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Davidoff has created a true Champion... Great scent with lasting longevity...

I own several of Davidoff fragrances and turning into a huge fan...(several of the Cool Water renditions..). Sweetie hooked me up with Champion as a Christmas present and I have been impressed since I first smelled the bottle. Outstanding...!!

Champion comes out of the gates with citrus lemony notes that settles into a unique spicy fragrance with notes of outdoors. It is a great scent that I like more with each time wearing. The projection/sillage is average, but the longevity is outstanding. Some 10 hours later, the fragrance is still detectable on the skin and clothing. You guys know that I am most critical of the longevity.

Champion offers great flexibility/versatility with notes of both citrus and woods that will work well with any season, occasion, or time of day. I am pleasantly surprised, almost to the point of being impressed. Regarding the Wow Factor - Sweetie got to the neck area shortly after I arrived home following a day of work and gave me the thumbs up and asked what it was... She was "tickled" (yes, I am a Southerner) to find that she bought it for me.. She smiled..!! The Wow Factor is there..!!

The review gets better - the bottle and the value..!! Awesome..!! While I have the small bottle, it resembles a barbell from the gym equipped with clamp to keep the plates in place - you workout guys know what I am talking about..!! Now for the price/value - Champion is currently listing for under $20.00 for the small bottle and just over $20.00 for the next size up - plus free shipping..!! Definitely add to your collection.

My final tally for Champion is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. If it were more citrus that woodsy, the scoring would be higher. All things considered - this fragrance is a best kept secret and under rated. Play like a Champion today...
08th January, 2013
A fresh, clean citrus frag that while linear and uncomplicated, remains entirely pleasant and eminently masculine. Sillage and longevity is surprisingly good. A few small sprays and I can easily detect this projecting from me after 8 or more hours.

This may not be a sophisticated piece of olfactory art, but it smells great and works hard.
15th November, 2012
Very nicely done by Davidoff.. Masculine and addictive.
03rd May, 2012
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I think a lot of people judge this EDT based on the gimmicky bottle or the generic top notes, but personally I think 'Champion' deserves less criticism than it receives. I dont tend to wear many fresh sporty colognes (I generally prefer heavier options such as M7, Amen, La Nuit De L'homme etc), but I do wear this one quite often once the weather starts to warm up a bit..

It starts off like your typical brash sport fragrance (not bad, but somewhat harsh and unremarkable), but drys down quite nicely into something still fresh, but more elegant and smooth than you often get from this type of scent. Projection is good/average, but longevity is excellent, lasting most of the day with only a moderate application (3 sprays is right for me).

Quite a versatile option also I think, so would be good for daily wear through most seasons, but of course there are a lot of better choices for nights out etc. Its definitely modern and aimed at a relatively young age group (I would say late teens to late twenties), though I see no reason why someone older couldn't wear it.

Champion is certainly not the most groundbreaking of fragrances (I have been told, but can't confirm, that it bears some resemblance to Abercrombie Fierce, for instance), but still not worthy of all the criticism it has received in my opinion, based purely on what smells good to me!
26th February, 2012
Before buy, I was reading a lot of negative reviews here and basenotes about this scent. Despite bad reviews I decided to try Champion. Maybe something wrong with me, but I've found it has have "something" pleasant what makes me fresh and younger. I like very subtle middle notes. On my skin this fragrance lasts about 5-8 hours. It's one of the best spring/summer scents I have. Now, I need to check, what's wrong with me... :)
02nd June, 2011 (last edited: 06th June, 2012)
At the end of the day you can only judge a fragrance with your nose. Marketing gimmicks are just a distraction and I don't think people should let a tacky bottle influence their judgement. This has definite survivability over at least 6 hours and transitions well.
10th September, 2010