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Nothing really new to add that hasn't been said already...just throwing in my two cents...a refreshing spring/summer fragrance...freshly peeled oranges rolling around in a field of freshly mowed grass that has clover and aromatic weeds strewn about...typical/standart cologne profile...the orange does have a nice Italian my nose , somewhere between the citrus tones of Jo Malone and Xerjoff...might have been tempted to grab a small bottle if this had better throw and life...bottom line - aromatic green citrus
06th March, 2018
Two Words......Beautiful Orange
29th September, 2017
A slight and I mean very slight thumbs up. The juice smells very nice and clean. Perfect for spring and summer for sure. Smells similar to a very watered down GIT by Creed to my nose. My main issue... the lack of longevity and sillage. My other Atelier scents (Tobacco Nuit and Ambre Nue) have substantially better longevity and sillage. A nice juice for layering. Enjoy!
01st September, 2017
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I just drained my 30mL bottle, and the only thing keeping me from replenishing it is the 100mL bottle of Jardin Sur le Nil sitting on my shelf. These two serve similar purposes for me, and last similar amounts of time. I like Trefle Pur a lot--it is probably my favorite of the Atelier Colognes I've sampled. I think the citrus is lime oriented, and I like the amount of greenery in here. Great spring/summer scent.
11th June, 2017
The usual cologne. Citrus, green stuff, wood. More on the citrus side. Fresh, but not very interesting. I can't say anything else about it. And I can't say it's negative, or even neutral, but I'm not enthousiast about it.
24th April, 2017
Smells like a typical eau de cologne that has been modernized and it has all the right ingredients; it's fresh, green, slightly bitter and slightly flowery. It does what is supposed to do, it's refreshing and uplifting, but nothing memorable. The behavior on the skin is of an EDC as well.
20th March, 2017
Probably the first reasonably "green" citrus of the Atelier Cologne line that I've tried so far, Trefle Pur, or "Pure Clover." Orange is responsible for the burst of the citrus, though I get a more generic citrus scent, more bergamot-esque. The green effect is yielded by the clover and basil mainly, with cardamom and violet providing some spicy and floral accents. Musk and patchouli provide a fairly grounded bases, and the top and especially heart never really disappear from the fragrance entirely, even after a couple hours.

Likable but not lovable in my opinion, Trefle Pur provides the green angle well, reminding of fresh cut grass, and perhaps even conjuring the green clovers so linked to spring or Ireland. Imagery notwithstanding, it's a pretty fragrance but in its greenness it comes off a bit minty, which is usually not a direction I enjoy.

Performance is decent, comparable to most, at average (at best) for projection and longevity for a "cologne absolute" that more resembles an EDT. As with most Ateliers, it's suited for warm weather and is more or less unisex. It's currently available on discount sites, either, so retail is as good as it gets, price-wise.

A nice try but a pass for me for now as far as a full bottle goes.

