shouting out it was forty should take the heart out of some of them.” With that he scooped me up and redoubled his speed.

I looked back and he was right. Half the pack was standing around gasping bent over trying to force air into their spent lunges. Unfortunately there were still about thirty stalwarts who would see us in hell before they gave up and their comrade’s desertion only served to steel their resolve. They drew closer within spear throwing distance.

“I don’t even smell the pineapple sir.”

“A blowgun dart dipped in a powerful alkaloid poison from poison dart frog shot though my hat and stuck quivering in a tree trunk inches from my face.”

“Easy on the pineapple comments young one. That really gets them riled up.”

After 25 miles I got my second wind and the commander let me down. I begin to run again. There was only fifteen miles to go and I figured it could make it. I look back and there were only 9 pursuers left. Of course they were on Wargs, those devil wolfs that gave Bilbo and Gandalf such fits in one of those books.

The sun was sinking into clouds of purple and deep orange and crimson as we sprinted through the thinning trees full bore for the beach and the seaplane that lay somewhere dead ahead. All the beasts and their riders had given up except the leader. The one in the tweeds at the front door. His Warg glassy eyed and frothing near death was so close I could feel his hot fetid breath on my neck. As he stretched forward sure of moi, the commander tossed a tiny silver something to one side. The young turk astride the beast pulled the rains up so hard the Warg did a back flip crashed against a ginkgo tree and expired.

In a flash the turk was launched over my head and I was sure the bounder had me. He ignored me and dove into thick patch of stinging nettle thorns.

At the very base of the plant he found it and held it up to the waning light. It was a tiny glass vial that held a half-millimeter of something. He ignored his pincushion fingers and the hundreds of spines in them. With trembling hands he opened the little vial. Cautiously he sniffed then swooned. It was Aventus batch # 11z01, the holy grail of scents. He crawled next to his dead Warg, propped his back against the beast and blissfully sniffed again.

We trotted down the beach and as the plane roared off into the golden sunset I pulled out a traveler bottle of old spice long lasting cologne and liberally lavished it on. Commander caught the scent and smiled ear to ear through his leather helmet and goggles. The end. 4/10

30th January, 2016 (last edited: 31st January, 2016)
Initial impressions
- first 5-10 seconds, smells a little bit like pineapple. Unfortunately I smell no bergamot, even though it claims to have bergamot in it. That would make this fragrance smell so much better, but unfortunately it is absent.

Dries down --
Smells very salty. If you think about what a beach might smell like, this smells like that. Very much like salt. Smells dry. I feel like I want a glass of water from smelling this. It smells very dry. It's weird how a fragrance can smell dry, but it does, it really does. Because it smells like salt. The pineapple aspect is more of a "generic" fruit smell. And by generic I simply mean that it doesn't smell like pineapple anymore. It just smells like "fruit", but what fruit? I don't know. No fruit I've ever smelled before. But somehow my nose decided that it smells fruity. But minimally fruity. It's not the first thing you notice at all; the first thing I notice is how salty it smells.

It reminds me of Burberry cologne. Which also smells extremely salty. (I don't like Burberry either).

Overall 0/10 since I wouldn't even want to re-spray it ever ever. It doesn't reek or anything. I just would never spend a dime on this fragrance because I simply dislike it completely. No redeeming qualities. There's nothing about it that I like. Salty. Salty. Salty. Smells like generic cologne smell. Not at all anything that I like. Not even similar to something I might like. Just don't like.

Okay, to play Devil's Advocate:
It does smell a bit sweet. It's like a mixture of sweet and salty. But by sweet I mean that it's very light and inoffensively sweet. Definitely far from being sickeningly sweet. The sweetness is definitely subdued; it's mostly salty. But there is SOME sweetness. Boss Bottled is a lot sweeter than this, and Boss Bottled isn't even that sweet.

