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    I think this fragrance is a great fragrance, however, it is not to die for. I now own the perfumed oil and recently had the fragrance itself-again, it is a great fragrance but...just that great! As others have mentioned, it give off a nice aroma with the combination of French apples, pineapple, bergamot, patchouli, musk and others however, I'd also put this on the same stage as Royal Oud (another great creation by Creed). I am using this in the winter time, however, not sure what this would be like in summertime...curious though!

    24 March, 2014

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    A very, very small amount of this left in my 30ml bottle (batch C42B11Y02, for those that need to know) that I purchased in August 2012.

    On me, I experience the following: A sharp pineapple and bergamot opening and a hint of apple. This lasts for a few minutes before the pineapple settles down to a smoother fruit note (but still very much pineapple all the way) while the middle notes with a delicate smoky birch begin to open up. There's definitely some patchouli and rose weaving in and out at this stage, as is listed. The basenotes then combine to give a beautiful, sweet woody depth, while every so often the pineapple cuts through to liven things up. There's not a significant or complex evolution on my skin but for me at least that does not detract from the appeal of this fragrance.

    Expertly blended, this fragrance, with very good quality ingredients. It's a 'modern' Creed fragrance that manages to have that almost transparent airy-ness that the good Creeds have but it doesn't suffer from longevity or strength issues despite this. Projection is easily 8 hours on my skin, after which time it is more of a skin scent (Only Himalaya from the other Creeds I have betters this). It's certainly very masculine, though some may find it a little on the younger man- side, as I do occasionally, but it is a fragrance that can reward a sophisticated older gent, too. Smells gorgeous on fabric and lasts on it for days. Equally at home in formal and casual surroundings, it can be worn in all seasons and both day and night but probably a little more suited to daytime wearing.

    Mine has probably improved in the bottle with age. I'm not so sure I will be rushing to buy another bottle given the price has increased over time, though. As impressive as this juice is, I'm not so sure it should demand £95 upwards.

    23 March, 2014

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    Dear Lord where do I begin. Basically as a female you should never wear this scent around me. I'd be impervious to whatever you might be saying to me. This scent takes you to a whole new realm. Just a whiff and I'd need to be sitting down. Genius!
    With the price range I'm sure it does the job. I mean you can almost win an argument with me if you're wearing this scent. And it lingers for days too. We have a winner with this one :)

    11th March, 2014

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    just finisihing off first bottle of this.......price is a bit of a issue,but guess i got what i paid for:)
    as someone thats only had occasional compliments...couple for bleu,one for rive gauche,,,,had loads for aventus .....and off people i hadnt known.....but just as importantly i love it
    now hopefully i get the same batch for my second bottle:)

    07 March, 2014

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    I think this fragrances has begun to get the Lebron James treatment (so wildly popular that it is hated) and while I cannot begin to like Lebron james, I do love Aventus. To me this should be though of more as a Michael Jordan/Scotty Pippen hybrid (please forgive the basketball metaphors, I'm already in this deep) expensive, flashy, but worth every penny in results. I think the batch that I have is generally a pretty good one (sometime in 2013) very pineapple-ish and a gorgeous fruit/smoke drydown which I envision as a fresh cut pineapple an the deck watching the forest in all of it's midday splendor. Maybe I am naive to what hides in those smoky shadows, but it has been said that mystery is wonder, and wonder is what makes man want to understand. Aventus gave me that little inkling of comprehensibility to understand.

    03 March, 2014

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    After 3 wearings this is my new signature scent !!! When I 1st sprayed this I liked it but wasnt completely sold on the fragrance. But WOW did that change ! The initial spray kind of smelled like a mix of bugspray and pinesol but once it started to mesh with my skin chemistry it really became a thing of art. :)

    After about 20 mins when it reached the heart I got a pleasant but tart fruity smell to give it sweetness and sensuality, but I detected a spicy and leathery note as well it to give it masculinity and depth. And pretty much it keeps the smell till the drydown to which the drydown is more woody but it still keeps the freshness of the pineapple.When I wear it it just gives me a confident, modern man type of vibe...

