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Neutral Reviews of Grand Néroli by Atelier Cologne

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Zesty citrus with a hint of greenish in there (birch leaf). Neroli is pretty flashy at first, but calms down to a light musk and vanilla drydown. Does good in warm weather. 7.5/10
24th September, 2017
Not as Grand as I had hoped but nice enough for layering with other citrus juices. I give this a neutral due to longevity. It is a mix of bitter citrus to start and a soft musk woody dry down. If you can get it for a good price it's a "Safe" buy...
12th September, 2017
Fresh and invigorating opening, I get more of the green bergamot and bitter petitgrain. The sweet flowery neroli follows, but it's not dominating the blend, who continues to stay more fresh than flowery. It dries to a typical Atelier's musky base. Great sparkling opening with mediocre heart and base.
28th April, 2017
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No overbearing musks, no spiky synthetic-smelling blond woods. Just an affable bergamot/neroli-based eau de cologne that is well-supported. It's probably a little too sedate for some, with zero sillage, low projection and average longevity. While I do enjoy its lightly mossy drydown, I simply can't see how Grand Neroli could ever replace the vintage Eau de Rochas Homme in my wardrobe.
06th May, 2015
Well, I'm a bit confused here!
If this is a true neroli smell, what was all other neroli based fragrances that I've tested before?!
If those are neroli, so what is this?!
There is neroli in this fragrance for sure but I wouldn't call this a neroli based fragrance at all!
Not even close!
To my nose, this is a sweet juicy citrusy smell mix of tangerine and a little bit of lemon with some bitterness of the peel and very bright floral notes and easy to ignore soapiness in the background all the way through.
The scent gets a little more sweet and less fresh and citrusy in the dry down but all and all it's a linear scent.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin which is OK.
Not a bad fragrance but also there is nothing exciting about it!
14th April, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
simple orange

A simple orange and bergamot composition with some musk 2 give it some longevity..

otherwise it's boring and uninspiring, ok for both male and female..

Pros: light good for summer
Cons: does not project"

18th August, 2013
I usually think of neroli as a more masculine note, thanks to the fact that I associate it mostly with masculine classics from the likes of Penhaligons and Caswell Massey, but Aftelier cleverly feminize it into something new and different. It's got a little shot of pepper on top, and a dose of bright juicy orange, but the signature neroli comes through quickly, joined by a large dose of indolic orange blossom. On me, this citrus-plus-flowers smell only lasts about a half an hour before it gets swallowed up by a really pretty, creamy perfumey smell that's sort of powdery, sort of soapy, and sort of musky. It's actually a bit old-fashioned in a Chanel sort of way, and smells really nice tinted with the ongoing flowery neroli. Over the next hour or so, a polite vanilla note (nothing candied or cheap smelling, though nothing very exciting either) takes over, but eventually fades leaving a simple soapy smell vaguely scented with the last traces of neroli.

The neutral review is because, while I found the transition from the top notes to the heart quite engaging, it was all over very quickly, leaving most of my day filled with dull, slightly green-hued vanilla soap and a sense that something very promising just wasn't turning out like I had hoped.
29th June, 2012
02nd September, 2010