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It is a splendid, lovely, and complex fragrance which increases your mood. Extremely long lasting, but poor sillage considering, it doesn't really go past your nose. I wouldn't class it as a masculine fragrance, more unisex, I can't say what would qualify it to be masculine. Overall, a great fragrance, a bit overrated but worth the price.
25th March, 2017
So, after reading and watching so many reviews I bit the bullet did a blind buy on the soleil dor website for a 4 oz. bottle. I got the 16k11 batch for the scent nerds. I can't compare it to other batches, but this fragrance IMO is overhyped. But, regardless of the hype I like this fragrance for what it is and it's BEAST performance. I was scared that these 2016/17 batches would be shit in performance due to all the hearing I've heard. I spray one shot at the center of my collar bone throat above chest area with a shirt on and it last all day. 8.5-9 hours clocked. It may go further didn't bother to ask my roommates. Easily my best purchase to date. Oh and I say nerds as a compliment as I look for you/them to guide me to more fragrances I may enjoy.
14th February, 2017
This is the scent that started it all for me. I was pre-gaming with friends for a night out and a fellow BN'er and perfume connoisseur pulls out a decant of Aventus. When I first smelled it in the bottle, I didn't recognize it as anything special, but then as I watched the girls we were with react to it, I felt compelled to give it a more thorough assessment. The looks on their faces said, "Whoa!", "Wow!", "OMG!" ect. One even said, "dont spray any more of that, you're making me all hot and bothered over here" (or something to that effect). So naturally, I sprayed some on my arm just to see what all the commotion was about, and soon I was saying Wow myself. Kept sniffing it all night and into the next morning, and decided that day that I had to have some of this. I have a decant, and will be getting a bottle at some point.

Since that night, I've explored many more Creeds and determined that Aventus isn't really my personal favorite in the line. That smokey tar note is a little brash for me, but it isn't a complete deal breaker. Even if I'd decided that I don't like the frag, I would still give it a thumbs up based purely on the female reactions to it. It's a lady killer and draws many compliments. Must have for any Creed fan.
18th January, 2017
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In general I adore being able to "smell", it's one of my favourite human senses. I don't know what it is but Aventus is just so wonderfully crafted and it's awoken my love and interest in perfumes that regrettably faded away a few years ago.

The first blast has that perfect fruity punch of pineapples and apples that is so loved by the fans. Then for me it quickly dries down into the familiar and comforting smell that for me IS Aventus.

The Aventus smell is so difficult to describe properly for someone who hasn't experienced it and the lay person will have this problem in spades, just describing it as "Wow" "nice", or "lush". Compliments a plenty from women and men, but with no real focus about WHAT they like about it.

To me it's pleasant, calming and provides a very relaxing but strong confidence vibe. It tends to project reasonably well, without being offensive or the slightest bit invasive. It's a welcomed friendly scent without being too sweet, or too sour. It's masculine and musky, but also light at the same time.

A lot of the older reviews talk about incredible longevity and projection, but these modern batches regrettably seem to pale in comparison. This is an obvious disappointment, but even then the modern version is still a King among Kings.

It's without doubt my favourite fragrance. If you've never tried it before, should you get the chance in the future, please do.
03rd January, 2017
One of the fragrances that got me into this hobby. I remember reading about it and then once intrigued, ordered some samples since no stores around me allow Creed samples.

I ordered Aventus, GIT, SMW and MI, hoping to get an idea of what Creed was all about. Aventus was the clear winner, not only in scent but just pure power. I think some must have spilled in the box I was keeping the sample in because each time I opened it for the next month I could smell this amazing scent that I wanted to smell like.

It does get compliments, does get noticed and does live up to all the boasts about the projection and longevity. I think it was the first fragrance that I had tried that came close to living up to all the reviews and hype.
16th December, 2016
For an Eau de Parfum it doesn't last too long. Also, at the store I tried it on the sample sheet and it smelled amazing, however when I sprayed on my body the smell was a bit different and I couldn't feel the top notes. However, Aventus has got a fancy fragrance and I'm not sorry for having buying it, actually I'm quite satisfied.
06th December, 2016 (last edited: 07th December, 2016)
a fresh, safe, versatile masculine fragrance

Starts off with a fresh fruity smell. the smoky birch notes then start to show up providing more masculinity to the mix. i then get accustomed to the smell and almost stop detecting it. it then shows up under certain conditions (e.g. body heat) out of nowhere as a very nice musky fragrance. the musky drydown stays there close to my skin for more than 24 hours.i like the drydown. its a very versatile scent that almost never disturbs people around you.
Just into the thumbs up territory.

