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Neutral Reviews of Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne

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BLUF: Opens with lots of real orange, very nicely done citrus…lots of citrus. Citrus, citrus, and more citrus. You’re going to smell like an orange, then shortly thereafter, like an orange and some wood. So much citrus, this will boost your immune system (statement not verified by FDA).

The first thing that I noticed upon application (aside from the orange) was effort. I get the feeling that a lot of effort (and citrus) went into this one to make it smell real. Too bad it disappears pretty quickly. To my nose, the orange here is not sweet, I’m honestly not exactly sure how to accurately define it, other than by a process of elimination. It’s not sweet (I’m surprised to see tonka in the notes), it’s not synthetic, and it’s not floral. It’s not a screamer, sillage-wise, I didn’t get great longevity either…actually, it was quite poor. It’s almost like the mist that is produced when tearing into an orange peel, plus some woods in the drydown.

It’s one of the few fragrances designated “Unisex” that I happen to agree with. To my nose, it doesn’t lean towards any particular sex. Neutral on this vitamin C bomb. Like most Atelier I’ve tried, smells pretty good, but way overpriced.
04th March, 2016
Fruity orange. Pure orange juice.

Smells very close to natural.

Easy to wear, great fragrance, but lacks of a consistent/heavy base.

Ethereal... wonderful while alive.

21st April, 2013
The Orange Sanguigne's opening is all about red bitter/sweet orange with a touch of synthetic beyond the limit but in a while the sourness starts to fade and a sort of powdery jasmine-prominent dry down takes the stage (with a sort of green tea synthetic effect under my nose) in a more conventional way. In this phase the juice reminds me a bit those 90's scents with a watery/citrusy opening, a deeply floral heart and a slightly powdery tonka/ambergris centered base. Not a disaster but frankly useless (and nothing in common with the great-far more natural, sultry and elegant-Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte). Unisex but winking to the feminine side in my opinion.
10th March, 2013 (last edited: 20th January, 2016)
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Comparisons to Eau D'Orange Verte are inevitable, expecially to the Concentre version but where the Hermes stays pretty linear on the unripe effect, this one turns to a sweeter slightly-ambery drydown. Personally? I'm not a fan of either but if you're into true-to-life citruses compositions (actually mandarine and orange), go ahead...
15th September, 2011
A softly sweet citrus that smells very much like satsuma (a variety of clementine native to Japan), with the barest hint of jasmine in the heart. The smooth sandalwood and tonka drydown reminds me somewhat of Monsieur Balmain’s own. Overall, it’s nicely put together but I prefer a little more bite in my citrus.
04th December, 2010
I was a bit confused by the whole Atelier Cologne line. Traditional cologne-style fragrances that come in EDP concentrations? It sounded a little reminiscent of Hermes' Concentre du Orange Verte, which upped the concentration (and subtly altered) the Eau.

I have to say that while the Atelier is nice, it fades quickly. The initial burst of orange is as close as you will come to that sublime moment when you plunge your thumbs into an orange in order to peel it - and the orange zest sprays its essential oils into the air. Very nice. But then the cologne starts to fall apart. There is a hint of jasmine and geranium in the heart, along with some tonka and woods in the base - but they are muted and grey and don't serve to accentuate the orange.

At the price, I'm going to stick with the Hermes.

27th August, 2010