Actually this smells kind of like an Axe shower Gel that I have used before. I personally hate the smell of Axe, but if you like it, you'll probably like this fragrance. It's practically a dupe.
29th January, 2016
Just smells like burning pine needles to me. I don't get any pineapple. Tried multiple times but to no avail.
24th September, 2015
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Pineapple and some indistinct floral concoction. I don't see this as anyone's signature scent. Maybe Sponge Bob square pants who lived in a pineapple. Creed tried and failed with this. The ridiculous price tag should fool no-one.
02nd August, 2015
I really like the smell but after twenty minutes it just disappears. The sample I tried was much smokier than the batch I got. I understand about that olfactory fatigue, but for that price id like to smell it longer..
03rd June, 2015
This is certainly a daring fragrance. And while I generally love truly daring fragrances (such as Salvador Dali por Homme, Yatagan, Encre Noir), Aventus simply makes me nauseous. I get pineapple and menthol cigarette. Or pineapple and Ben-Gay. I'm actually partial to smoky fragrances (Gucci pour Homme and oud fragrances being favorites), but Aventus is simply not for me. But cheers for thinking out of the bottle.
07th May, 2015
I really don't get the hype about this. I smelled this from a bona-fide flacon at a reputable store, so no fake involved is possible, and what I got was a very anonymous, orange-pineapple like scent. No richness, nothing special, just became obnoxious after the first 10 minutes. Creed has done SO much better in the past, I really don't get what all the craze is about, personally.

I'll pass.
14th October, 2014
When my boyfriend was wearing this it made me sick to my stomach! It's way too strong and gave me a headache. Also, I thought Creed was supposed to be "for royals" ...weren't they founded in the 70's?! Well any way...not for me! thumbs down!
30th January, 2014
Well not sure where to start but this is one of the most over rated fragrances I have ever seen/smelt.I tried this one after work on my way home,when I got home my wife asked me what the over powering brothel smell was,it was too much I couldn't wait to get it of my skin.If you happen to like this fragrance you should get mont blanc legend,it smells exactly the same but 4 times cheaper than aventus.
07th January, 2014
If you can get past the hype it's a good designer scent. Unfortunately like all Creeds it is way overpriced and as such gets the thumbs down from me.
04th May, 2013
Burnt pineapple chunk marinated in rancid dime-store perfume.
13th April, 2013 (last edited: 18th April, 2013)
Synthetic dishwasher and fabric softener fragrance rolled into one.
22nd March, 2013
Honestly i cant say it's worth it's price. Too much for what it is. It's a GREAT scent but nothing extraordinary actually. Like many Creeds, high price for such a arguable quality sometimes(batches issues) makes me pass on this.
06th January, 2013
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Aventus opens with a very potent fruity/floral dishwashing liquid accord that lingers forever.(Don't know what batch I had, it was a sample vial). I could not get past it. After a while, it calms down and you get a red apple accord that is quite pleasant. I don't get the smokiness and the pineapple that most people rave about . This scent has strong projection and longevity. This scent is way overhyped and the claims are larger than the fragrance itself. Very masculine scent and if you like strong, potent, toxic smelling scents, this is for you. Please try before you buy and spray with caution. Unfortunately, Aventus was way too strong for my taste. It did not work with my skin chemistry; I also didn't like smelling like dishwashing liquid/chemicals all day. BUY/TRY/PASS. I'll pass. Both thumbs way down.
08th December, 2012
"Are you wearing perfume?" - my wife
24th November, 2012
A nonsensical combination of fruit salad and tarry leather. Think: Pineapple vs. Bomber jacket ('Royal Pineapple' according to the nauseating Creed PR). Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather attempts a similar shotgun marriage with raspberry. There's a starchy note wafting through too, like stale Smash, thus making Aventus a fruity-leather mashup. Does that not sound enticing?
31st August, 2012
pineapple & fruits (nothing 'specific' that comes to mind, just fruit, similar to the reaction that i have when drinking a 'tropical' cocktail of juices, think tropicana, combination of various tropical juices) with a hint of vanilla. that's it. have i mentioned the pineaple?
after 30min it dries down into a generic, fruity, ambery vanillic fragrance, similar to tens if not hundreds of high street fragrances. the only difference? the exorbitant price tag that you have to pay because the name creed is attached to it.
no, no, no, a thousand times no. will not give in to the hype and pay close to £200 for something that smells like pineapple. try it first, ask for samples, buy samples of it off ebay and wear it as many times as humanly possible, and then, only then, if you are convinced is worth the price tag go buy it.
oh, and i keep forgetting to say the most important thing, it smells like pineapple. i don't think i've mentioned it before.
26th July, 2012 (last edited: 27th July, 2012)
My first words that come to mind are smokey, masculine, and a hint of sweetness. This would be the perfect night scent when you are trying to impress someone. The sweet pineapple notes hits from the beginning and very noticeable, then it evolves into a more smokey, musk, vanilla scent. As for projection, it is very strong and longevity is decent, maybe 5 hours. It is a nice scent to have in your collection (batch #C42B11Z01)
10th May, 2012 (last edited: 13th May, 2012)
Fanboyism is not just a symptom of the electronic and gaming industries, and like every iteration of Call of Duty, a new Creed is bound to bring the hype. Well don't believe it. Modern Warfare: Aventus has designer-itus but it falls on its face as soon as the base emerges. You see, the top notes smells like a quality, pineapple dominant fruit salad, and there's ultimately nothing wrong with that, but as the suedey, musky, Everlast 1910ish base emerges things quickly turn. No matter how nice your notes, if they don't play well together than your fragrance is poor.

