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Okay, first time trying out a niche fragrance on my skin.

First thoughts: smells more like a natural scent a guy would emit, rather than a chemical fragrance he applied. That's pretty impressive. It's musky, but there are other notes, which I'm guessing are the pineapple and French apple to elevate it just above a kind of sex smell. I don't detect the specific scent of pineapple, but I do get a hint of fruitiness that merges with the musk to make it smooth.
Some of the other reviewers describe this as a very masculine scent. I'd agree. It's not Antaeus or other powerhouses, it's far smoother. But it's definitely masculine, but not quite what I'd term macho. There's some testosterone here though.

Me personally, I'm a little baffled as to how this is such a popular men's cologne. The total lack of synthetic characteristics is really nice. But it's not a scent that I actually care for. It's TOO musky in my opinion. I don't think it's something I'd like to smell on someone, let alone myself.

03rd October, 2017 (last edited: 05th October, 2017)
I sampled two different batches. It's just not for me. I get full-on birch, oak moss, and patchouli. Then I get a touch of bergamot, ambergris, rose, and jasmine. Not interesting enough for me. I wouldn't like this on a man, either. My husband didn't like it, for sure.

When I layer it with other rose-scented perfumes, it seems a little better.
13th June, 2017
Nice juice, but count me among those who don't really see what all the fuss is about. A pleasant fragrance and that's about it.
07th May, 2017
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I guess I don't "get it" when it comes to Aventus. Oh well - hundreds of other fragrances that are far superior for far less money.
13th March, 2017
I am reminded of the Ren and Stimpy Show's commercial for "Log"... the line "it's better than bad, it's good!"
I wish I would've gotten into perfumery sooner, so I could have had a shot at what sounds like a fantastic fragrance.
An opening of fresh pineapple and real apples... turns into a phony apple air freshener note. Disappointing! I was getting thirsty.
It becomes greener, like a Granny Smith apple, and it seems that there might be some genuine black currant bud absolute in here. Vegetal, celery-like on my skin. I've lost interest though, because even though it seemed unwearable during the first 15 minutes, at least it was interesting. I'm glad I only got a sample.
20th December, 2016
Lost Kingdom. Today I can not recognize the Aventus I used to wear and i'm very sad. 2016 batches ? I don't know why it's not really the same and so weak performances... no projection and last few hours (3-4) on skin and even on shirt ! Where is my Adventus, What happened to Adventus ? Creed reaction ?

12th November, 2016
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United States
Summary: Musky Floral Fruity

I finally got around to sampling the fabled Aventus. Unfortunately, Aventus is part of the decaying recent trend of the House of Creed.

Aventus opens with a fairly pleasant pine-pineapple accord. The heart is a white floral and the base is a detergent-type musk.
06th November, 2016
Being relatively new to this world I have to keep things simple with this review.

I really like the Aventus fragrance, all the notes I can smell are pleasing to me, but on my skin performance is an issue. Obviously this is not the case with everyone but I am glad i didn't blind buy a full bottle before I had time to test this.
30th October, 2016
I was curious about Aventus because I wondered if it was possible to evaluate the fragrance without pre-scorn or bias, and if indeed I liked it, would I be able to say so? Alternately, if I disliked it or was lukewarm, could I say that too without having to tone down my words?

I dislike Aventus on principle – the hype, the crude jokes, etc. But the fragrance itself is pretty nice.

The opening is immediately appealing – a fresh, fruity note identifiable as pineapple but not tropical in any way. I am able to identify the style as the Creed house style, which comes across as watery, green, fresh, and sparkling in a slightly metallic but pleasant way. I think that many of the Creed Royal Exclusives such as Aventus and Spice and Wood play with the trope of fresh fruit (apple, pineapple) joined to a light, clean cedary base. It is crisp, aqueous, and pleasant to wear.