    And a good story to back up Aventus is that the 1st time I wore this my girlfriend as soon as she came in the door she instantly asked what this was and said I HAD to buy this and now is insisting I wear this for Valentines day...lol

    Also an interesting note is I have 30 colognes and this easily is the most complimented ! I was honestly surprised

    Strength and Longevity: This isnt a beastly fragrance but it is quite strong and 2 or 3 sprays will last 6-10 hours

    Occasion and Season: Any season and occasion maybe with the exception of working out

    08 February, 2014

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    An awesome fragrance, when it performs. But when will it perform? No other fragrance I have has a mind of its own. At times i get a gorgeous blend of pineapple and smoke, other times just plain smoke.

    Sometimes I smell it and sometimes I don't and as much I enjoy compliments I wear scents for myself first. My bottle is running out I would love to buy another but will it be consistent?

    Between the rich masculine smell there is the wildly inconsistent performance, batch variations and the loose bottle cap Creed insist on fitting it with. If this was a car it would surely be a Ferrari. While its thrilling, gets plenty of female attention and costs plenty who knows when it will actually just decide to not perform for no good reason.

    14 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 18 December, 2013)

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    The brilliancy in this is how the birch wood affects the entire composition. Yes the pineapple is there, but i adore the birch effect in this.

    Whenever i wear this, i feel like i am sitting beside a remote wooden cabinet located on a mountain, where the air is crystal clean and the breeze is bringing along the smell of birch trees surrounding the area, while i cut myself a nice fresh pineapple and enjoy the scenery.

    This deserves all the praise. Period.

    24 November, 2013

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    A not-so-gentle giant

    Perhaps it's the shrill but enthusing array of citrus notes that draws you in, with a delicate balance of pineapple and a delicious apple note. Or maybe, it's the smoky floral birch background that keeps you intrigued by it's sense of darkness and mysterious. It could be the strength of this monster, it's great projection and longevity, or it's uniqueness, despite it's attempts to both make it wearable as well as deep and complex. When used with care and moderation, it can be a very wearable versatile scent, that could be worn any day, but not everyday (as you may get overwhelmed by it). At it's best, it's magical, and it's worst it's strident and invasive, but at it's core, it's an unforgettable fragrance worth having.

    28 October, 2013

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    Worth the money

    My new favourite!! I have read so many conflicting reviews that I tried a few samples before I parted with my hard earned cash. At first it was like a punch in the face, but the dry down is so beautiful I just had to have it. Yes it was expensive, but you only need 2 sprays for the entire day and I have bought many other fragrances which cost a third of the price but I have got through in no time due to their poor longevity and projection!

    I seldom wear anything else now as it gets compliments by the dozen and you never know when you might run into that girl you want to impress in the grocery store :)

    Pros: So many compliments from women
    Cons: You can get used to the scent on yourself very quickly - don't make the mistake of spraying more to compensate!"

    14 October, 2013

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    Unbelieveable! So many compliments.

    I first purchased two samples of this cologne so I could see what all the hype was about. I was taken aback when all of the complicated pleasantries filled my nose for the first time. In fact, I couldn't stop smelling it so I think my nose may be in fatigue mode.

    I've worn the sample for about two months, every day and every night. I have received compliments from the ladies on this and I have noticed that some have done double takes. Plenty of smiles, and one lady I met later told me that she initially talked to me because she loved the way I smelled and didn't want to walk away. I have tried all of the other supposed attention-getting colognes, but have never had this much success.

    It is the smell of a successful, confident, man. It is also a fresh smell, almost like stepping out of the shower, but not in a soapy way.

    Today, I've purchased the 1oz. size and can't wait for it to arrive so I can continue to impress.

    Pros: The smell of a successful man has never been portrayed in a scent more accurately.
    Cons: I just wish that it lasted longer"

    11th October, 2013

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    Pros: Complex, well constructed, fragrance.
    Cons: Over use of birch.

