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It's like Magritte decided to make a perfume.
12th April, 2017
Not a Perfume is a kind of non existent perfume - I only really get a musky, detergenty notion of a perfume, as if it's a part of a perfume rather than the whole thing. I'm kind of conflicted here; On the one hand, it feels like a cheap publicity stunt. On the other, I find that I keep trying to smell it after spraying. It's a typical JHaG "transparent" and inoffensive little thing... and yet, unlike with other JHaG fragrances, I keep coming back to it. I can't say I like it (not that I dislike it either - that's the problem, it doesn't feel like there's a "there" there) but I can't stop sniffing at it. Don't be surprised if you love it or hate it but this is the first JHaG fragrance that I think should be tried.
03rd June, 2016
Well, Cetalox, (admittedly) one of the Romano Ricci's favorite ingredients, effectively just an ingredient (yes pure, artificial, transparent, "post-industrial"), it seems a chemical aqueous cedarwood with a touch of anisic musk and calone. Yes, Cetalox is for this fragrance what ambroxan (in a different way) represents for Molecule 02. The aroma is close to a sort of postmodern detergent due to remove make up and to clean up the face's skin. It's curious that I can't catch anymore the Not a Perfume's aroma on my skin after a while, the scent seems appearing and disappearing systematically. Close (more than to D&G Light Blue as many declare) to a sort of ideally less "minty" and earthy KenzoAir. Anyway, minimalism? I would say ghostly experimental un-artistic (cosmetical) simplism. A boring medium rating just cause there is far worse around.
26th October, 2014
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Tony T Show all reviews
United States

I don't get it at all..

I do not wish to look up Ambroxan either..

a plain and uncomplex light-airy scent that is unisex..

Stays close to the skin but is delightful..

Not FB worthy..

Pros: Ambroxan
Cons: why bother"

30th September, 2013
Apparently Escentric MOLECULE 02, launched in 2008, is essentially ambroxan, and Juliette Has a Gun NOT A PERFUME, launched in 2010, is also essentially ambroxan. Is there a problem here? Well, I guess that everyone has the right to bottle an aromachemical and sell it at 10,000% profit if they want to. And, amazingly enough, some people really will buy it, even at niche prices!

Although I have not smelled MOLECULE 02, NOT A PERFUME does remind me of my memory of MOLECULE 01: vague woodishness, a bit perfumey. Smells okay, which is to be expected, since this is used to boost the perfumic quality of perfumes, right? To my nose, NOT A PERFUME smells like the base of a men's cologne featuring cedar. It's not too masculine, but it's definitely not feminine.

Okay, I think that this once original idea has exhausted its fifteen minutes of fame. Time to return to perfume, thank you very much!
06th November, 2011