7 out of 10
31st May, 2016
Summer, summer, summer, this is what Trefle Pur reminds me of. It is the main reason why I love the Atelier line so much. I love citrus based colognes and this one did not disappoint me. The bitter orange mixes in with the spiciness and it is true bliss. Perfect for spring and summer days. It makes me feel very happy.
17th March, 2016
I love greens and I love citrus, and Trefle Pur has plenty of both. It opens with a blast of orange and green notes, then goes a bit spicy and grassy (clover?)and has a beautiful mossy drydown with just the right amount of patchouli. It gives me an image of coming out of an orange grove and finding yourself in a meadow with woods just beyond it. I have a 15 year old grandson who came into the room as I was spraying this on. He stopped and turned around. "Grammy" he said, "that smells MAD good!" I had to get him his own bottle for Christmas, because from that day on the contents of MY bottle decreased at an alarming rate. Longevity and sillage are on the low side, but that's the only thing I don't like about this.
01st January, 2016 (last edited: 08th January, 2016)
The sun rays fall vertically on the think silvan net of a souther citrus grove. Citric, herbal, cedary, orangy, bracing, classic, decent. Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur is an hyper traditional fresh-aromatic-hesperidic eau de cologne, a sort of ideal combination of several 4711, Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria, Roger&Gallet and scents a la Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte, Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale, Penhaligon's Castile and further. The aroma of dark green leaves in the middle of a mediterranean citrus grove.
A triumph of basil, neroli and cardamom in which cardamom and citrus provide aqueous fizzy fluidity while basil and green citrus peels release a veritable green "leafiness". Neroli in particular stands out green and zesty. It seems to handle realistically green lemons/oranges and citrus leaves/peels. The olfactory outcome is a typical citrus grove's effect so zesty, inebriating and refreshing. Dry down is finally more banal with its gradually emerging woody-salty violet. Yes pleasant but finally dull. A typical aroma of the southern european lands.
16th October, 2015
Trèfle Pur opens with a pleasant and quite old school citrus-woody-musky structure reminding of any classic masculine eau de cologne – from 4711 to several designer “eaux” (Hermès, Cartier, Dior, Rochas...). Citrus, neroli, green notes, woods, something musky-resinous: as much good as more conventional than ever. The only difference here for me would me initially a subtle and quite nondescript sort of humid grassy-earthy note that I can not identify clearly, which provides a peculiar (and honestly, just partially pleasant) sort of damp, sultry, sort of “vegetable” feel that reminds me of the infamous “spinach” note of Guerlain’s Coriolan – just a bit more pungent and cheaper here. This, and a light pastel hint of violet. Finally as minutes pass the cardamom note emerge with its enveloping spicy warmth well blending with an equally “emerging” note of vetiver, and that’s it for a couple of hours until the very final drydown arrives – a really light and quite pleasant sort of “dusty” and clean woody-soapy accord. Softly bracing and classy, and also quite well persistent. But yet not enough not to make me consider Trefle Pur a bit uninteresting overall, as it smells basically like any (cheaper) designer with these same notes, and I wonder who on Earth would pay 65 EUR for 30 ml of this zesty dullness; but fairly nice per se.

24th May, 2015
Predominantly green if slightly citric, bringing to mind the ascerbic scents of citrus rinds, kaffir lime leaves, petitgrain and for a brief spell, unripe melons. I don't find it particularly herbal nor vegetal, not even mossy. In fact it is pretty straightforward and lacks the storytelling (read: marketing) angle the green mango note brings to Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. Fans of green scents will find enough to enjoy in Trefle Pur. I know I did.
14th May, 2015
A solid and quality fresh and green fragrance that while it has almost the same vibe during the whole performance of it on your skin, it changes and will keep you entertain.
The opening is a bitter citrusy note followed by some green and I would say leafy notes.
The citrusy scent smell more like tangerine instead of orange to my nose.
It's fresh, a little tart and at the same time a little juicy and sweet. very good balance between tartness and sweetness. there is a little bitter feeling of the orange's (maybe tangerine!) peel in the scent too to make it more natural.
The green notes smell more like orange tree's leafs. it doesn't smell grassy or herbal.
Comparing this to "Hermes Concentre d`Orange Verte" is true but only at the opening and a little bit in the mid. this one is a little more citrusy and a little less leafy and green at the top but the rest is quite different from Hermes.
As time passes by the bitter orange/tangerine note is almost gone and I can smell a heavy dose of neroli and basil beside the green leafy notes.
The neroli give the scent a fresh, clean, slightly floral and easy to detect soapy aura and basil give this fresh feeling a little sharp bitter herbal aroma. the mid is the strongest part of the fragrance as far as projection goes.
The base smell very close to the mid but the basil note is much softer and also the neroli is more floral and less clean and soapy.
There is a little bit of sweetness from musk as well but it's in the background.
It's really good choice if you want your fragrance fresh, bitter green, clean, soapy and floral (mostly in the base) all the way through.
Projection is above average and longevity is around 6 hours on my skin.
11th July, 2014
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Ok so Trèfle Pur immediately reminds me of Eau d'Orange Vert by Hermès. That comparison is undeniable, especially in the beginning...