    Very nice opening – the black current, bergamot, pineapple combination is both fresh and catching but with a hint of artificiality. Of the three, the black current dominates, the bergamot melds, and I don’t really smell very much of the pineapple. What makes the opening special is the light background of resinousness – probably birch, which, as it is here in the opening, it adds character to the accord; however, the light character of birch most often leads to a heavy character of BIRCH TAR which for me is never good. The opening is a beautiful accord and it lasts for an extended time.

    With the movement to the middle accord, I meet my fear – the birch note. But in this case there is no humongous dread involved, because this is one is more birch wood than it is my hated birch tar – it is certainly not disgusting, and it might even have been called enjoyable if it didn’t dominate the florals of the middle level to such a great extent – I can’t even get a whiff of rose or jasmine – way too much birch, but this time not repulsive -- just irritating because I’d like to smell the roses.

    Okay, the basenotes: I can’t determine quite when the heartnotes stop and the basenotes begin because the birch wood note lasts so long in such a dominant form. At the end of the wait, I get a decent oakmoss and a weak rendition of the Creed ambergris . The drydown is not very potent – just like the rest of the fragrance.

    Aventus certainly doesn’t respond well to me, but I can still recognize it as a fine fragrance. Its signature pineapple note is purposefully artifici… errr… abstract; Aventus depends very much on the birch note which to me pushes past the point of annoyance, but since that is my particular aberration, I don't hold too much against it. Aventus does not have a strong projection and I find it short lived unless you count its extended period as a birchy skin scent. I can see where some see it as an excellent fragrance, but I really don’t understand the worship.

    07 October, 2013 (Last Edited: 19 December, 2013)

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    Best blind buy ever

    I know I'm starting to sound like I work for Creed, but I assure you, I do not.

    If this frag is any indication on the Creed house's future ambitions, I like where it's going. Aventus is a great name for this love potion. I live in Oklahoma and whenever someone asks what I'm wearing, the conversation always falls along the same lines.

    "Creed? What, like the band? The band put out a cologne?"

    But I digress, I love telling them I'm wearing Creed Aventus. I feel proud. I managed to get my hands on a great batch so I have no longevity/projection issues. Everyone, and I mean everyone; girls, boys, woman, men, grandmas and grandpas all love this stuff. I've never had someone tell me they didn't like it. I don't get the love it or hate it argument.

    A word to the wise, though, make sure you check the batch number before you decide to commit.

    Pros: Masterful mixture, different from other Creed fragrances
    Cons: Inconsistency between batches. "

    07 September, 2013

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    WOW!! I didn't think this scent was the best but because of the overwhelming response that blew away Silver Mountain Water!! This is a fragrance that is unique and last forever! The combination of pineapple and apple combo was absolute genius!

    A must try!!

    18 August, 2013

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    Another winner by Creed

    Every fragrance company dreams of creating an Aventus.

    07 August, 2013

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    I love it. If you don't, well buy what you DO like!

    Like every other scent, if you like it then by all means buy it. I love this scent from the beginning and to the end. The longevity is questionable but we all know this. I have the newest 2013 batch from the Creed Boutique in 17 oz so I have pretty good idea on how it works.

    There is a familiar Pineapple scent like the zo1 but I'll have to try longer when not drinking so much, lol.

    The smokey touch is strong as it dries but the sweetness continues and will surprise. This is among dozens of scents I have and is by far the most worn and bottles to show.....empty flacon as well. I recently went nuts and bought several bottles so been testing them. I still love the Aventus and would explain why I ordered the 17 oz blindly. No regrets.

    If you like other scents, that just shows us that we all like what we like. Smell well my friends.

    Pros: smells Great and everyone will tell you.
    Cons: 2013 batch smells like Himalaya....hmmmmm. Price, and if thats the issue go buy fresco and smell like a lemon LOL"

    02 August, 2013

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    Smells good

    Only smelled this on a test strip at a store, but it really intrigued me.
    Don't understand the hate surrounding this fragrance.

    13 July, 2013

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    Amazing scent, I can see why it's discussed so often.