Interestingly enough, I feel that the hype behind this product absolutely WILL carry it, which is a bizarre oddity of our culture because if this had been released by anyone else, ESPECIALLY a slightly less known designer like Kenzo or Carven, the sands of time would quickly erase our memories of it.

And in the event that it is a "batch variation" issue that is causing some bottles of Aventus to be not-so-good, then this should get a double negative because that's amateur horsecrap that shouldn't be an issue with a $200+ fragrance, although I personally don't buy that "batch variation" excuse for a single unit of planck time.
17th April, 2012
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United States
Say what you will about it, but Aventus isn't very good. Its semi-sweet and nondescript pineapple/apple/blackcurrant topnotes aren't very realistic and smell like an extremely high quality aromachemical blend, with a heady "mens cologne" vibe. Disappointing really, especially given how much the pineapple note has been hyped up. Eventually rose, birch, and oakmoss step in, smelling very inky and dry. There's really nothing "smoky" going on. Someone else said that Aventus closely resembles freshly-printed newspapers, but I have another theory: Aventus smells like crisp dollar bills. It has the same metallic/inky/clean/semi-sweet demeanor, and its presence is just as cold and incorruptible. Aventus means "success" - do I sense a theme here? In the end, this all resolves into a light vanilla brushed with the vaguest suggestion of patchouli and ambergris.

Perhaps women swoon over this uninspired dreck, but even if they do, I'm hard-pressed to care. As Aventus dries down on me, my feelings for Green Irish Tweed grow ever stronger.
15th February, 2012
I had high hopes when i ordered a test sample. But OMG what a deception. Its pineapple throughout and the developement is almost non existent. The dry down is nothing special and reminds me of those articila bathroom scents. There is really no deptht to this scent and apart form my teenage daughters nobody seems to like it around me. I just can't believe the high price of such a simple product. So glad i did not blind order this, would have given me an even bigger hangover.
24th October, 2011
I 100% agree with barclaydetolly, I was eagerly looking forward to trying Aventus, as I do all Creeds. But, truly, this is awful stuff. On me it smells like 10% pineapples and 90% acrid, burned rubber. I find it offensive -- it's my absolute least favorite Creed. Could I have been the victim of a bad batch? Who knows. But it's equally objectionable, at this price point, that consumers are expected to be amateur detectives just to ferret out a nice-smelling sample.
17th August, 2011
This isn't a bad scent. However, I give it a thumbs down for three reasons: poor value, generic style, and inferior dry-down.
For a scent to be this expensive, I feel it should be distinctive, enthralling, and represent a high degree of the perfume art. This has none of those qualities. So the selling price accentuates the next two issues.
The style is competent. I find it to be a somewhat bland but attractive smooth, evening-out scent. Nothing grabs my attention but nothing shrieks at me.
However, the long-term dry-down presents a bright, somewhat synthetic note which suggests powdered laundry detergent. It is punchy and fresh, but not at all what expect from a noble sort of scent. More in the drugstore line, to be frank.
The scent starts with good citrus and fruit notes. These are crisp, vibrant, and natural. They do not suggest fruit loops or hard candy. These deepen with dry florals and the merest hint of wood. Then follows an early light musk-moss phase -- the vanilla is restrained here. So far, the scent has my approval if not my admiration. Its restraint gives it a gentlemanly air, which works well with the clubby aspects. But overall, the scent lacks any compelling or distinctive features. It seems like many others of its kind. And then the bright detergent note emerges and, in my opinion, ruins any cred it had established. Really, an uninspired offering from Creed -- in my opinion.
03rd August, 2011
I was eagerly looking forward to trying Aventus, as I do all Creeds. But on me it smells like 20% pineapples and 80% acrid, smoky rubber. This and Bois du Portugal are my least favorite Creeds. And come to think of it, I'd probably wear BDP before Aventus, so this one takes the cake as my least favorite.