Right off the first blast I get a very bitter orange, very green and fresh! I find it very invigorating and pleasant. I don't know the note of clover very well but I can detect violet leaf. It has an effect of being very watery and fresh, like the smell of grass and leaves after the rain. It also reminds me very much of high quality soap, I get a clean, fresh, orange-like soapy vibe. Which is something I happen to enjoy in this fragrance.

Overall it doesn't last very long... which is a shame, and I don't detect it after a while. It says on the description that this has 18% concentration of oils, but this has the lasting power of an Eau de Cologne (as advertised), so I just have to keep reapplying constantly. I would probably recommend Hermès Eau d'Orange Vert for a better value alternative to this one, which has the lasting power of an Eau de Toilette. But either way this is still quite good.
03rd May, 2014
leafy green

I don't like much reviews starting with "this fragrance smells exactly like this other one", but I'm going to except right now: this fragrance smells almost exactly like the room fragrance Sous Les Feuilles by Esteban!

A fresh, herbaceous, slightly floral opening- tomato stems, sunny citrus, grass and leaves. As usual for me with most fragrances of Atelier Cologne line, the opening is juicy, invigorating, suggestive. In half an hour- count that I'm testing it in a rather hot day, so the evaporation times can be accelerated- a green, sharp, synthetic note makes a solo, to fall then on a rather common woody- ambery base.

A nice, harmless and a bit boring fragrance, impossible for me to wear on skin, after having used for a long time the aforementioned Esteban room fragrance.

16th June, 2013
Sprightly green (more peridot than an emerald, if that makes sense). Citrus rind top note, clover stem, then a whisper of a drydown. Doesn't grab my imagination as much as I thought it would, but it's attractive.
22nd February, 2013
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United States
The basil top note is incredibly strong. The first time I wore this I walked into the living room and my girlfriend asked me if I just finished cooking. Well made scent overall but you've been warned. It's a basil bomb!
06th November, 2011
A zingy opening with bitter orange and slight green notes joined by spices and laying on a restrained mossy/musky base (which is where I also get some basil). Don't expect somethng stunning, but if you're up for a casual easy wear, go ahead. Refined, sober, incredibly pleasant. Quality stuff. Together with Oolang Infini, the most interesting composition by Atelier Cologne.
02nd October, 2011
There are two aspects to my assessment: the scent itself (good) and the concept/name (misleading). Hence, I have a neutral vote.
The scent itself is lovely: it is essentially a neroli-moss scent. The orange blossom notes are very well done. They convey orange zest, tree bark, floral notes... everything a person would want. There are mere hints of light herbs and greens. The scent deepens with spice and moss notes. The dry-down is mossy, gentle, classy, and very pleasing. The scent is not particularly original or distinctive, but it is very pleasant.
However, I feel that the scent has a misleading name. Trefle means clover or shamrock in French. So when I see a scent titled, "Pure Clover" I expect a very green scent, with crunchy-leafy notes. Penhaligon's English Fern has moss and clover, and has that aspect. Diptyque's Eau de Lierre has an ivy note rather than clover but is the best example of the style of scent I feel this name implies. Particularly since Atelier has another orange blossom scent (Grand Neroli) I wonder why the theme is repeated so evidently here.
In summary, the scent in and of itself is good; however, the name suggest something far greener than what I find.
07th July, 2011 (last edited: 14th July, 2011)
While Oolong Infini is unique and smells great also, Trefle Pur is the star in this lineup. The orange and neroli sparkles in this composition. Cardamom adds a floral component and the moss mingles with violet and musk. The overall feel of this is a light green musk with decent longevity and sillage. Its not a powerhouse by any means but if your looking for something that is dazzling to wear and you've not been satisfied by the likes of other fresh fragrances, give this a go. This is pure sunshine and happiness!
27th May, 2011