    The pineapple burns off my skin almost immediately and disappears after a few minutes and I do wish it would last longer, but I find the smokiness incredible. A bit pricey, but I think it's one of the great scents out there and it lasts on me from application at about 7:30 in the morning until well into the evening.

    Pros: The smoke is amazing...
    Cons: Pineapple? Really?"

    09 July, 2013

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    Didn't meet the hype but was worth the purchase

    Unfortunately, this fragrance didn't live up to the hype as one of the best fragrances on the market. Honestly, I don't think it's the best Creed fragrance either. But it does have great features and I'm very glad I made the purchase.

    One of the best aspects of this fragrance is its versatility. I think it can perform well during any season and in every social situation. I really enjoy the projection on this one. It could possibly be too heavy so watch you trigger finger. I'm also glad the smokiness was exactly what I expected. It can be a very invigorating scent.

    I wish the pineapple note was more noticeable. Coming into anticipating the fragrance, I expected the pineapple to be the yin to the smokiness's yang. I think the smoky scent dominates it too much so I hope to get my hands on a heavy pineapple batch in the future. The longevity can be really spotty which really aggravates me. I can't tell if it's because the fragrance doesn't perform well at times or if my olfactory fatigue settles in too quick but I think either way I should be able to enjoy the fragrance throughout the day for it to receive high marks.


    Pros: 1. Versatile for every season 2. Great projection 3. Smokiness can be intoxicating
    Cons: 1. Olfactory fatigue settles in too quick 2. Longevity can be spotty 3. Needs a more prominent pineapple note

    30th June, 2013

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    Wish the pineapple would last longer

    Top notes are amazing. The first 30 minutes you get this nice pineapple/sweet/leather smell, then it just becomes this leathery + a bit sweet + a slight slight hint of pineapple. Wish the pineapple + leather would be in balance with each other... It's alright, I'd use it here and there. I'm not sure what the big hype about it is, but you should give it a try.

    24 June, 2013

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    Unique. Defined. Masterpiece.

    Love at first sight..

    Pros: Classy, long lasting, well ballanced, masculine
    Cons: Expansive, 75ml on the EU market only

    19 June, 2013

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    classy and unique

    I love this fragrance. A true masterpiece. But it's a little bit expensive, i don't think it's worth the price.

    15 June, 2013

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    Love It !!!

    [S][/S] Nothing much to add after reading most of the reviews ..Love this stuff till death do me apart.

    Pros: long lasting , well rounded mans frag
    Cons: overpriced just like all Creeds, but wort the $$$ if you can

    12 June, 2013

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    Absolutely defined fragrance !

    [S][/S] You cant proof anyone wrong, but the scent of Aventus is nothing like anything else out of all the rest. It us truly a master piece of its kind.

    Pros: everything
    Cons: none

    12 June, 2013

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    Fruity, smoky masterpiece

    One of the most hyped (and anti-hyped) fragrances around these parts, I find myself pretty squarely in the lovers category of this scent. As far as the notes go, the two notes that everyone immediately gravitates towards - the pineapple and the smoke - are the attention grabbers, and I find them to be very appealing and well put together. Unlike many of the popular Creeds (and despite the fruity top), this is not a unisex scent - I get a faint leather underneath the smoke and fruit which adds to the overwhelming masculinity of this scent.

    Where Aventus really shines is performance. Simply put, this is a projection monster; I have received comments along the lines of "running into a brick wall" and "I could tell you were in the room from the moment I opened the door" from multiple coworkers with just 3-4 sprays applied 30 minutes earlier. There is definitely a fine line between just the right amount and a "brick wall", so to speak. My experience has been to err on the conservative side for this one, which is unusual for Creeds, but definitely welcome given the price! Longevity has been excellent for me as well; easily lasts 6-8 hours on my skin and sometimes into the next day. Versatility is unmatched - cold weather, hot weather, work, gym, out with friends, Aventus works in pretty much any situation.