The base is smoky in a lightly-charred-woods kind of way, owing to a restrained hand with birch tar and cedar or oak wood. It smells slightly synthetic, but in a way that seems deliberate and therefore forms part of the fragrance’s charm, as in CdG Black.

As it dries down even further, it becomes sharper and more generic, with a “male aftershave”-y character. I could see my brothers wearing this. It’s clean and inoffensively masculine, so I can see why this would be a popular, safe choice for the office.

Pineapple over birch tar – it doesn’t sound like much, does it? However, Aventus manages to come across as more than a sum of its parts. Like Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT or L’Instant, the fragrance might seem nothing special when you pick it apart or smell it on a paper strip. But when you spray it and wear it over the course of a day, it forms a sort of force field of attractiveness around you that cannot be explained away by the notes. You smell great and other people think you smell great too.

It's pretty soulless and generic-smelling. But it does its job of making a man seem clean, fresh, and ready to mate with.

26th September, 2016
I recently bought a 1oz bottle of Aventus batch 15X01 for 144 USD. This one is great for the pineapple lovers. I don't recognize all those fancy notes listed, but do recognize a pineapple one and something like a charred oak barrel.

The longevity is about 8 hours on this batch, but my sample dabbers from unknown batches all last 18+ hours and less juice goes a longer way from them.

Putting all the 'hype' aside, this one really is great. It isn't my favorite scent, but is near the top of my list. If you put this on, expect compliments throughout the day. It almost works the same way Axe works in the commercials.


Neutral rating at best due to the inconsistency. FFS Creed make it like you used to in 2012. Those batches lasted a full day and were noticeable the entire time. My bottle purchased in 2016 technically lasts 8 hours, but can't be smelled by the wearer after 30 minutes. And don't tell me it's olfactory fatigue because every time I use some from my vintage dabbers it is noticeable for the full day. My wife-to-be sprays the 2016 version on her and I can get faint whiffs of it when I see her again after work, but I really have to try to smell it. Also, taking the smoky note out of the new versions is the final nail in the Aventus coffin.
06th June, 2016 (last edited: 04th August, 2016)
Maybe I got a "bad batch" - twice. I've sampled this twice, and no, not a spray on the hand, but full samples. My latest was a sample I chose that came with my Luckyscent purchase.

I just.. ugh.. I don't get the hype. The pineapple everyone raves about is barely noticeable. you want good pineapple go smell Demeter Pineapple, especially if Aventus rocks your socks, you'll go crazy when you smell the pineapple in Demeter. Aventus' dry down is just mediocre too. Smokey birch wood, maybe some cypress. It doesn't even smell like a signature Creed to me. The older Creeds have a metallic tinge to them, even the newer of the older like VIW.

Aventus does smell good, but not good enough to have its own sub forum. If any fragrance from Creed deserves a sub-forum, it's GIT.
28th May, 2016
Dear Reader!

