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Neutral Reviews of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

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Lady Million is a mix of everything. That makes it very generic, if not boring. Sillage and longevity are good, so it gets a neutral.
13th April, 2017
Lady Million is "what it is", any disaster, any shock, just a modern white resinous fruity-floral with a plenty of simil-fruity notes (dominant orange and raspeberries of course), an initial dusty-angular approach, a common glamour jasmine, the usual powdery-cosmetical (barely resinous for a while) patchouli and artificial amber as base. Pleasant and chic in conception, un-temperamental, frivolous, decently articulated (fruity floral elements dance in the cloud), vaguely cloying, banally sensual.
28th October, 2014
Bees around me

Sweet, sweet, sweet...
Yes it has it's patchouli notes but basically it's very sweet, honey sweet, honey, sweetney... jezzzz

I bought it because... O_o actually have no idea why I did. In my opinion I wouldn't use it in hot weather is too overwhelming when it's hot outside :O

Pros: Longevity
Cons: The kind of sweet beens will be around you"

22nd October, 2013
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This one is like a best seller book; handled good enough to outshine but has no spirit.
27th April, 2012
I have never, I repeat, never tried 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. I had no preconceived notion of what Lady Million was supposed to smell like, and for that reason alone I am neither disappointed nor moved by this particular fragrance.

Lady Million is average yet pleasant. It's sweet but nicely so, like a honey scented shampoo rather than anything particularly sugary.

It's not really a fruity floral, although the clean-like notes of lemon and raspberry are quite dominant. It's very honeyed, syrupy almost, but not a gourmand.

Lady Million has stirred up many mixed feelings in me. While there are moments when I think it's a plain yet elegant scent, there are times when I find it a little cheap and uninspiring. I feel it's designed to attract young women in their 20's.

All in all, it's a mixture of high-end shampoo, drizzly honey and a subtle hint of dirty, earthy patchouli. Odd, but a sure crowd pleaser. I wouldn't be shocked to see this fragrance flying off the shelves this Christmas.

The lasting power is so-so and let's just say that the bottle design makes this a rather difficult object to hold in the palm of your hand let alone spray in a hurry.
09th April, 2012
What can I say - sweet and full of fruity loops. I find nothing interesting about this - it's somewhat a crowd pleaser . Generic - manages to smell like nearly all the fruity floral sweet fragrances out in Sephora right now.
03rd October, 2010