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Lounge in a bubble bath,spray on SENSUOUS NOIR afterwards,put on your little black dress,meet with that special someone...and see what happens! This is just amazing. Intoxicating, evocative presents a classic woody oriental aroma that is both Rich and Romantic. Sophisticated,Oriental,Bold, Glamorous,Heavy,Addictive and Deep.

It is Sensual and more Intense than the original.The strong sensual combination of spice,wood,pepper and especially patchouli,provide the atmosphere for an intriguing experience and then a warm and sensuous base of amber and vanilla creates a truly ambiguous sense of Sensuality that no one will be able to resist.

SENSUOUS NOIR has a Flowery-Spicy smell that complements you perfectly if you are a sophisticated and bold lady.perfect for WINTER evenings.It is not suited for Everyday or Work purposes,unless of course you long for male attraction in everyday situations.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.



13th June, 2015

Estee Lauder is my favorite brand of the perfumery history at least relatively the perfumers for dames and ladies and it up holds its appeal on me also nowadays with its more recent releases. What can i say about Sensuous Noir? A sexy and yummy ambery lily/jasmine with a lot of complexity and class. The lily and a sort of orangy honey ( multifaceted by spices and woody/fruity nuances) are prominent. There is a sort of plummy/violet-magnolia/berry vibe around finally ambery more than vanillic. Really close to Buxton Devil in Disguise , just finally smoother, less musky and initially less sparkling (just a touch of peppery dust with a less pronounced aqueous feel). Sexy, pungent (with a deep fruity/floral vibe) and dark/mysterious.
07th December, 2012
this is so smoky, tobacco-y, and lush...if I'm wearing this on a night out, I'm a-huntin'...
14th August, 2012 (last edited: 18th August, 2012)
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I am gradually becoming obsessed with this fragrance. It is the first time I've found myself fond of a new release in a relatively long time.

Sensuous Noir is as the name implies; sensual and dark. It has such a beautiful aura, being smooth, slightly smokey and quite earthy.

I love patchouli in my fragrances, however for some, Sensuous Noir could be your worst nightmare. The earthy patchouli is quite dominant along with the pepper, spices, woods, pine and vanilla.

I am struck by how unique this fragrance is, I never would have expected it to be this amazing. Towards the drydown this fragrance becomes quite 'incensey', resembling the scent of those small stores which sell everything from tie-dye dresses, dragon pendants, witchcraft books and exotic incense.

I like the somewhat gothic undertones in this fragrance, although I am everything opposite to being a goth. Dark, smokey fragrances, like Sensuous Noir intrigue me and make me feel incredibly sexy, yet approachable.

Sensuous Noir's lasting power is fairly good, as is the sillage while not overpowering, can certainly be noticed. It's a pity that my country is now going into Summer. I would have loved to wear this in the chilly Winter weather we have here.
24th March, 2012
Really love this spicy scent! It lasts all day...really. Just a couple of sprays, an arm's length away (at 6:30 am), and I can smell the sensual dry down still. I really like this scent. It starts out pretty strong and when it starts to mellow down, about an hour or so, is when I truly love it! At about the 3-4 hour mark, it smells a bit "odd". Not sure what notes are coming out at this point but the "huh?" doesn't last long - thank goodness. What is lingering on my wrist tonight at 9:15 pm is just wonderful.

22nd March, 2012
Captures the true esscence of female sexuality. This dark woody fragrance is yet mellow and wears like a second skin. My favorite Estee Lauder fragrance of all time!
09th January, 2011
Dark, beautiful, longlasting, but a little bit too dry on my skin. But instead a wonderful layer-item for a little bit too sweet dark scents! I need it!
31st December, 2010
The original version is one of my fave fragrances. In my opinion it is heavier and darker, with really distinct scent of sandal wood, while this new variant is not so outstanding. But I recommend trying.
26th September, 2010
What I had hoped the original Sensuous would be--subtle but rich. Nice to find a perfume targeted to an older, non-fruity floral demographic. Good longevity. Looking forward to seeing how Sensuous Noir works in cold weather.
06th September, 2010