Overall score: 7.8/10
10th November, 2016
Stardate 20161003:

A decent fragrance. Smells nice and clean and lasts long. There is not much development but then it is a Creed. Better than most of Creed and many other "Niches". The fanboys make it a bit hard to like the fragrance but that is not Aventus' fault. If the price was better it would be a thumbs up.

Update :
I got it for around $1/ml split and I should use that as the price rather than retail. So I am giving it thumbs up.
03rd October, 2016 (last edited: 04th October, 2016)
This is a hard review as I believe with all the batch variations it's hard to give an accurate representation but it opens fruity (pineapple) and for me with some wood, goes into a musky light apple fragrance, stupidly good projection and longevity to boot, I am struggling as to whether it goes to a thumbs up or neutral review, I will put thumbs up for now though.

Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 9/10
Sillage: 9/10

Overall: 8.66
04th September, 2016
Being number 2 in a series of 16 reviews on critically acclaimed and noteworthy scents.

As usual with Creeds, I was dubious about trying this. A first reaction might be: pineapple? really? But then I have no objection to smelling like coffee, cocoa, aniseed, and any number of other comestibles.

There is perhaps less going on up top than the note pyramid suggests; either that, or the pineapple blocks the rest out. The descriptions of "smoky pineapple" and similar are pretty much spot on, as fairly early on the pineapple is joined by a smokiness that is comprised of, I suppose, the birch, patchouli, and base notes as cited above.

And... it's not half bad. I get on with it. The FWF family approves, which is important. Most of all, it smells rather better than it sounds. It's almost like a cologne type fragrance given the Andy Warhol treatment, the same patterns and figures, just a completely left-field palette. It does not, as I suspected it might, smell like I had spilt a can of Lilt* over myself. It's way more sophisticated than that. Not sure I would buy in a hurry (q.v.: Himalaya), but I would get use out of Aventus were someone to buy it for me. Thumbs up for boldness and blend.

* UK name for a pineapple and grapefruit carbonated beverage.
30th August, 2016
Great scent but not my favourite. I believe it is overhyped.
10th August, 2016
I'm curious if anyone picks up on a similarity to Raid : Ant Killer - pine forest fresh scent
09th August, 2016
Above all, Aventus is versatile. It's so fresh and zesty, that a scorching summer's day is its perfect accompaniment. Come evening time, spray on some more (your nose gets used to it really fast otherwise) and marvel at how the ever-so-slightly smoky drydown is just what the doctor ordered. Freezing winter? Of course, spray it on! It smells great! A true signature gem. I have a clone produced locally, which I usually layer with my 10ml decant of Aventus batch 11Z01 on my pulse points. The clone actually projects more, but after the drydown it becomes sickly and cloying, whereas the real stuff is simply sublime.

Five+ stars
20th July, 2016
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Batches? I don't care about no stinkin' batches.

Is the attention muy annoying? You betcha! Despite that, I like the scent of fruity pineapple, particularly in warm weather, just fine. That, coupled with the ash/smoke and alluring drydown, ride waves of new-age aromachems large enough I often confuse with floaters, leaves this OK by me. I participated 50ml/$70 in a BN split a few years back - seems about the right price. A fan, just not a crazed fan.
05th June, 2016
The pineapple is pleasing in the first five minutes but it is fleeting. I want say I smell melon and lemon in the first few minutes as it drys.

After the fruity scent fades I'm left with the smell of fresh pine needles and Christmas furs. I used to work at a flower wholesaler and during December our industrial fridges would be full top to bottom with Christmas furs and wreaths and that is what the initial dry down smells like to me. It's very pleasing, fresh and organic. It does not smell like the synthetic green smell you get with a lot of men's colognes. On a personal note it reminds me of the cabins from summer camp when I was a child. it smells like decades of the scents of wilderness gathering in the walls of said cabins. Or like a walk through forest of the smoky mountains.

Aventus smells fresh...I don't get any smokiness and the fruity notes are fleeting, except when I'm sweating the pineapple will briefly return. Overall it smells like nature.