In a nutshell. This fragrance just like many others has been ruined for money or for health and safety reasons. This was the political part of the issue.
The technical part. Lomani AB Spirit Silver and Afnan Supremacy Silver are performing better than the latest Aventus batches! I bought my first and last bottle of Aventus recently but I'm actually toying with the idea of selling it on soon.
I used to have samples and decants from 2012-2013. Beautiful they were. I loved them, big thumbs up. They worth the money till the last drop.
What I get now from Aventus is weak performance, unrecognizeable character etc. The opening note is clearly a pink grapefruit scent instead of pineapple. I can't detect any sweet blackcurrant or any depth at all. The drydown is short and simple. Nothing like it used to be! I miss the elegant, mossy vanilla drydown. Smokiness has gone completely.
Is it normal that even the Aventus fans play Dexter at home and mix birch tar oil etc to a niche perfume??????? It's like buying a luxury car but after taking it home you change the engine in it because you don't like the performance.
Once again. Afnan and Lomani are doing better since they can provide a constant quality ( not a gamble ) and draw in just as much compliments as Aventus used to do.
Maybe Creed could be a house who could afford going against the flow and not changing the ingredients from time to time, also ruining their reputation.
So. The recent batches are perfect for the fruit fans. Why can't we get at least a special edition with the old ingredients and big yellow warning labels saying that this is dangerous, hazardous, bla-bla-bla to your skin and your health. Than let the consumer choose!!! I might be a black sheep but no more Aventus for me, unless they bring the quality back to this product.
P.S. I ordered my bottle straight from france and in their webshop the description says "Aventus eau de toilette." Well, the performance perfectly matches the description.
Recent reviews here show that I'm not the only one with this bitter experience. Sad really.
18th March, 2016
You're gonna hate me for saying this, but "overplayed" is the word that came to mind the second I sprayed this baby on. Smells like everyone else. Himalaya all the way.
23rd January, 2016
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I get mostly the top and base notes from Aventus. I do like it, though it's not a smell I would want to wear myself. I'm not sure why it's so hyped up. The pineapple is nice, but it doesn't smell natural. In fact, it reminds me of some of the laundry detergents sold here in Mexico, so it doesn't come off as expensive-smelling like several of the other Creed fragrances I really like.

Something in the base notes reminds me of Gucci Nobile, which I also don't like for myself but can appreciate. Maybe it's the way the oakmoss and musk are blended in these two fragrances.

So, in summary, smells good—not great—in theory, but not for me.
07th October, 2015
Jtm Show all reviews
United States
I tried this recently at nordstroms when it hit my skin the pineapple was there it was great! Then as it dried down all I could smell was Christmas tree.... There are no notes of pine or even cypress but even my daughter said daddy you smell like Christmas at grandmas.... Even after a few hours the phantom pine notes were still going strong. To the point that I actually likened it to Tom fords Italian cypress... it was very good and I did like it but was searching for a new summer scent and Christmas at grandmas was not what I was after. Ended up with virgin island water.
21st June, 2015
I've tried Aventus on several occasions over the course of using up two carded Creed sample vials. In the end I've been left somewhat underwhelmed each time. Aventus has fruity top notes where pineapple is the star. This pineapple note is persistent throughout the lifespan of Aventus. The fruity top notes give way to a more floral heart where I can pick out the jasmine. I do not get much of rose or patchouli. This floral accord seems instrumental in holding together the composition. It also seems to form a bridge between the fruity notes and the musky base. The drydown is mostly musk, some vague woods and the last rites of the pineapple. Unfortunately I've never gotten much smoke at all.
I could imagine this one being much more interesting if it was very smoky. In the absence of smoke, there is not much mystery left unsolved; the composition is somewhat flat. Pleasant, but hardly inspiring.
I would recommend people to check it out, but there are many other fragrances that are vastly more engaging. Especially at its price point, including a few from Creed itself.
30th April, 2015
Aventus is a strong, exciting fragrance, and I like the smoky, velvety feel, but the pineapple isn't my favorite. Plus, this one gives me olfactory fatigue, which is no fun. The high cost also influences my impression, because if this was a reasonable price, $60 for a bottle instead of $200 or more, I would probably buy a bottle and use it for layering with other fragrances, but my overall impression, including cost, is "neutral."

The longevity is fantastic, about 24 hours for me, but I've had similar longevity from Acqua di Gio Essenza which I like comparably well to Aventus and which costs less.

When wearing Aventus I do get olfactory fatigue, and I only get occasional wafts of the scent. These alternate between smelling like the best thing ever and smelling like an ill-advised pineapple fragrance.
28th December, 2014 (last edited: 29th December, 2014)
At first it seemed like just a lame "sport deodorant". As it starts picking up steam the ingredients seem to be of better quality. The apple is obvious and pineapple more subdued. It still has some generic sport qualities but the florals push the scent into better territory. As the oakmoss comes in the scent improves alot and the sillage.

