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Zesty citrus with a hint of greenish in there (birch leaf). Neroli is pretty flashy at first, but calms down to a light musk and vanilla drydown. Does good in warm weather. 7.5/10
24th September, 2017
Not as Grand as I had hoped but nice enough for layering with other citrus juices. I give this a neutral due to longevity. It is a mix of bitter citrus to start and a soft musk woody dry down. If you can get it for a good price it's a "Safe" buy...
12th September, 2017
Bitter, citrus opening that wasn't that great. Kinda boring and leaning feminine. However, after getting into the drydown, I've come around on Grand Neroli. After a couple hours, it has a masculine muskiness that blends perfectly with the bitter citrus that still lingers.

Not wishlist-worthy for me but I could enjoy wearing this and could see it garnering some compliments after the opening wears off.

Projection is understated. It's there if you want to smell it but over-spraying might be somewhat appropriate. Longevity is good, if not very good.
05th September, 2017
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Fresh and invigorating opening, I get more of the green bergamot and bitter petitgrain. The sweet flowery neroli follows, but it's not dominating the blend, who continues to stay more fresh than flowery. It dries to a typical Atelier's musky base. Great sparkling opening with mediocre heart and base.
28th April, 2017
The perfect fresh and simple neroli scent for summer. I offered it to a male friend, but I would spray myself with it each time I visit!
09th January, 2017
A pleasant neroli-dominant fragrance with a few other elements mixed in, Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli is another nice warm-weather-friendly entry from the house. The other relevant notes are the citrus mix in the opening (I get more bergamot than lemon) and vanilla/musk in the dry down.

Grand Neroli is still a safe neroli, not a smack-you-in-the-face neroli like the Tom Fords, but its sweeter dry down does slightly distinguish it from some of the others.

Like the other Ateliers, performance is is not bad, but not very good, either---modest projection and longevity.

Not among the most unique or daring neroli fragrances, Grand Neroli is nonetheless another pleasant option from Atelier Cologne that could be used in a variety of situations but would surely shine most in the summer, perhaps outdoors.

A pleasant scent but with the performance issues, it's another Atelier that one needs to like a lot in order to spring for, at the usual pricing, but Grand Neroli seems to be much cheaper on BeautySpin and FragranceX: under $80 for 100ml.

7 out of 10
27th May, 2016
No overbearing musks, no spiky synthetic-smelling blond woods. Just an affable bergamot/neroli-based eau de cologne that is well-supported. It's probably a little too sedate for some, with zero sillage, low projection and average longevity. While I do enjoy its lightly mossy drydown, I simply can't see how Grand Neroli could ever replace the vintage Eau de Rochas Homme in my wardrobe.
06th May, 2015
Well, I'm a bit confused here!
If this is a true neroli smell, what was all other neroli based fragrances that I've tested before?!
If those are neroli, so what is this?!
There is neroli in this fragrance for sure but I wouldn't call this a neroli based fragrance at all!
Not even close!
To my nose, this is a sweet juicy citrusy smell mix of tangerine and a little bit of lemon with some bitterness of the peel and very bright floral notes and easy to ignore soapiness in the background all the way through.
The scent gets a little more sweet and less fresh and citrusy in the dry down but all and all it's a linear scent.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin which is OK.
Not a bad fragrance but also there is nothing exciting about it!
14th April, 2014
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United States
simple orange

A simple orange and bergamot composition with some musk 2 give it some longevity..

otherwise it's boring and uninspiring, ok for both male and female..

Pros: light good for summer
Cons: does not project"

18th August, 2013
Think Penhaligon's longevity and freshness

I think of Penhaligon's House when I smell a scent like this. Bergamot/lemon/orange/neroli are rounded out with oak moss and musk.

Pros: Clean sharp Neroli
Cons: Suffers from fair longevity like most citrus"

20th July, 2013
pleasant orange blossoms

As I've said in other reviews on the fragrances of this line, my appreciation depends on the delicate balance between the beautiful top notes and the rather hurried, boring when not vexing, mid and base ones.

Grand Néroli succeeds in combining a fresh, fragrant, juicy neroli, tinged with red grape accents with a slightly powdery, ambery base that retains a floral quality for a considerable time. A pleasant fragrance on the whole, clean and sunny.

07th June, 2013
This is pretty good. It is in two parts. The first is a well-made orange blossom scent. It has the typical citrus and light wood notes, and the typical texture of a soft but dry cushion or cloud. The second part is a mossy-woody drydown. It gets nicer and nicer as it develops, and has great longevity. The vanilla is non-existent, thankfully.
Nothing radical or edgy here, but a good neroli scent is always welcome.
06th May, 2013
While it is a safe unisex scent, it's boring and bland. This is in the same league as 212 Men and Exceptional (because you are) for men. Except you will be paying two or three times the price for more juice than you will ever use.

A niche price for this fragrance is untenable.
10th January, 2013
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I coveted this dry green herbal Neroli scent for many months before taking the plunge. I thought it would be my everyday signature scent, but I find I can only wear this for a particular mood and time of year- on rain soaked chilly days when courage, resilience and purposeful optimism are required along with copious amounts of coffee. There's no tender powdery florality or feminine character to this one, this is the bitter boldness of sunbaked crushed Neroli leaves over a bed of moss and resins. This is a very confident crisp take charge type of Neroli that will get you out of bed. Grand Neroli is completely unisex, if not slightly better on a Man, but I wear it anyway and it is an excellent fresh daytime professional scent that, IMO, falls in the same category as Chloe's Eau de Fleurs Capucine. I like it better in the dreary bleak Winter- as opposed to many soft dewy orange blossom type scents I love for Spring and Summer. As with many Atelier offerings, this fragrance is on the lower end of the sillage spectrum compared to DSH Neroli, TM Portofino Neroli and Le Labo Neroli 36 (for example). However, it lingers for 4-6 hours on my skin and periodically strikes a chord of moss with galbanum- here, or a dash of bergamot tinged petitgrain- there. The drydown is a grounding resinous balm and I think this one good standard for the true Neroli lovers fragrance wardrobe.
04th December, 2012 (last edited: 10th December, 2012)
I usually think of neroli as a more masculine note, thanks to the fact that I associate it mostly with masculine classics from the likes of Penhaligons and Caswell Massey, but Aftelier cleverly feminize it into something new and different. It's got a little shot of pepper on top, and a dose of bright juicy orange, but the signature neroli comes through quickly, joined by a large dose of indolic orange blossom. On me, this citrus-plus-flowers smell only lasts about a half an hour before it gets swallowed up by a really pretty, creamy perfumey smell that's sort of powdery, sort of soapy, and sort of musky. It's actually a bit old-fashioned in a Chanel sort of way, and smells really nice tinted with the ongoing flowery neroli. Over the next hour or so, a polite vanilla note (nothing candied or cheap smelling, though nothing very exciting either) takes over, but eventually fades leaving a simple soapy smell vaguely scented with the last traces of neroli.

The neutral review is because, while I found the transition from the top notes to the heart quite engaging, it was all over very quickly, leaving most of my day filled with dull, slightly green-hued vanilla soap and a sense that something very promising just wasn't turning out like I had hoped.
29th June, 2012
02nd September, 2010