Update: tried Aventus again. Not as bad as the first sniff, but still bad. I just don't like the way this smells.
20th June, 2011 (last edited: 20th July, 2012)
This is the most ridiculous cologne I have ever smelt. First of all, does it smell good? I wouldn't go that far. You see, this smells like pinapple musk. Yes, you heard right, pineapple and musk.

Now men's colognes are expected to have that stinky, skunky, musk smell. It's manly. Mazzolari Lui is a perfect example of that.

Some men's colognes and some women's colognes smell good, fruity, fresh, aquatic etc. Creed MI comes to mind.

But what is the point of combining a sweet good smell with musk? That's like defecating in a rose garden. It doesn't make any sense.

Granted, that over time the fruity smell goes away and the musk base note remains, but I'm going to give this a thumbs down for the odd juxtaposition.
10th May, 2011
Oh Lord. If you want to smell like a pineapple flavoured scratch n sniff card, be my guest.....

Faaar too much FRUIT for a supposedly 'masculine' fragrance. But then I find the vast majority of Creed scents make me smell like I've just stumbled out of an eighteenth century Parisian dandy's poetry reading soiree, a liberal sprinkling of flower petals and talcum powder sticking stubbornly to my smoking jacket.
23rd February, 2011
Its a really nice cologne,unique but it doesn't long that much. Aventus is really fresh fragance ,smell similar like Bleu de chanel but better.I. go for Bleu de Chanel because is more cheaper and stay more longer on my skin.I went to Neiman Marcus to try Aventus . I put almost the whole bottle I was smelling so good but when I went to my job like an hour the smell was gone. No one notice that I was wearing 280.00 fragance
25th January, 2011
I really don't understand where Creed wants to go. The times of Green Iris Tweed and Bois du Portugal are definitely dead, sadly to say.
This Aventus is nothing, but really nothing, special. It smells like thousands other sinthetic scents.
Nothing exclusive, except for the price.
You wear it and, if someone dare to ask, this is what you' ll be asked for: do you wear Cartier? Do you wear Gucci? Do you wear Davidoff?
No, I am wearing the ultimate Creed, Aventus, an exclu$iv€ and expen$iv€ scent...
Save your money...
07th January, 2011
Smells wonderful, but sadly, doesnt last.

Got a sample from Harrods and thought, after the amount I had put on, I would smell it for a week.. 2 hours at the most.

would never spend the money on it as it simply doesnt last.

close, but not close enough. too much money, for too little.

04th December, 2010
I was mesmerized by the top notes, pleasantly surprised and transported by the mid notes, especially the birch but was completely underwhelmed by the base. The oakmoss, which is the predominant note is just OK and the vanilla completely wrecks whatever uniqueness it had initially. Another potentially great men's fragrance ruined by vanilla.
16th October, 2010