    The stories of this fragrance's compliment garnering powering have reached somewhat mythical status, but it's hard for me to say anything contradictory when I receive more unsolicited, "strangers stopping in their tracks to ask me what I'm wearing" compliments with this one than the rest of my collection combined. I initially purchased this because my closest female friend called it "the most heavenly thing she had ever smelled", and have even had a "brick wall" comment immediately followed up with "this is the best smelling brick wall ever". If you are looking for a Creed that gets compliments, look no further.

    Overall, I find the scent to be great but slightly below the best Creeds; however, in terms of performance and compliments Aventus is such a powerhouse that I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my collection at the moment.

    24 May, 2013

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    Smells nice -- hyped and pricey but worth a sample

    Writing as a casual fragrance user, I think the fruity opening is fresh and inviting, and as the scent progresses, I want to sniff it even more. The projection is pretty wide for the first 30 to 45 minutes, then becomes a personal cloud for a few hours, before sitting on skin the rest of the way. There’s an inconsistent ash note in the middle, comparable to a cigarette ashtray; sometimes I smell it, sometimes I don’t. Aventus  dries down to a nice musky scent with faint sweetness.


    Just like GIT, Aventus has an average longevity on my skin, but lasts very long on unwashed shirt. It’s a nice fragrance -- hyped and pricey, but worth a try/sample.

    Pros: Fresh and inviting scent
    Cons: Average longevity

    22 May, 2013

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    Marathon Alchemist
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    Strange Appeal, Kinda Like Sticking a 9v Battery On Your Tongue

    I didn't like this scent at first. I found it amateurish and a bit redundant. I gave my sample away to a buddy that's a womanizer. End of story. 


    I walk into Scent Bar looking for Wode by Boudicca. I see Aventus and it sees me. I sniff it and it smells  good, actually. I give my wife a sniff. She says it smells great. 


    Long story short, someone gave me a great deal on a bottle and apparently a good batch. Whatever that means. 


    So I guess I lucked out, somehow. In the end, it's nothing all that special but it's the best of the "not so special" crowd and my girl seems to like it. It's the action movie of fragrances. 

    Pros: Longevity, Sillage are Strong and scent is above average
    Cons: It smells familiar and gives testosterone an uneven and unnecessary boost

    18 May, 2013

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    Quality juice

    Starts off fruity with dirty pineapple and apple and drys down to a soft smokey leather. The blending and quality of the juice is first class. It is expensive but it smells expensive, this has been a big hit for creed and I can see why. It is a real compliment getter, people will comment on how good you smell, great for a date or a night out when you are looking and feeling smooth. It can be worn in the office but I don't given its price. Good for fall, spring and a summer evening. My current bottle will be replaced the instant it runs out, I'll wince at the price but whether I have a bottle of this in my collection is not up for negotiation.

    18 May, 2013

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    Opens with a strong pineapple note, which quickly dissipates into bergamot. I can also imagine "French apples" (just as easily I could imagine the apples to be German, Peruvian, American, etc.). At any rate, I find the apple note even more subtle than the pineapple. All is very crisp, but also rather strong, if that makes sense. To be honest, through the fog of more than 20 years, the opening reminds me of Aspen, which wouldn't necessarily be bad, except for the price-point. Drydown is a much different story. The pineapple note is pronounced and likable. Here also develops what becomes a prominent smokiness, and from this point forward, the composition becomes increasingly interesting. I am reminded, in theory but not effect, of Lush's/Gorilla Perfumes' Breath of God which also prominently features a smoky fruity accord. Personally, I prefer Breath of God, in which the smoke lasts much longer and the whole is less sweet, but the comparison is one of apples and oranges (or rather, pineapples and melons). Post-smoke, I find this is mostly pineapple and vanilla. Oddly everything works, even if I don’t recognize many of the stated notes. All in all, this is a nice, slightly unconventional "male" fragrance, with a very interesting development. For Aventus-obsessives, this is lot C42B12J01, a 2012 purchase.

    11th April, 2013

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    A one-of-a-kind fragrance. The pineapple and smoke make this a wonderful scent. It is unfortunate that so many people obsess over it until we are all sick of hearing it, b/c it is great. However, the longevity is fair, and considering the price that is a huge down-side.

    30th March, 2013

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