It a good fresh scent and i don't find it personally imposing so I would say it's a great daily scent to wear to work. As a nurse who is frequently around new patients and in close proximity with them I would say this is a great sent that won't offend and may impress in some cases. I haven't got any compliments on this one yet a week in, but I have gotten great compliments with creeds royal oud and millesime imperial. I don't rely on compliments and the scent is pleasing to me and enjoyable to wear. This could be a daily driver for me. Time will tell.

Overall rating: 8/10
11th April, 2016
Batch: 14M01

The picture i get with this fragrance is
Slices of ripe pineapple, apple with a bouquet of fully bloomed roses & jasmine lying on a table along with high quality shaving cream & some woods being burnt in a distance.

Smells really natural & high quality. No clone of this fragrance comes close to this in terms of quality, performance & refinement. Totally worth the money.

It is true that it gives nose fatigue. Lasts easily 12+ hours on me & projection is excellent.

10th April, 2016
Before I try Aventus, I thought compliments on fragrance is just a myth. My colleagues at work, and when I'm out with friends commented how something smell amazing when I wear it. Especially ladies. So hype is definitely for a reason. My first bottle was 120 ml of 15U11 batch which is heavy pineapple batch with great oak moss and birch balance making it extremely masculine. Performance on my skin and how people react on Aventus was a really pleasant surprise. However, I notice a difference with my other batch, second one I currently own which is 250 ml flacon of 15X21. Both of them are great in longevity, 8-10 hours no problem. Batch 15X21 is little more apple, smokier and slightly leathery. It is amazing as well and those differences are slight, however I prefer first one just a little more and already consider this as a problem. Even if some other people prefer those composition more. Batch numbers is definitely an issue and minus for Aventus at my opinion. Hope that issue will be resolved once and for all with upcoming 2016 series of fragrance.
02nd April, 2016
Totally worth the hype and much more. Longevity and silage are way better than average (batch 15x01). So glad I'm able to stock up with splits from this awesome community (BN).
18th March, 2016
This fragrance is amazing. I don't care that it is so popular (though I've never met anyone else wearing it). Maybe there is a reason it is popular, it is really really good. I'm not in the habit of analyzing each note, in fact to me most niche fragrances are a confusing wall of scent.

All I know is that I have never smelled anything like it, it lasts, and it is incredible.

I'm very glad that so many people offer splits here, because this is one that I would probably pay full-price for if I had to...
04th March, 2016
Future Jason:

You are part of the love train for Aventus that is well documented in other reviews. Not much need to add, there.

Two things are perhaps more unique to your experience:
1) Two little half sprays are all you need. Much more than that, and you get diminishing returns. Last time you went overboard, you put this on the shelf and left it there for six months. Poor little Aventus.
2) Even with two little half sprays (hereafter referred to as "one scintilla"), this sits on your skin FOREVER. Just this week: you applied one scintilla on a Tuesday afternoon, and you're still smelling it on you on Thursday. You even threw on some Navegar late Wednesday, yet Aventus is powering through. It's not lingering on your clothes because... you know... you have changed those.

Perhaps Aventus is the Ice-Nine of scents, and is slowly changing the chemical compound of your skin to mirror that of this smokey pineapple juice. Can you imagine? There would be worse things.

Busy, busy, busy.
18th February, 2016
I have a bottle from lot 4215R11. The longevity of this batch is very weak. There is almost no patchouli to tie the top notes and base notes together. The whole reason they put patchouli in the heart is to blend the wet top notes to the dry base notes. A little disappointed, but all in all, it's an alright batch. Once you let the bottle sit in the dark for a couple weeks, the longevity increases. The oakmoss is almost non-existent, and the dry birch is gone. The batch I tried a couple weeks ago was perfectly blended. I will be on the hunt for a bottle from that batch.

Here is my review of the previous batch I tried:

It started off with a strong apple scent, and a slight bergamot/current undertone. After about 15 minutes, the pineapple shines through with the patchouli. I hate patchouli, but it does so well in this fragrance. after about an hour, the dry birch and patchouli are in full swing. The base of this perfume is amazing. Very dry/powdery wood scent. I got so many compliments, and inquiries on this one. A completely positive review. I hope that they go back to the portions of that last batch.