It's definitely a no for me but I can totally see why women like it because it gives you that manly sport locker room deodorant vibe but with better ingredients and freshness from the French apples and oakmoss. Ultimately something like Ginestre SMN has a stronger Oakmoss character if someone is looking for that. After awhile some musk appears and it all blends much better. Later on the wood becomes more prominent and adds character to the proceedings. It's similar wood you get in sports fragrances but much better quality. The wood blends with the oakmoss giving it a slight tobacco like smell. So this is the "burnt" part of the scent that people are talking about. Though I would call it would because there is no campfire quality here. It's wood but it also veers too close to '90s colognes I remember from school.

It's good at what it does but I'm happy for others to smell like this.
25th December, 2014
jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Very hyped - just had to try it. Overall it is a good, but not great fragrance. Thumbs up or neutral? Somewhere in between the two. It's just a bit...meh. It is very middle of the road, it won't offend anyone, and is very wearable. Initial pineapple and apple gave way after about half an hour to the smokiness. It is a light smoke however, that tempers the sweetness of the fruits. It's nothing spectacular, but I can see why it has so many followers. Although it may be unique, I don't feel this will turn heads nor will you stick out in the crowd. It's just a well behaved, well put together, reliable scent. The price tag is daylight robbery however, and based on my experience, I have no burning desire to add this to my collection. If I see a very good deal I might consider it. Personally, I think Creed frags are rather overrated in general. There is also a common note amongst all Creed frags that I've tried. I can't pick it out, it is there in original vetiver for example. Hiding in the background and holding things together. It's a note I'm not too keen on to be honest.
22nd August, 2014
This is based on a sample from Nordstrom, so assuming it is a new 2014 batch. I don't get it, dish washing soap, a bit of pineapple, and very synthetic is what i get. I really wanted to like it but perhaps my nose is not complying with the hype around this. Hoping to try again to see what the hysteria is about. Dare I say I smelled a bad batch...
18th July, 2014
I have a 30mL decant of the U01 batch which was made in 2013 and I mainly get smoke, flourals and oak moss. There seems to be a tiny hint of pineapple but the note isnt that traceable. I have a bottle of Gucci Nobile at home and to me the scents are very similar at this very moment. Dont get me wrong, I regard Gucci Nobile as a very classic and appealing scent, but this was totally unexpected from Aventus. I would have hoped to smell more of the sweet pineapple freshness but I've been let down thus far. I will give more time and see what happens and if that doesnt work I might even try to oxidize the fragrance to see if it will liven it up a bit.
02nd April, 2014
Most of us, when we were kids, wanted the red one when confronted with a roll of Lifesavers. But there was always the odd duck who wanted the pale yellow--or supposedly pineapple--one. If you were that kid, this fragrance is for you. For me, the long-lasting opening is dominated by this wildly-artificial pineapple note. Interesting, but more inexpensive candy than bracing, fresh fruit. On my skin, Aventus then fades into a pleasant and inoffensive but weak and bland scent. I don't understand all the fuss.

If you preferred the orange one: Atelier Orange Sanguine
the yellow one: Guerlain Imperiale
the green one: Halston 1-12
the red one: Habit Rouge (?)
20th February, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Having tried it a number of times, I have always had a pleasant pineapple-bergamot opening that lasted about an hour, leading to a jasmine with patchouli that's accentuated by a synthetic harsher birch component. All this remains quite dull on my skin and does not blend together well. In the base ambergris is added (surprise, surprise), but the overall impression is not that of high quality and convincing creativity, but of solidity with a touch of originality. Acceptable projection, poor silage and three hours of longevity. To me this is at the borderline between neutral and thumbs up, but the overall lackluster impression on me means that I opt for neutral.
16th January, 2014
I don't get the fuss

I had a date with the much ballyhooed Aventus.

The spritz and a huge pineapple rush followed by something fruity. Not too sweet, not overdone, but fruity. Within minutes the pineapple was gone, the fruit remained and something heavier underneath.

