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Positive Reviews of Not a Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun

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A simple, warm, light and woody scent that sometimes becomes overwhelming and then can become hard to detect, but it continuously comes back to your nose in waves throughout the day.

When first sprayed, it seems to have massive projection and I was afraid of choking out a room. Later, it just comes and goes and doesn't feel heavy at all.

It lasted all day on me and I enjoyed wearing it. As far as it being unisex, I agree that it's suitable either way and apparently changes scent as per the wearer.

06th July, 2017
Guys, I think many here are missing the point of this scent.

First of all, Cetalox or Ambroxan smell differently on every skin. I know this is said for all fragrances in general, but it applies to this chemical even more so.

Second of all, similar to Molecule 01 or Molecule 02, you will only very vaguely (if at all) smell this scent yourself, but will rather project it to those around you. Although, I have to say that I can actually smell this better on myself than the Escentric Molecule series.

I remember the first time I smelled this scent was at a bar. I tried to locate the source of what I thought was an indescribably beautiful fragrance. It's weird, because even without knowing the name or the composition, I thought it wasn't a perfume per say. It may sound weird, but if scents had a colour and a feel to them, I would've described it as purple and warm. A warmth that I felt drawn to. To my surprise, the person who projected it was someone I could not have otherwise been attracted to, physically. But it got us talking, nevertheless, and I asked them for the name of the perfume.

I instantly rushed to the only store that I found out had it in stock, a boutique niche perfume store, and bought it. It doesn't smell anything on me like it did on that person, as far as my own nose can tell, but I do receive compliments when I wear it (on its own), even in crowded bars, so perhaps it does!

One further note:
This scent also projects very differently on different people. One girl at work as telling me that she could smell my scent from the other end of the office and that she thought it was beautiful, while a few colleagues I actually asked, said they could barely detect I was wearing anything at all.

In conclusion, I do believe it's worth having in your collection, if you have one. If you're rather someone who only has one or two perfumes, or if you want to actually be able to smell your own fragrance at all times, this may not be for you.
19th April, 2016
Review by thanks sixx

If this product is acknowledged for what it is.....diluted ambroxan, and nothing more......and if one asks oneself if they like the smell or not....the argument is over.

I, personally, LOVE this scent. It doesn't matter to me that it is a single molecule. It is overpriced, if one wants to purchase plain ambroxan and dilute it. Some folks might not want to go through the trouble. The perfumer here, in my opinion, has the concentration just right.

I like to spray it on my skin, then apply a drop or two of real ambergris 3% solution over it. This rounds out the note and makes it more creamy and luscious.

Not A Perfume can smell a bit strong on the skin at first, perhaps even clinical. It quickly settles down into a feminine, soothing skin-scent. It is reminiscent of ambergris, being one of the molecules found in natural ambergris. But here the comparison ends, as ambergris is a complex wonder of nature.

Like any scent, either you like ambroxan or you don't.

Personally, I love it.

30th August, 2013
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Well made, simple, and sexy. Well executed and well balanced.
04th August, 2011