This new batch isn't horrible, just different. It has the feel of Aventus, but nothing like the last batch that drew me in. I have two bottles of this batch, and I am a bit disappointed that I spent my money on it. All in all, it is Aventus, but it doesn't last as long as the last batch. I still love the smell, and I still get compliments on it, so it makes it a bit worth buying.
02nd February, 2016
I base my rating of Aventus from my own experience wearing it. I must admit that I'm amazed by how many people are Aventus Heads. It's almost like the Dead Heads that followed the Grateful Dead so faithfully. I've read the posts, reviews, etc., by those who have become true Aventus followers and it is quite impressive. Please let me clarify by saying I'm not surprised that this product has elicited the following frenzy it has, because it truly is a special scent, I just wasn't expecting to be so bowled over by the sheer amount of following this cologne/perfume has gained.

On first application, Aventus draws you in. It is so clean, fresh and sweet, but at the same time masculine. I honestly can't imagine anyone being turned off by it. It smells something like a fresh, crisp, white shirt and tie with a sweetness that is perfectly balanced by enough other notes like the woodiness and the vanilla. I can't think of another fragrance that has the perfect balance Aventus has. It will be a life long love affair for my nose. I wear cologne for myself first and foremost. I have a strong sense of smell, and I enjoy wearing scents that make me happy. Aventus definitely does that, and I'm grateful that the House of Creed created this fragrance for us all to enjoy.

Wore some Aventus yesterday, and it is a sillage beast! It's also a longevity beast. It keeps on ticking all day and night on me, and it was just so pleasant to keep enjoying it for a full 16 to 17 hours before I fell to sleep.
07th January, 2016 (last edited: 22nd February, 2016)
Excellent frag the Mrs just bought me a 120ml bottle for Xmas I smell pineapple she smells pine tree, there must be something in the batch variations as I tried a tester in John Lewis a uk official ad in June and the smell had gone after 30 mins, the batch I have now she could still smell it 5 hours later but mine was bought in France
31st December, 2015
Finally got a sample and I completely understand the popularity of this fragrance. It has a strong pineapple opening but I can smell some apple as well (like a freshly cut red apple). As the scent hits the middle notes the pineapple is still there along with the jasmine and maybe a little patchouli. As it hits the finally stages of the middle notes and the base notes arise I still smell pineapple along with vanilla / oak moss notes. This is my new favorite from Creed for sure. Enjoy.
21st December, 2015
Masterpiece. Roasting fresh pineapple over white smoke from birch ash. The top notes and birch are fantastic with Creed type house notes swirling throughout. I didn't get much pineapple at first wearing. Then it hit me with a freshness I did not smell at first. I get a Terre de hermes vibe from this one.
04th December, 2015
I switched into Creed frags only about 4 months ago, and I resisted Aventus nearly the entire time because I didn't want the "popular" one.

But, I eventually got weak in the knees and tried it, and now I'm hooked. It really is an amazing fragrance, popular or not, and after getting educated on the whole batch conspiracy, I now own 5 different batches, and can say without a shadow of a doubt that the batch differences are very real.

I currently own 15U01, 13Z01, 12E01, 11Z01, and 10E01, and here's how I feel about each one of them...

15U01: I saw this batch listed in the "Bad Batch" category somewhere on BN, but I'm not sure why. I think it's an excellent batch, and nicely balanced, in a very modern way, without being overly synthetic. It also has a sophisticated and very subtle woodiness to it that isn't there in 15U11, and I think that the extra sophistication keeps if from smelling like a "pineapple bomb" which not many people want to pay $400 for. Longevity isn't great, but I'm fine with having to refresh every 3-4 hours-- in fact, I enjoy a refresher in the middle of the day. It's kind of like having a cup of coffee-- it perks up your senses and gets things moving in the lull of the afternoon. If you want a cheaper smelling pineapple bomb, go for 15U11. If you want a very nice, modern, expensive smelling version of Aventus, go for 15U01.

13Z01: This is my favorite batch so far. It smells much richer than any of the 2015 batches-- much deeper, fuller notes on both sides, the pineapple and the smoke. The notes are balanced PERFECTLY so that neither one really stands over the other. It smells truly expertly crafted, and the longevity is excellent. This is the only batch out of all five that I own that I can still smell on my wrist the next day when I wake up. I still refresh it half way through the day, but only because I love the scent, not because I need to. If I could only wear one scent the rest of my life, I am a tiny bit embarrassed to say that it would probably be this one :)

12E01: This batch was described to me as a "beast" from a fellow Basenote'er whom I purchased it from, but it hasn't worked out that way on my skin. It smells awesome, there is no question about that. It is close to 13Z01, but balanced more towards the smoke end of the spectrum. Unfortunately it doesn't last anywhere near as long. This batch actually gets the worse longevity for me, only about 2-3 hours, but boy does it smell amazing when you want to smell that really smoky pineapple.