A while longer and it lingered. A nice light scent, still fruity.

Definitely different from other scents I've sampled but it did nothing for me.

Pros: Distinctive
Cons: Fruity and blah"

21st August, 2013
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Where's the Pineapple?

I was so excited to receive this sample since I've read and heard so much about this fragrance. I love the smokiness. It's an icy smokiness as opposed to a warm smokiness (like Egoiste). The metallic note that was present in Acier Aluminium is also here, but the longevity is so much better with Aventus. The sad part was that I got zero pineapple on my skin. I must admit that this disappointed me. I wanted to love this one, but I won't be purchasing a full bottle.

Pros: Great Sillage and Longevity
Cons: Where's the Pineapple?

21st June, 2013
A conformist, conventional fruity-woody that hits that spot right in the middle of the taste spectrum that ranges from zzzz to way-out. If we’re saying that sweet fruit notes played over a sweet and comfortable wood backdrop is the ultimate for the 21st century man, then, boy, this poor creature really cannot bear too much reality.
Aventus’ top and heart are pretty immaculate (albeit unadventurous), the base less so. There’s a sparkling bergamot in the top and juicy sweet fruit (nope, that pineapple is nowhere near as distinct as some would have you believe) to which are immediately added some floral rounding and that right-down-the-middle wood note, sweet, reassuring, the kind that is the golden mean for mainstream masculines. It’s all pretty seamless, offering brightness, comfort, safe ‘masculine’ signifiers. It has an energy about it which makes me think how well this would suit young people, for whom fitting in is often such a big deal. That’s unusual as I tend not to think of perfumes in age terms.
To its credit, apart from the bergamot which is fleeting as usual, Aventus manages to hold on to much of the other notes; still, the laundry musks at the base let it down somewhat. Quite a room filler in terms of its trail but not obnoxious about it. Easy to wear, but by that same token it ain’t going to be taking a walk on any wild side anytime soon.
17th April, 2013
This is nothing but an average scent with a strong pineapple note.
Nothing extraordinary for those people used to know many other perfumes.
25th March, 2013
Fruity-acidic and sour which unfortunately for me evocative of fermenting apples, over ashy/smoky stale cigarrette-like undercurrents. AVENTUS projects obnoxiously well if you're not careful, lasting till your next shower.

This IS indeed the smell of 'success' - for Creed, that is. They are laughing all the way to the bank while I could hardly muster a smile. One key ingredient is missing - FINESSE.
20th January, 2013
I can see why other people would like Aventus, but to me it is a relatively average scent.

Aventus seems to be made of three distinct parts - the first fruity hit of pineapple that lasts for approximately 10 minutes. This then turns into a sort of apple scented soap, which after a while fades into a sweet smoky incense (almost like smoked paprika) which lingers on clothing.

The longevity on me is poor, as is the projection...sometimes! Other times you put it on in the morning, where it seems to fade away as usual after 2 hours, then come the evening I am sitting at home and my wife is complaining that I am stinking her out with my heavy fragrance! It is quite odd how it seems to disappear and then come back much stronger later on.
20th December, 2012 (last edited: 16th April, 2014)
It's a good fragrance but hyped up like crazy and to be honest with you guys, it doesn't worth the price! it's my personal opinion.
Start with green and spicy vibe and some fruity notes!
People say the pineapple note is the main top note of this fragrance but I'm not agree with them!!!
I test two different bottles with different batch numbers. the birch note is much more intense against the fruity notes like pineapple and apple to my nose. as I said, green and spicy with some fruity notes.
Strong projection at the start.
After about half an hour, the fruity notes start to decay and it's time for black current and oak moss to take the lead. green and leafy smell with hint of sweetness and fruity notes.
Good projection like most of creeds but poor longevity on my skin!
Now in high heat, the sweet pineapple note is much more noticeable but still there is nothing crazy about it!
20th November, 2012