11Z01: I know this is commonly referred to as the Holy Grail, but my vote for the title would go to 13Z01. Like 12E01, this batch is also similar to 13Z01, but balanced more towards the pineapple side instead of the smoky side. It smells amazing for sure, but also like 12E01 longevity has been an issue-- maybe 3 hours, tops.

10E01: If I had to choose a runner up for the title of Holy Grail after 13Z01, it would be this batch. It's awesome! It has the deepest, fullest, most sophisticated smell of all the batches I've tried (which is quite a few). It's perfectly balanced like 13Z01, but in a classier, more formal way. There are additional notes of apple and a different-smelling black currant in this that really classes it up and turns it into a real experience rather than just a fragrance. 13Z01 doesn't have this "experience" thing going on, it's just a killer frag. 10E01 takes things to a different level and is definitely the most unique batch of Aventus. it's the only one that really smells different than all the other batches, not just a subtle variation of the same concept. It smells so different that I can easily see why the opinion of this batch is so polarized, but I happen to love it, and I also love the fact that it gives me an option to wear Aventus in more formal settings without being worried about my fragrance choice matching the attire of the event.

As a side note, I've also tried a few of the 2014 batches, and I didn't care for any of them. They all smelled overly synthetic-- kind of like a "sport" version of Aventus-- had terrible longevity, and for the first and only time in my short history with Creed gave me the impression that I would be spending way too much if I purchased them. Whatever the problem was in 2014, it didn't continue into 2015 as far i can tell.
27th November, 2015
Finally I get to experience the famous Aventus. Tested from a sample this morning and again this evening.
Unmistakable pineapple right from the start. The pineapple note is so dominant that I found it hard to discern much else underneath. I thought I got a kind of camphory smell too at the start, and woods later on.
After a couple of hours the scent becomes mellower, smoother, but it's still hard to get past the pineapple.
My preconceptions of this scent were of a crazy, totally-tropical thing, like a hawaiian shirt, that would just make me feel silly: so not my thing. However it wasn't at all like that. Actually it's a fresh, fruity, very modern, and extremely pleasant scent. It grew on me throughout the day, and was complimented too. I can see how young guys would want this - it's upbeat, very attractive, clean. It's the kind of scent a younger guy would completely expect to appeal to the opposite sex. Whether it actually does or not is for the women to decide. In this sense for me it's absolutely a young man's fragrance.
Longevity : ages, about 8 hours (maybe too long to smell of pineapple?). Sillage : moderate to a bit more than moderate.
Is it worth the price tag? Who am I to say, maybe it is.
Overall a thumbs up.
November 2015
21st November, 2015
Just got a 5ml sample and must admit that Aventus is a very good fragrance. It's extremely versatile and masculine. Perhaps Creed's most versatile of their modern options. While my preference is still for Spice & Wood, Aventus is definitely worth owning and I will be purchasing a decant when this sample is used up. Thumbs up.
04th October, 2015
I brought my very first bottle of Aventus. 15R11 Batch.
It really sets the standard for fragrances, Aventus regardless of what batch as I've smelled others. Now I just can't find myself investing cash into any other fragrance after this. Maybe a few others from Creed and Tom Ford line but anything else would be redundant, it be a downgrade.
That's how good it is at first, but then you become used to it and it becomes average... to me atleast. If this is average than you can imagine anything else after on the market is unimpressive.
I'm more of a fashion/style guru rather than an expert in the fragrance game. But in my opinion Aventus is the best safest essential to have with any outfit of the day.
04th September, 2015
Perfect for all occasions. I can wear this one to work, school, bars, or even just while lounging around the house, though you might want to save your squirts and wear it out in public for everyone to enjoy. Strong smell of pineapple but a little bit smoky. This one is very masculine and I think most ages could pull it off. Aventus last a pretty long time and projects nicely. Ill give it a 9/10.
03rd September, 2015